Guideline on the Management of Public Key Infrastructure in the Government of Canada

Intended to help departments and program managers understand the responsibilities and practices of public key infrastructure within the GC.
Date modified: 2011-01-07

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for cause (pour un motif valable)
A determination that there is sufficient reason to review, revoke, suspend or downgrade a reliability status, a security clearance or site access.
integrity (intégrité)
The state of being accurate, complete, authentic and intact.
managers at all levels (gestionnaires à tous les niveaux)
Includes supervisors, managers and executives.
protected asset or information (renseignement ou bien protégé)
An asset or information that may qualify for an exemption or exclusion under the Access to Information Act or the Privacy Act because its disclosure would reasonably be expected to compromise the non-national interest.
residual risk (risque résiduel)
Level of risk remaining after security measures have been applied
securityprogram (programme de sécurité)
A group of security-related resource inputs and activities that are managed to address a specific need or needs and to achieve intended results.
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