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Integrated National Security Enforcement Teams (INSET):

Lead Department: Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Start/End Date of Initiative: This initiative began in Fiscal Year 2001/2002. Permanent funding was awarded in 2007 as part of the Public Security and Anti Terrorism initiative.


Located in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and the National Capital Region, INSET operates in a coordinated effort to detect, prevent, disrupt and investigate terrorist criminal activity. INSET strives to ultimately bring terrorists to justice prior to serious, violent, criminal acts being perpetrated in Canada and/or abroad.

Shared Outcomes

Enhanced focus on criminal investigations combined with the sharing of information and cooperation with other domestic and foreign law enforcement agencies contribute to the successful disruption of terrorist activities. In support of this outcome, joint training between the RCMP and the other security agencies permit the effective training of personnel dedicated to this area.

Governance Structure

The National Security Criminal Investigations Governance Framework for Increased Effectiveness provides all national security (NS) investigators with a clear and concise framework governing NS criminal investigations. This includes central control and monitoring of NS criminal investigations at National Headquarters as directed by the Ministerial Direction on National Security Responsibility and Accountability for all aspects of the National Security (NS) program. National Security Criminal Investigations (NSCI) at National Headquarters monitors, guides, supervises and directs the INSETs on NS criminal investigations. These investigations including NS related threat assessments are managed by the INSET which falls under the central control of NSCI. Several municipal, provincial and federal agencies, other police services and security agencies participate in INSET. While s. 6(1) of the Security Offences Act mandates the RCMP's primary role in investigating criminal offences in relation to national security matters, the program is subject to an array of accountability and review structures with respect to national security such as the Commission for Public Complaints and the External Review Committee.


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