Standard Classes of Records

Classes of Records are descriptions of all records and information created, captured and maintained by the institution as evidence of the administration of a particular program activity and sub-activity specific to the institution.

Treasury Board Secretariat has developed Standard Classes of Records to describe records created, collected and maintained by most government institutions in support of common internal functions, programs and activities. Institutions may include one or more of these standard descriptions in their chapters rather than develop institution-specific Class of Record descriptions.

Individuals seeking access to the institution-specific Classes of Records of a particular government institution should consult the institution’s Info Source chapter.

Title Record Number
Access to Information and Privacy PRN 930
Administrative Services PRN 901
Awards (Pride and Recognition) PRN 940
Boards, Committees and Councils PRN 938
Business Continuity Planning PRN 928
Classification of Positions PRN 919
Communications PRN 939
Compensation and Benefits PRN 941
Cooperation and Liaison PRN 904
Disclosure to Investigative Bodies PRN 937
Employment Equity and Diversity PRN 942
Executive Services PRN 943
Financial Management PRN 914
Hospitality PRN 933
Human Resources Planning PRN 949
Information Management PRN 944
Information Technology PRN 932
Internal Audit and Evaluation PRN 916
Labour Relations PRN 926
Legal Services PRN 902
Material Management PRN 945
Occupational Health and Safety PRN 922
Official Languages PRN 923
Performance Management Reviews PRN 946
Planning and Reporting PRN 947
Proactive Disclosure PRN 935
Procurement and Contracting PRN 912
Real Property Management PRN 948
Recruitment and Staffing PRN 920
Relocation PRN 936
Security PRN 931
Training and Development PRN 927
Travel PRN 934

Access to Information and Privacy

Description: Includes records related to the administration of the Access to Information and/or the Privacy Act including processing requests, preparing Annual Reports to Parliament, statistical reports and updates to the Info Source publications, providing advice, guidance and training to employees, responding to complaints from requestors, conducting privacy impact assessments and responding to investigations by the Offices of the Information and/or Privacy Commissioners. Records may include information related to all requests for information under the control of the institution including correction of personal information and notification of correction of personal information, the identification, description and registration of personal information banks, informal requests, complaints, investigations and requests for judicial review, consultations with third parties and information received from or sent to other institutions, legal advice and requests for advice received from institutional officials that raise privacy and/or access to information concerns. Records may also include information related to requests leading to a change of policy or procedure and documentation pertaining to the software systems used within institutions to manage the administration of access to information and privacy requests.

Document Types: Request case files (may include written requests for information, request forms, letters of acknowledgement, fee estimates, working notes, news clippings, summaries of analyses, request response package including cover letter and copies of released documents, requests to correct personal information, and Commissioner and judicial recommendations and orders), Annual Reports to Parliament, statistical reports, copies of relevant legislation, regulations and related policy instruments, internal policies, guidelines, directives and procedures, legal opinions, copies of audits and/or investigations from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner and/or Office of the Information Commissioner, updates to the Info Source publications, delegation of authority, staff time logs, notices of transfer, fees or extension of time, file lists, indices or finding aids, reports, memoranda and correspondence files.

Record Number: PRN 930

Administrative Services

Description: Includes records related to the management of internally-provided administrative services, undertaken in the institution, which help to manage and deliver the institution’s programs and services. Records may include information related to office accommodation, construction and modification of workstations, photocopy services, printing services, parking, telephone services, mail and messenger services, translation and locksmith services.

Document Types: Telephone lists, photocopier usage counts, print job ordering forms, copies of translation services guidelines and procedures, stationery supply reports, parking permit applications and correspondence, telephone equipment catalogues and manuals, mail logbooks, mail/courier slips, shipment permits, copies of internal procedures and policies, product information and price lists, and stationery request forms.

Record Number: PRN 901

Awards (Pride and Recognition)

Description: Includes records related to formal and informal recognition, through an awards program, of persons employed in the institution for outstanding performance of his/her duties, for leadership, for other meritorious contributions in the performance of his/her duties, and for long service. Pride refers to self-respect, to satisfaction derived from achievements, or to qualities or skills that do one credit. Recognition covers a range of formal and informal practices in the workplace that collectively express and reinforce values and the way that people work together. Records may include information related to Awards of Excellence, National Public Service Week, Outstanding Achievement Award, and Head of the Public Service Award, Leadership Network and/or institution-specific awards.

