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National Weapons Enforcement Support Teams (NWEST):

Plans, Spending and Results

Name of lead department(s): Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

Lead department program activity: Canadian Firearms Program

Start date of the Horizontal Initiative: May 2004

End date of the Horizontal Initiative: Ongoing

Total federal funding allocation (start to end date): $22.5 million over 5 years

Description of the Horizontal Initiative (including funding agreement):

NWEST is a partnership with Canadian municipal and provincial police services. It supports law enforcement efforts to counter the illegal movement of firearms into and within Canada and their subsequent violent criminal use.

NWEST plays an integral role in the fight against organized crime and terrorism in Canada.

The RCMP provides funding for the secondment of police officers from partner police services as well as funds for vehicles and other support equipment; office space is provided by municipal and provincial police services in some areas.

Shared outcome(s):

  • direct investigative support to front-line policing
  • tracing firearms of questionable origin
  • assisting with the development and execution of search warrants
  • analysis of crime guns
  • training sessions to law enforcement agencies across Canada

Governance structure(s):

MOUs are entered into with other police services for the secondment of officers to the NWEST.

Contact information:

Supt. Paul Brown
Director, Firearms Investigative and Enforcement Services Directorate
RCMP Canadian Firearms Program
73 Leikin Drive, Mail stop 6
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R2
Office: 613-843-6720