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ID: 28115 | Type: Standard | Version: Current | Modified: 2014-10-20
ID: 28108 | Type: Directive | Version: Current | Modified: 2014-10-09
The Communications Policy of the Government of Canada ensures that communications across the Government are well co-ordinated, effectively managed and responsive to the diverse information needs of the public.
ID: 12316 | Type: Policy | Version: Current | Modified: 2014-09-23
This document contains the full text of all procedures under the Communications policy.
ID: 12321 | Type: Procedure | Version: Current | Modified: 2014-09-23
ID: 28041 | Type: Procedure | Version: Current | Modified: 2014-09-23
Public opinion research helps the government understand the views of Canadians and identify their needs and expectations. Its results are used to develop, implement and assess the effectiveness of policies, programs, services, products and initiatives, and to plan and evaluate marketing, advertising and other communications activities.
ID: 28033 | Type: Procedure | Version: Current | Modified: 2014-09-23
This policy aims to ensure effective and consistent administration of the Access to Information Act and Regulations on a government-wide basis.
ID: 12453 | Type: Policy | Version: Current | Modified: 2014-09-22
ID: 12510 | Type: Policy | Version: Current | Modified: 2014-09-22
These guidelines outline the process for identifying and designating positions in a bargaining unit as essential within the meaning of the Public Service Labour Relations Act (PSLRA).
ID: 27987 | Type: Guidelines | Version: Current | Modified: 2014-07-28
ID: 27907 | Type: Guidelines | Version: Current | Modified: 2014-06-09
The objective of this directive is to ensure the sound, consistent, effective, and equitable administration of the terms and conditions of employment for those persons occupying certain excluded and unrepresented positions across the core public administration where the terms and conditions of employment of such positions differ from those provided in the relevant collective agreement or any other Treasury Board policy instrument related to employment terms and conditions.
ID: 15773 | Type: Directive | Version: Current | Modified: 2014-06-04
ID: 15772 | Type: Directive | Version: Current | Modified: 2014-06-04
Consistent and accurate application of terms and conditions of employment is an essential component of effective human resources management because it serves to attract, retain, motivate and renew the workforce of the core public administration.
ID: 15771 | Type: Policy | Version: Current | Modified: 2014-06-04
The objective of this policy is to establish a strategic and coherent approach to the design and delivery of Government of Canada external and internal enterprise services that is client-centric, realizes operational efficiencies and promotes a culture of service management excellence.Expected results of this policy are better service experiences for clients, increased number and uptake of priority e-services, more efficient services.
ID: 27916 | Type: Policy | Version: Current | Modified: 2014-06-03
This directive outlines the responsibilities of the chief financial officer, individuals delegated signing authority and financial officers regarding the verification process of payments and settlements
ID: 15790 | Type: Directive | Version: Current | Modified: 2014-06-01
This directive applies to government institutions as defined in section 3 of the Access to Information Act, including parent Crown corporations and any wholly owned subsidiary of these corporations.
ID: 18310 | Type: Directive | Version: Current | Modified: 2014-05-27
A privacy breach involves improper or unauthorized collection, use, disclosure, retention and/or disposal of personal information. These guidelines will focus primarily on the improper or unauthorized access to or disclosure of personal information as defined in the Privacy Act.
ID: 26154 | Type: Guidelines | Version: Current | Modified: 2014-05-20
Further to the Treasury Board Policy on Management of Real Property, this standard establishes requirements for the departmental Fire Protection Coordinator with respect to the protection of federal real property and the safety of those who occupy and use these properties.
ID: 17316 | Type: Standard | Version: Current | Modified: 2014-04-01
This Guide provides guidance, in the form of headings, examples and descriptions, on the level and type of information required in a project brief by the TB Policy on the Management of Projects.
ID: 27807 | Type: Guidelines | Version: Current | Modified: 2014-03-31
Directive on Year-End Recording of Payables
ID: 27784 | Type: Directive | Version: Current | Modified: 2014-03-31
This policy provides direction and measures to assist organizations and public servants in effectively dealing with real, potential and apparent conflict of interest situations which may arise during and after employment in the public service.
ID: 25178 | Type: Policy | Version: Current | Modified: 2014-03-11
The Policy on Acceptable Network and Device Use will ensure that employees use Government of Canada electronic networks and devices in an acceptable manner and provide employees with open access to the Internet including Web 2.0 tools and services.
ID: 27122 | Type: Policy | Version: Current | Modified: 2014-03-06
Describes the requirements for Government of Canada official social media account management
ID: 27033 | Type: Standard | Version: Current | Modified: 2014-03-06
ID: 27517 | Type: Guidelines | Version: Current | Modified: 2014-03-04
The Standard on Email Management ensures that departments and Shared Services Canada manage email efficiently, effectively, and in a timely manner to support decision making as well as program and service delivery
ID: 27600 | Type: Standard | Version: Current | Modified: 2014-02-28
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