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National Aquatic Animal Health Program:

Plans, Spending and Results

Table B: National Aquatic Animal Health Program

Name of Horizontal Initiative: National Aquatic Animal Health Program (NAAHP)

Name of lead department(s): Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO)

Lead department program activity: CFIA: Animal Health and Zoonotics Program DFO: Aquatic Animal Health

Start date of the Horizontal Initiative: April 1, 2005

End date of the Horizontal Initiative: Ongoing

Total federal funding allocation (start to end date): $59.0M (2005-06 to 2009-10) and $10.3M ongoing

Description of the Horizontal Initiative (including funding agreement): The NAAHP's goal is to protect Canada's aquatic animal resources and productivity by preventing the introduction and spread of aquatic animal diseases and by maintaining the seafood industry's competitiveness in international markets. This is in line with the Government of Canada's priority to protect Canada's natural resources and economic stability. The Agency's priority in this area is a safe and sustainable animal aquatic resource base.

Shared outcome(s): Sustainable Aquatic Resource Productivity and Internationally Competitive Aquatic Animal Resource Base Industry, which will allow trade to continue and expand.

Governance structure(s): The CFIA is the federal lead for delivery of the NAAHP in collaboration with DFO; respective federal roles and responsibilities are outlined in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The Animal Health Business Line and the Horizontal Steering Committee for Aquatic Animal Health are responsible for monitoring financial governance within the CFIA budget. At the federal, provincial, and territorial (F/P/T) level, the Canadian Council of Fisheries and Aquaculture Ministers (CCFAM) has oversight over the program through a working group with the CFIA. There is also an industry, federal, provincial, and territorial advisory committee, the Aquatic Animal Health Committee, which meets annually to guide the development of the program.

Contact Information:

Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Dr. Debbie Barr
Animal Health, Welfare & Biosecurity Division

Dr. Francine Lord
Animal Import/Export Division

Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Stephen J. Stephen
Biotechnology and Aquatic Animal Health Science