Document Types: Submissions, selection criteria, approved nominations, ceremony arrangements, Selection Committee records, photographs, sound recordings, call letters, and institution-specific policies, procedures and guidelines.

Record Number: PRN 940

Boards, Committees and Councils

Description: Includes records related to the establishment, organization, functions, activities and management of boards, committees, and councils (including Governor in Council appointments) which are exclusive to a particular institution and which have been established to provide oversight, guidance and recommendations to the institution. Records may include information related to the nomination, appointment, resignation and/or termination of members including criteria for the identification and selection of members, terms and conditions of appointment (e.g. salary, honoraria, per diem rates) roles and responsibilities, and administrative support documentation. Records may also include correspondence among members and with the institution, as well as the relevant Minister’s Office about the selection of individuals and with the Privy Council Office about Governor-in-Council appointees.

Document Types: Terms of reference, agendas, minutes of meetings, notices, proceedings, recommendations documents, briefing and discussion papers, curricula vitae, travel claims, policy documents, photographs, videos, communications materials released in all formats (including institutional web sites), speeches, audit and evaluation documentation, copies of Annual Reports, Orders-in-Council, correspondence, backgrounders, reports, etc.

Record Number: PRN 938

Business Continuity Planning

Description: Includes records related to an institution’s Business Continuity Planning which provides for the continued availability of services and associated assets that are critical to the health, safety, security or economic well-being of Canadians or the effective functioning of government in the event of a disaster or emergency. Business Continuity Planning complements emergency preparedness which is mandated by legislation, government or institutional policy (e.g. fire and building evacuation plans, civil emergency plans) and includes the development and implementation of a Business Continuity Plan. The types of incidences for which the Plan may be initiated may vary from a minor incident, such as a building-specific power outage or an equipment or system failure, to one of provincial or national proportions. The Business Continuity Plan outlines and coordinates the efforts of institutional staff and the implementation of advance arrangements and procedures to ensure that the institution can continue or restart critical business operations within a reasonable timeframe.

Document Types: Disaster/emergency recovery plans, network and/or data backup procedures, emergency and recovery resources, emergency evacuation procedures, service level agreements (including Memoranda of Understanding with other federal institutions), essential records policies, notification procedures for emergency response teams, institutional staff, Senior Executive or Minister’s staff, federal, provincial and municipal bodies, plan activation procedures, documentation pertaining to Command Control and Emergency Centre Operations, copies of Delegation/Designation of Authorities, disaster/emergency contact list, detailed business resumption, recovery and restoration procedures, and media handling procedures.

Record Number: PRN 928

Classification of Positions

Description: Includes records related to the factors, elements, and other criteria used to establish the relative value of work for an occupational group. Classification provides a means of grouping similar types of work together so that it can be ranked by levels of difficulty and differentiated from other, dissimilar work. It also provides a basis for employee compensation in the institution.

Document Types: Employee lists and inventories, position classifications and reclassifications, institution-specific classification policies, organization charts, copies of Treasury Board Secretariat and/or internal policies, directives and guidelines, identification of functions or positions, classification standards, classification performance reports, language requirements of positions, competency requirements and/or profiles, classification grievances, statistical data, audit reviews and reports, generic work descriptions and, where applicable, documents related to the mandatory on-line publication of the reclassification of occupied positions.

