Find Sites by Classification

The table below summarizes the number of sites in the inventory by their classification type as defined by the National Classification System of the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment.

Classification Type Suspected Active Closed Total
Total 4,147 4,849 14,712 23,708
High Priority for Action 324 670 704 1,698
Medium Priority for Action 423 1,638 1,220 3,281
Low Priority for Action 154 1,185 1,086 2,425
Insufficient Information 139 110 255 504
Not a Priority for Action 186 356 2,401 2,943
Site(s) not yet classified 2,921 890 9,046 12,857
The following are the definitions for the three site status types for contaminated sites:
Further assessment work is required to confirm whether the site is considered a "contaminated site."
Active sites are confirmed contaminated sites where remedial action is or may be required.
No further action is required.