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Treasury Board Submissions

Guidance for the Preparation of TB Submissions

This Guide explains the process and expectations for preparing and submitting proposals for consideration to the Treasury Board by way of a Treasury Board submission.

This Guide remains an evergreen document and will be periodically updated to ensure the process is aligned with Government of Canada priorities.

Recent Updates

  • Roles and Responsibilities in the Treasury Board Submission Process: updated roles and responsibilities of Deputy Heads to clarify their role with respect to the monitoring, evaluating and reporting of performance results.
  • Detailed Guidance for Writers: a preamble entitled How to Use this Guidance added to clarify the relationship between the narrative and appendices; updated guidance on Background, Rationale, Expected Results, and Design, Delivery and Implementation to emphasize new expectations related to evidence-based decision making and tracking of results.
  • Appendices: four appendices made mandatory (Delivery and Expected Results: Deputy Head Commitment, Risk and Risk Responses, Official Languages, Gender-based Analysis+); new Appendix on the Assessment of Modern Treaty Implications; removed appendices on Audit and Evaluation, and Program Alignment;
  • Tools for Preparing a Submission: new tools added and section format revised to improve navigation; additional considerations added to the Key Considerations for Drafting a TB Submission Tool.
  • Delivering Signed Submissions: updated transactional guidance on the use of late letters.

What is a Treasury Board Submission?

A Treasury Board Submission is an official document seeking specific authorities or approvals from the Treasury Board to help implement a new program or a project in the Government of Canada. Submissions are brought forward by a minister to undertake an initiative that his or her organization would not otherwise be able to undertake or that is outside its delegated authorities.

Treasury Board Submissions Overview

An overview of the key players at Treasury Board and the Secretariat, as well in organizations are outlined in the Treasury Board Submissions Overview. Guidance on the various phases of the TB submission process, advice for scheduling, and types of Treasury Board submissions is also provided.

Writing a TB Submission

Detailed guidance for writers sets out the expectations for the preparation of Treasury Board submissions with practical advice and concrete examples to help in the preparation of high-quality, timely submissions. It offers links to the mandatory TB Submission Form with tools and guidance for drafting submissions.

The Canada School of Public Service also offers a course on Preparing Treasury Board Submissions and Cabinet Documents (F708) on their GCcampus.

Drafters may also refer to the following for more information:

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