Record Number: PRN 919


Description: Includes records related to the management of an institution’s internal and external communications. The Communications function includes, but is not limited to, the following activities: providing communications support and advice to ministers and senior officials on (non-partisan) government matters, including the preparation of speeches, news releases, briefing notes, presentations, memoranda and correspondence; preparing and implementing communications plans and strategies (including analyses of the internal and external environments) in support of institutional policies, programs, services and initiatives; preparing, producing and disseminating information using all forms of media and graphic arts, including electronic publishing; collaborating with other Government of Canada institutions to promote common communication objectives; integrating all communication activities, including Internet applications, marketing, advertising, public opinion research and media relations to promote consistent and well co-ordinated communications with the public; providing, co-ordinating or contracting media monitoring services; communicating with the public, federal institutions, other government institutions (municipal, provincial, international) and private sector organizations and providing information services through the Internet and other electronic media; planning, co-ordinating, implementing and evaluating advertising, publishing and public awareness programs and campaigns; planning, co-ordinating and promoting the institution’s participation in public events, including fairs and exhibitions; cultivating media contacts, coordinating access to the media, authorising and issuing press releases and briefings, and organising media interviews; marketing and supplying publications by the institution in various formats including the production, distribution and evaluation of film, video, audiovisual and multimedia productions via manual or electronic production (e.g. design, layout, typesetting, desktop publishing, printing, binding, etc.); developing and administering guidelines on the consistency in written style, graphic design etc. within the institution’s documents; and designing logos, letterhead, stationery, publications etc. that incorporate the corporate image of the institution. Records may include information related to media relations, media monitoring and analysis, strategic communications advice and planning, public opinion research and analysis, institutional publications, the development, design, management and maintenance of internal and external websites, and the development and maintenance of internal and external mailing and distribution lists.

Document Types: Media analyses and media lines, communications plans, announcements, communiqués, newsletters and updates to staff, news releases, backgrounders, fact sheets, media advisories, speeches, questions and answers, scenario notes, speaking notes, briefing notes, calendar of planned events, news-clippings, biographies, protocols, PowerPoint presentations, mailing and distribution lists, public opinion research reports, style guides, institutional communications policies, guidelines, standards and procedures, notices, pamphlets, service/customer satisfaction studies, omnibus surveys, literature reviews, crisis and emergency communications plans and policies, documentation pertaining to the Depository Services Program, brochures, print and electronic publishing documentation, website content, and copies of institutional publications in all formats.

Record Number: PRN 939

Compensation and Benefits

Description: Includes records related to the programs and activities that establish and administer pay, pension, and other benefit standards and practices to ensure that employees receive fair compensation/remuneration/payment for work performed. May include records related to continuous service, garnishment, maternity and parental benefits, attendance and leave, rates of absenteeism, overtime, bilingualism bonus, pay authorities, performance pay, rates of pay, severance pay, workforce adjustment, part-time, casual and seasonal employees, pay administration, emergency salary advance, life, disability, health and dental insurance plans, Canada Pension Plan, and Public Service Superannuation and/or institution-specific pension plans.

Document Types: Benefits chart, correspondence, compensation surveys, insurance plan directives and rules, copies of internal audit reports, terms and conditions relating to insurance eligibility, premiums, contributions, and benefits, memoranda of clarification, copies of collective agreements and terms and conditions of employment, part-time work agreements, and copies of relevant legislation, regulations, Treasury Board Secretariat policies and directives (if applicable), and/or institution-specific policies, procedures and guidelines.

Record Number: PRN 941

Cooperation and Liaison

Description: Includes records related to formal and informal cooperation and liaison activities with other federal, provincial/ territorial, municipal, and international governments/agencies, organizations, and academic institutions (where applicable) to ensure the effective management of horizontal initiatives, communicate institutional activities, and promote integrated approaches to developing and delivering institutional programs and services. May also include records related to coordinating programs for international delegations and visits, facilitating information exchanges in areas of common interest, sharing knowledge, expertise, and best practices, developing joint service delivery initiatives in partnership with other provinces and territories, reinforcing strategic partnerships with established partners and creating new networks of influence to expand and intensify ties with other governments and/or organizations, and building more strategic relationships to advance institutional interests and priorities. May also include records related to outreach activities, the development of new strategic networks and partnerships, hosting and sharing information with international delegations, and attending regional, national, and international for a, roundtables, symposia and conferences.

Document Types: Minutes, agendas and records of decisions of multilateral and bilateral meetings, proceedings of symposia, roundtables and conferences, copies of bilateral and liaison agreements, drafts and final case studies reports, memoranda of cooperation, records of consultation activities, and international activity reports.

Record Number: PRN 904

Disclosure to Investigative Bodies

Description: Includes records related to requests received by government institutions from investigative bodies listed in Schedule 2 of the Privacy Regulations for personal information, collected for the purpose of authorized programs and activities of the government institutions, to be disclosed pursuant to paragraph 8(2)(e) of the Privacy Act and the responses thereof. Records of requests and responses are kept by the government institution receiving the request pursuant to sections 8(4) Privacy Act and 7 Privacy Regulations.

