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Section 3 – Supplementary Information

3.1 Financial Highlights

For the first year, future-oriented financial highlights are presented within this Report on Plans and Priorities and are intended to serve as a general overview of CSC's operations. These future-oriented financial highlights are prepared on an accrual basis to strengthen accountability and improve transparency and financial management.

($ millions)
Future-oriented Condensed Statement of Operations
For the Year (Ended March 31)
Total Expenses 3,084
Total Revenues 48
Net Cost of Operations 3,036

Forecasted Expenses by Program Activity

Forecasted Expenses by Program Activity


CSC’s 2011-12 forecasted expenses are projected to be $3,084 million. These expenses include planned spending presented in this Report on Plans and Priorities and also include expenses such as amortization, services provided without charge and accrued employee future benefits. CSC’s future-oriented revenues are projected to be $48 million in 2011-2012. Revenues are primarily generated by CORCAN revolving fund. More detailed information on projected expenses and revenues can be found in the detailed future-oriented statement of operations at

3.2 List of Tables

All electronic supplementary information tables found in the 2011-12 Report on Plans and Priorities can be found on the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat’s website at:

  • Upcoming Internal Audits and Evaluations over the next three fiscal years
  • Sources of Respendable and Non-Respendable Revenue
  • Summary of Capital Spending by Program Activity
  • User Fees
  • Statement of Cash Flows and Projected Use of Authority

Green Procurement

CSC will develop the methodology and processes for collecting data on benchmarks and targets for Green Procurement and will report on the results in the 2011-12 Departmental Performance Report.

Horizontal Initiatives

CSC participates in but does not lead any horizontal initiatives.

3.3 Performance Indicators against Corporate Priorities

3.4 Contact Information

Correctional Service of Canada Internet site:

CSC Contacts:

Lisa Hardey
Associate Assistant Commissioner
Policy, Research and Performance Assurance
340 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0P9
Telephone: (613) 992-8723
Facsimile: (613) 995-5064

1 http://infonet/Corporate/National/OurOrganization/MissionPriorities/mission1117.htm?lang=en

4 From 2008, CSC has been fully engaged in initiatives that support the Government’s vision for a federal correctional system. CSC’s focus aligns with recommendations from the 2007 Report of the CSC Review Panel entitled A Roadmap to Strengthening Public Safety.

5 Note that an offender can appear more than once in the conditional release flow-through count. An offender may be released from an institution more than once during a year and thereby will be counted more than once. In addition, if an offender spent a portion of the year incarcerated and another portion supervised, the offender will appear in both the institutional and community flow-through counts.

6 Report on Government of Canada Online Consultations on Linguistic Duality and Official Languages, 2009-03-31.

7 Offenders are released according to various provisions of the Corrections and Conditional Release Act. Some offenders are released by law, while others are released as a result of the decision-making authority of the Parole Board of Canada.

8 The Annual Reference Level is the funding available to CSC for each year as approved by Treasury Board.

9 The 2008-09 benchmarks for indicators included in this 2011-12 Report on Plans and Priorities are an aggregate of the three years ending in 2008-09 to avoid selecting an artificially high or low number.

10 The plans identified in the following table are components of the “Planning Highlights” that follow in Section 2 of this document.

11 Corrections and Conditional Release Act, Section 86 (1) and (2).

12 Source: Statistics Canada. Aboriginal Peoples in Canada in 2006: Inuit, Métis and First Nations, 2006 Census. Ottawa, Statistics Canada, 2008 (Cat. No. 97-558-XIE).

13 The Corporate Risk Profile provides a complete overview of the various mitigation strategies.