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  • Federal Electoral District: Honoré-Mercier
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The table below summarizes the number of sites in the inventory by the highest step of the Federal 10-Step Process that has been completed.

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Highest Step Completed Suspected Active Closed Total
Total 0 14 6 20
04. Classify Contaminated Site Using the CCME National Classification System 0 13 1 14
05. Detailed Testing Program 0 0 1 1
06. Reclassify the Site Using CCME National Classification System 0 1 2 3
09. Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting 0 0 2 2
Highest step not yet reported 0 0 0 0
The following are the definitions for the three site status types for contaminated sites:
Further assessment work is required to confirm whether the site is considered a "contaminated site."
Active sites are confirmed contaminated sites where remedial action is or may be required.
No further action is required.