Document Types: Requests for information, responses and related correspondence, reports, policy interpretation, legal opinions, disclosure review and response procedures, copies of internal directives, etc.

Record Number: PRN 937

Employment Equity and Diversity

Description: Includes records related to the programs and activities that ensure equitable representation and distribution in the workplace of Aboriginal people, members of visible minority groups, persons with disabilities and women. May include records related to workforce analysis, barriers identification, employment equity initiatives, monitoring activities, duty to accommodate, flexible work arrangements, self-identification, adaptive technologies, advertising campaigns and recruitment programs.

Document Types: Internal employment equity policies, copies of relevant legislation, regulations and policies, review and assessment reports, research studies and reports, repositories and/or inventories, guidelines for contractors, operational plans, statistical reports, surveys, delegation instruments, and Reports to Parliament.

Record Number: PRN 942

Executive Services

Description: Includes records related to the provision of various administrative services for the institution’s executive (e.g. minister, deputy minister, assistant deputy minister, president, chair, chief executive officer and equivalent positions). Records may include the control and tracking of correspondence, the selection and/or implementation of technological systems to support the provision of services, management of senior executive committees including secretariat support services, preparation of executive briefing notes, issues management, and the collection of information on current executive issues.

Document Types: Questions and Answers, Question Period (QP) Notes, correspondence, briefings and briefing notes, speaking engagement invitations, and Senior Executive Committee meeting minutes, agendas and records of decision.

Record Number: PRN 943

Financial Management

Description: Includes records related to the receipt, control, and expenditure of public funds within the institution including establishing, operating, and maintaining accounting systems, financial oversight, control and planning, budget submissions and budget reporting, obtaining grants, managing funds in the form of allocations from the Consolidated Revenue Fund managing revenue from trading and investments, financial risk (credit, liquidity, market, operational and legal risks) management. May include records relating to accounts payable (expenditures), accounts receivable (revenues), banking, budgeting, cash accounting, cost recoveries, goods and services tax, duties and tariffs, petty cash, grants, contributions and transfer payments, taxes, resource allocations, liability and revenue control, allotments and transfers, allowances, and accounting standards and methods. May also include documentation related to institutional automated financial management systems and, where applicable, liaison with other federal government financial agencies (for distribution of contract payments, for example).

Document Types: Invoices, vouchers, financial statements, summaries, financial management reports and statistics, cheques, accounting codes, cash receipt journals, audit and compliance reviews (internal and/or those undertaken by Agents of Parliament and other central agencies), estimates and working papers, budget forecasts, fiscal year reports, postage accounts, receipts, signing authority documentation (including Financial Delegation Authorities), packing slips, direct deposit applications, statements of account, taxation bulletins, purchase orders, insurance claims, commitment reports, fee information and schedules, encumbrance notices, grant management files, contribution case files, foreign exchange rates, acquisition cards and financial risk management policies, procedures, controls and contingency plans.

Record Number: PRN 914


Description: Includes records related to hospitality. Hospitality is the provision of a reception, meal or entertainment to guests of federal institutions, including social events or ceremonies in accordance with established policies and guidelines. Records may include information about the nature, scope, location, costs and type of function, including any event requiring special authority and approval by the appropriate delegated officials. The records may also include information related to the proactive disclosure of relevant hospitality expenses as required by the Treasury Board Secretariat, the Privy Council Office and/or institution-specific policies and procedures.

Document Types: Lists of attendees, locations, dates, and expenses, event protocols, hospitality policies and guidelines, financial signing authorities, and, where applicable, documents related to the mandatory on-line publication of hospitality expenses.

Record Number: PRN 933

Human Resources Planning

Description: Includes records related to the assessment of current human resources, the identification of future human resource requirements, and the development of plans to meet those requirements. Records may include information related to human resource planning and utilization, staff requisitions, pre-retirement, succession planning and knowledge transfer, vacancy and turnover rates, internal staff mobility, priority placements, workforce adjustment, demographic analysis and forecasting, labour market surveying and analysis, environmental scanning, needs analysis, skills and competencies requirements, and planning and performance monitoring activities.

