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Project Complexity and Risk Assessments, Mandatory Procedures for

Policy | Project management

The mandatory procedures are to be used government-wide to assess project complexity and risk.


Organizational Project Management Capacity Assessments, Mandatory Procedures for

Policy | Project management

The mandatory procedures are to be used government-wide for assessing the project management capacity of organizations.


Accessibility Standard for Real Property

Standard | Real property

The standard establishes minimum requirements for the accessibility of real property.


Concept Cases for Digital Projects, Mandatory Procedures for

Policy | Investment planning

The concept cases for digital projects, formerly known as IT-enabled projects, support a potential investment in a digital project.


Contracting Policy

Policy | Procurement

Explains the requirements to meet the objective of acquiring goods and services, and carry out construction in a manner that enhances access, competition and fairness, and that results in best value or, if appropriate, the optimal balance of overall benefits to the Crown and the Canadian people.


Fire Protection Standard

Standard | Real property

The standard describes requirements for the departmental fire protection coordinator with respect to the protection of federal real property, and the safety of those who occupy and use such property.


Investment Planning - Assets and Acquired Services, Policy on

Policy | Investment planning

The Policy on Investment Planning: Assets and Acquired Services will be rescinded on October 11, 2019. It will be replaced by the Policy on the Planning and Management of Investments. Departments and agencies are expected to transition to the new policy.


Management of Projects and Programmes, Directive on the

Directive | Project management

The directive ensures that government projects and programmes are effectively planned, implemented, monitored, controlled and closed, so that the expected benefits and results are realized for Canadians.


Planning and Management of Investments, Policy on the

Policy | Assets and acquired services

The policy sets the direction for the planning and management of assets and acquired services to ensure that these activities provide value for money and demonstrate sound stewardship in program delivery.


Projects, Policy on the Management of

Policy | Project management

The Policy on the Management of Projects will be rescinded on October 11, 2019. It will be replaced by the Directive on the Planning and Management of Investments. Departments and agencies are expected to transition to the new directive.


Real Property, Policy on Management of

Policy | Real property

The policy ensures the sustainable and financially responsible management of real property, throughout its life cycle, to support the cost-effective and efficient delivery of government programs.


Reporting Standard on Real Property

Standard | Real property

The standard outlines information management requirements that will ensure compliance with the Treasury Board Policy on the Management of Real Property.


Charging and Special Financial Authorities, Directive on

Directive | Charging and Special Financial Authorities

Outlines management practices and controls to ensure that external and internal charging practices for services provided are consistent across government, the amounts charged respect legislative limits; and the consistent treatment of non-tax revenues that are not returned to the Consolidated Revenue Fund.


Automated Decision-Making, Directive on

Directive | Information technology

The Government of Canada is increasingly looking to utilize artificial intelligence to make, or assist in making, administrative decisions to improve service delivery. The Government is committed to doing so in a manner that is compatible with core administrative law principles such as transparency, accountability, legality, and procedural fairness. Understanding that this technology is changing rapidly, this Directive will continue to evolve to ensure that it remains relevant.


Information Technology, Directive on Management of

Directive | Information technology

Information technology (IT) enables the federal government to effect operations and service transformation. IT matters strategically for increasing government productivity and enhancing government services to the public for the benefit of citizens, businesses, taxpayers and employees.


Communications, Directive on the Management of

Directive | Communications and Federal Identity

Provides rules for managing and coordinating communications, including procedures for advertising, public opinion research, social media and web communications.


Fleet Management: Executive Vehicles, Directive on

Directive | Materiel management

The directive ensures the economical, equitable, and appropriate management of the executive fleet and considers the impact of this fleet on the environment.


Privacy Protection, Policy on

Policy | Access to information and privacy; Privacy protection

Provides direction to government institutions to ensure compliance with the Privacy Act.


Personal Information Requests and Correction of Personal Information, Directive on

Directive | Access to information and privacy

Provides direction to government institutions on how to respond to personal information requests.


Green Procurement, Policy on

Policy | Procurement

This policy requires that the procurement of goods and services actively promote environmental stewardship.


Administering Low-Value Amounts,Guide to


The Guide to Administering Low-value Amounts supports the Low-value Regulations and provides departments with information on the collection, payment, and accumulation of low-value amounts.


Claims, Guide to


Provides departments with information to assist managers and staff to make sound decisions, to ensure the efficiency, expediency and timeliness for settling and paying claims by the Crown or claims against the Crown.


Delegating and Applying Spending and Financial Authorities, Guide to


This guide provides departments with information on how, when, what and to whom to delegate spending and financial authorities in addition to the tools to do so. The document details spending and financial authorities and the account verification implications for departmental consideration.


Interest and Administrative Charges, Guide to


Provides information on charging interest on overdue accounts and administrative fees for dishonoured payment instruments.


Reporting of Grants and Contributions Awards, Guidelines on the


The Guidelines on the Reporting of Grants and Contributions Awards sets out the public requirements for the Proactive Disclosure of Grants and Contributions. It increases transparency of government funding provided through Grants and Contributions.


Interchange Canada, Directive on

Directive | Employee Performance, Learning, Development and Recognition; Staffing and Employee Integration

This directive defines requirements for deputy heads and their officials regarding fair and consistent management of Interchange Canada assignments.


Business Number, Directive on the

Policy | Information technology

Outlines the requirements for use of the Business Number as the standard identifier of businesses for all transactions between the business and the Government of Canada.


Information Management, Policy on

Policy | Information management

Aims to achieve efficient and effective information management to support program and service delivery; foster informed decision making, facilitate accountability transparency and collaboration; and preserve and ensure access to information and records for the benefit of present and future generations.


Information Technology, Policy on Management of

Policy | Information technology

Aims to achieve the efficient and effective use of information technology, support government priorities and program delivery, increase productivity, and enhance services to the public.


Terms and Conditions of Employment for Students

Policy | Permanent and Temporary Separation; Staffing and Employee Integration; Total Compensation

Includes rates of pay.


Learning, Training, and Development, Policy on

Policy | Employee Performance, Learning, Development and Recognition

Helps build a skilled, well-trained and professional workforce, strengthens organizational leadership, and adopts leading-edge management practices to encourage innovation and continuous improvements in performance.


Required Training, Directive on the Administration of

Directive | Employee Performance, Learning, Development and Recognition

Provides direction to key stakeholders on how the policy requirements relating to required training under the Learning Training and Development Policy are to be fulfilled.


Financial Management of Pay Administration, Guideline on


The Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) revised the guidance related to the financial management of pay administration, including a generic approach for post-payment verification.


Rapid Impact Evaluation, Guide to


2017-10-13 Content and Information Architecture Specification

Guide | Web and social media

This is a design manual that provides user-tested templates, navigation and information architecture models for presenting and organizing content for

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