The Directory of Federal Real Property is the central record and only complete listing of real property holdings of the Government of Canada. It is administered by the Real Property and Materiel Policy Directorate of the Treasury Board Secretariat.

The purpose of the Directory is to maintain a contemporary record of basic information concerning the real property holdings of the Government of Canada. Information held in the Directory is used to keep the Government of Canada informed about the scale and major components of its real property inventory. It is also used to provide information to ministers, members of Parliament and the general public concerning a specific property or group of properties within a particular geographic area.

Although all Crown lands in Canada are owned by Her Majesty, the administration of these lands is assigned to departments, agencies, and Crown corporations to support the delivery of government programs. These organizations are commonly referred to as custodians.


This publication is designed to provide basic information concerning federal real property such as custodian identification, property size, location, and type of legal interest.

It does not contain any information regarding:

  • easements, subsurface and mineral rights;
  • mortgages, property held as a surrogate for a mortgage and other forms of security;
  • interests in land of less than 0.001 hectares, unless municipal grants are paid on them;
  • leasehold interests of less than a year;
  • offshore oil and gas lands;
  • Crown lands in Yukon or Northwest Territories; (except those being used by a federal department or agency);
  • real property that is an Indian Reserve as defined in the Indian Act, (except that which is being used by a federal department or agency);
  • Bank of Canada holdings;
  • Canada Council holdings;
  • Canadian Wheat Board holdings; or
  • Telefilm Canada holdings.


The Directory is not a registry. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the listings, the Government of Canada makes no representations or warranties and assumes no liability with respect to the use of these listings. These listings are not, under any circumstances, to be used as a substitute for legal property descriptions and professional legal advice.

Obtaining more information

For questions regarding an organization’s real property portfolio or specific properties and/or buildings within that portfolio, please refer to the official contacts for each reporting organization in the DFRP.

To report a technical issue or to obtain additional information regarding the DFRP, please contact