Document Types: Environmental scans and gap analyses, employee surveys, labour market studies and reports, drafts and final versions of institutional multi-year human resource plans, human resources audits, discussion papers, Human Resources Planning Committee records, research studies and reports, special thematic studies, demographic data, statistical reports, and copies of relevant legislation, regulations and policies.

Record Number: PRN 949

Information Management

Description: Includes records related to the cost-effective and efficient management of information under the control of the institution throughout its life-cycle and regardless of format. Also includes the acquisition, control and disposal of library and other information products, items kept for reference purposes, and the provision of information management services to employees. May also include records related to the management, use and maintenance of an automated document, records and information management system. This type of system is used to capture and manage documents, records (including e-mail) and information created, collected or received by the institution in support of its business functions, programs and activities.

Document Types: Forms, library catalogues and acquisition materials, records and library inventories, retention schedules and disposition authorities, essential records policies, information management systems manuals, functional requirements and automated system specifications, business rules, implementation plans, maintenance procedures, migration strategies, reports on performance, training programs, manuals and curricula, records classification systems, loan and inter-library loan records, subscription renewals, library collection development policies, barcode and location lists, vital records plans, copyright policies, copyright declaration forms, institution-specific policies, guidelines and procedures related to the management of information, copies of relevant legislation and regulations, and documents related to liaison with Library and Archives Canada, the Council of Federal Libraries, and/or other relevant information management organizations.

Record Number: PRN 944

Information Technology

Description: Includes records related to the cost-effective and efficient management of computer equipment and associated software for both institutional computer networks and employees’ workstations, (including peripheral equipment such as printers, Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), Wireless Handholds, etc.), electronic systems development and maintenance, and technical assistance and support for networks, office systems and databases. May also include records related to the institution’s technology architecture, standards and infrastructure, electronic mail systems and platforms, software and hardware acquisition, the annual planning process for the development of computer systems, and the business case process for application development and system acquisitions.

Document Types: Network systems specifications, information system security policies and procedures, information technology strategic management plans, hardware and/or software research and history files, threat risk assessment reports, application specific data dictionaries, installation, configuration and relocation documentation, feasibility studies, pilot project documentation, system user manuals and/or guides, change management processes, computer activity reports, systems and programming standards, user specifications, IT training courses materials, personal computer or desktop support (Help Centre) procedures and guidelines, computer performance and maintenance reports, system logs, testing strategies, results and reports, database management documentation and institution-specific policies, guidelines and procedures related to the management and use of technology.

Record Number: PRN 932

Internal Audit and Evaluation

Description: Includes records related to the management of an institution’s internal audit and evaluation responsibilities. Audits review and assess the extent to which the management framework is directed toward ensuring the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of operations; the degree of compliance with statutes and policies; the reliability of information systems for decision-making and accountability purposes; and the level and quality of services provided to clients. Evaluation is an independent assessment of the performance of institutional policies and operations in order to provide credible, timely and relevant information for the purposes of supporting decision-making and accounting for performance. Records may include information related to evaluation requirements, accountability practices, and standards.

Document Types: Internal audit committee records, internal audit reports, audit and evaluation methodologies and schedules, terms of reference, measurement and analysis tools, compliance reviews and external reports, institution-specific policies, guidelines and manuals, consultation documentation, risk analyses and profiles, maturity models, recommendations, implementation and action plans, impact analyses and special studies, and copies of Auditor General Reports.

Record Number: PRN 916

Labour Relations

Description: Includes records related to relations between employer and employee (through the bargaining agents or units on behalf of the employees) within the institution. May include information related to adjudication and unfair labour practices complaints, discipline, demotion and termination, essential services and strike management, exclusions, certifications and union dues, human rights complaints, pay equity, collective agreement administration, the establishment and maintenance of an institutional informal conflict management system including conflict resolution/alternative dispute resolution processes and procedures, two-tier bargaining, certification process, mediation, and workplace assessment.

Document Types: Essential services agreements, grievance and conflict resolution procedures, copies of relevant acts and regulations, settlement documentation, investigation reports, documentation of adjudication hearings (e.g. legal documents, subpoenas, proceedings, records of decisions, witness statements), institutional codes of conduct and discipline, dispute resolution evaluation reports, workplace assessment reports, mediation agreements, equal wage guidelines, records of institutional Labour-Management Consultation Committees and, where applicable, copies of decisions of the Public Service Labour Relations Board.

