Site 68173001 - Kitkatla RCMP

  • Status

    Confirmatory sampling completed. No further action required.
  • Site Status

  • Classification

    Medium Priority for Action

Site Details

Site Location

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  • Latitude, Longitude

    53.79083, -130.425
  • Municipality

    Dolphin Island 1, BC
  • Federal Electoral District

    Skeena--Bulkley Valley

Contaminant Details

Contamination Estimate

  • Cubic Meters


The following contaminated media was identified on the site:

Contaminant Type Medium Type
PHCs (petroleum hydrocarbons) Soil

Action Plan

Soil impacted from leaking AST was excavated and removed in conjuction with demolition of former patrol cabin. Analytical results from soil at the limits of the excavation still contain contaminants with concentrations above applicable guidelines. Delineation and removal of remaining contaminated soil is required as well as characterization of groundwater to determine potential impacts. Remediation of soil complete and no impacts to groundwater. No further work required.


This table contains the population estimates at distances around the site.

Radius Population
1 km51
5 km358
10 km358
25 km366
50 km913

Summary of Annually Reported Data

Total Expenditures

  • Assessment

  • Remediation


Financial/Annual Information


  • Reporting Organization

    Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Internal Identifier

    PR E/364
  • Highest Step Completed

    09 Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting
  • Total Assessment Expenditure

  • Total Remediation Expenditure

  • Total Care Maintenance Expenditure

  • Total Monitoring Expenditure

  • FCSAP Assessment Expenditure

  • FCSAP Remediation Expenditure

  • FCSAP Care Maintenance Expenditure

  • FCSAP Monitoring Expenditure

  • Actual Cubic Meters Remediated

    350 m3
  • Actual Hectares Remediated

    0 ha
  • Actual Tons Remediated

    0 t
  • Closed