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Horizontal Initiatives Database

Occasionally, government goals go beyond the sphere of a single federal department. In such instances, departments must work collaboratively with partners to achieve shared outcomes. The objective of reporting on horizontal initiatives is to provide parliamentarians, the public and government with an overall picture of public expenditures, plans and performance for all major horizontal initiatives.

The database provides planned and actual financial and non-financial information by horizontal initiatives. Details for each initiative include the lead departments, timing of the initiative, the total funding allocation, a description, the shared outcomes, governance structure, partners and a contact name. Plans, spending and results are also available for each identified reporting period.

A horizontal initiative is defined as an initiative in which partners from two or more federal organizations have established a formal funding agreement (e.g., Memorandum to Cabinet, Treasury Board submission) to work toward achieving shared outcomes.

Major horizontal initiatives are initiatives that:

  • Have been allocated federal funds that exceed $100 million for the entire initiative; or
  • Are key to the achievement of government priorities; or
  • Have a high public profile.

Lead departments, in conjunction with horizontal initiative partners, are stewards of horizontal reporting content and thus are responsible for reporting on and providing information on horizontal initiatives through the lead department’s Report on Plans and Priorities and Departmental Performance Report.

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