Record Number: PRN 926

Legal Services

Description: Includes records related to activities undertaken to enable institutions to pursue policy, program and service delivery priorities and objectives within a legally sound framework. Legal Services include the provision of policy and program advice, direction in the development and drafting of the legal content of bills, regulations, and guidelines, assistance in the identification, mitigation and management of legal risks, legal support in ensuring compliance and enforcement of standards, regulations, and guidelines, and representing the institution’s interests in litigation. May include information related to legal advice, preparation of legal documents, litigation services, and legislative drafting.

Document Types: Legal opinions, legislative proposals, draft legislation (Government and private members’ bills), regulations, and orders in council, working papers, Memoranda to Cabinet, correspondence, copies of enacted legislation, legislative drafting instructions and procedures, records documenting consultations with other federal institutions, schedules, parliamentary returns, written questions, petitions, motions, briefing books, copies of House of Commons Debates, House of Commons calendar, and cabinet committee documents.

Record Number: PRN 902

Materiel Management

Description: Includes records related to the sustainable and financially responsible management of an institution’s movable assets (excluding money and records) such as furniture, furnishings, equipment, supplies, vehicles, and other materiel used or acquired by the institution to facilitate the efficient delivery of institutional programs and services. May include information relating to planning, purchasing, maintenance, repair and disposal of materiel, and operating standards.

Document Types: Inventories, price lists, disposal and surplus policies and procedures, insurance policies, licences, asset loss investigation reports, inventory control system specifications, asset transfer and disposal reports, user specifications, standing offer agreements, copies of procurement procedures, institution-specific policies and guidelines, and vandalism and theft reports.

Record Number: PRN 945

Occupational Health and Safety

Description: Includes records related to the provision of a safe and healthy working environment for all federal employees (including employees of Crown Corporations, Foundations, Commissions, etc.). Records may include information related to occupational health and safety training, health assessments of employees and emergency medical services, environmental health investigations and surveys, first aid training, facilities, services and supplies, the selection and use of personal protective equipment and clothing, the rehabilitation and retraining of employees disabled by work injuries or illnesses, employee assistance services, the development and monitoring of occupational and environmental standards, procedures and other directives for the prevention of occupational illness and injury, the Canada Labour Code, workplace fitness programs, and institutional Occupational Health and Safety Committees.

Document Types: Accident/injury reports, safety guides, copies of ergonomic assessments, first aid needs assessments and treatment manuals, first aid reports, advisory notices, exposure to hazardous material case files, safety inspection reports, Occupational Health and Safety Committee records (agendas, minutes of meetings, records of decision, etc.), medical examination reports, occupational injury or illness investigation reports, first aid training programs, central agency and/or institution-specific policies, standards, guidelines and procedures, and copies of relevant legislation and regulations.

Record Number: PRN 922

Official Languages

Description: Includes records related to the provision of services to the public and to employees in both official languages in accordance with the Official Languages Act and its pursuant regulations. May include information related to language of work, minority official language rights, equitable participation, signage, communications with and services to the public, use of official languages on institutional web sites, and administration of the official languages program.

Document Types: Reports of the Commissioner of Official Languages, copies of central agency and/or institution-specific policies, procedures and guidelines, complaint investigation reports, reports to Senior Management and/or relevant central agencies and copies of relevant legislation and regulations.

Record Number: PRN 923

Performance Management Reviews

Description: Includes records related to the evaluation of the performance of employees based upon regularly established objectives. May include information related to training requirements, employee/employer objectives and expectations, competencies, employee misconduct, performance compensation, annual increments, probation, and discipline.

Document Types: Performance assessments, performance agreements, learning and development plan, talent management plan, investigation reports and action plan reports.

Record Number: PRN 946

Planning and Reporting

Description: Includes records related to the systematic management of planning and reporting activities such as the development and review of business, strategic, and corporate plans and other long-term organizational strategies, monitoring and review of program, service and internal results, institutional performance management and reporting, and risk management. May also include records related to the preparation, organization, coordination and delivery of Annual Reports to Parliament, Program Activity Architecture (PAA) structures, Management, Resources and Results Structure (MRRS), Report on Plans and Priorities (RPP) and the Management Accountability Framework (MAF).

Document Types: Performance indicators and metrics, risk profiles and strategies, sustainable development plans, balanced scorecards, environmental scans, contingency plans, trends analysis, and copies of Program Activity Architecture structures and MAF Results.

Record Number: PRN 947

Proactive Disclosure

Description: Includes records related to the mandatory publication on institutional web sites of specifically identified government information to promote transparency, facilitate public access, and provide relevant and timely information so that Canadians are better able to hold their federal and public sector officials accountable.

Document Types: Copies of policies and guidelines from Treasury Board Secretariat and other central agencies, reporting templates, and reports on travel and hospitality expenses, reclassification of positions, contracts over $10,000 and grants, contributions over $25,000 and relevant ministerial expenses.

Record Number: PRN 935

Procurement and Contracting

Description: Includes records related to the government procurement and contracting process to obtain goods and services in accordance with an agreement between a contracting authority within the institution and a person or firm. Records may include information about identifying the goods or services to be purchased, selecting the most effective procurement approach, contract development and approval processes and procedures, contract negotiations, debriefing unsuccessful bidders, administering awarded contracts, including amendments if required, and post-contract evaluations. May also include information related to the contractor; e.g. company profiles, résumés, work experience, previous contracts completed, and clients. These records also include information related to the proactive disclosure of relevant contracts for goods and services.

Document Types: Contract case files and related correspondence, award criteria, guidelines, regulations, approval requirements, statements of work, Requests for Proposals, contractor eligibility lists, feasibility studies, planning documents, solicitation or tender documents, monitoring reports, invoices, payment requisitions, post-completion evaluation reports, sole source contract justifications, standing offers, supply arrangements, customer and vendor liaison documentation, purchase requisitions, security clearances or checks, etc.

Record Number: PRN 912

Real Property Management

Description: Includes records related to the management of federal real property in a sustainable and financially responsible manner throughout its life-cycle. Real property is defined as any right, interest or benefit in land which includes mines, minerals and improvements on, above or below the surface of the land. Records may include information related to leases, licenses, purchases, gifts, loans, exchanges, easements, expropriation, and transfers of administration of real property. May also include information related to Heritage buildings, surplus properties, engineering services, sustainable development, disposition/disposal, communication systems, contaminated sites, hydro-electric structures, space management and planning, sewers and drainage, maintenance, alterations, damage, repairs and demolition, fire prevention and protection, building codes, signage, air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration systems, flood control, parking, pest control, garbage disposal, lighting, plumbing and heating.

Document Types: Acquisition case files, operation, maintenance and disposal strategies, appraisal and estimates standards, legal documents, architectural drawings, leases, plans, and specifications, environmental assessments and reports, security requirements and standards, parking studies and surveys, deeds and title documents, title claims, properties and facilities management agreements, repairs project files, expansion/renovation project files, inventories, damage investigation reports, and copies of relevant legislation, regulations, and policies.

Record Number: PRN 948

Recruitment and Staffing

Description: Includes records related to the recruitment and staffing of people to fill full-time or part-time positions within the institution. Records may include information related to screening, examining, testing, interviewing, assessing, selecting, hiring, and promoting candidates for employment. May also include information related to terms and conditions of employment (including conflict of interest), deployments, assignments, and secondments, student, professional, and occupational recruitment, post-employment appeals, and area of selection, as well as information received from or shared with central agencies responsible for recruitment and staffing, other employment agencies, or both.

Note: Relevant information may be transferred to an employee’s personnel file if the individual accepts an offer of employment from the institution.

Document Types: Unsolicited résumés and curricula vitae, model interview questions and answers, competition posters and announcements, application forms, competition assessment tools and rating guides, reference check procedures, checklists, and letters, inventories of qualified candidates (including pre-qualified pools), candidate inquiries and responses, copies of letters of offer, ratings board assessments, information within automated or Web-based application tools, and second language evaluation results, etc.

Record Number: PRN 920


Description: Includes records related to the authorized move of an employee from one place of duty to another or the authorized move of an employee from the employee’s place of residence to the employee’s first place of duty upon appointment to a position in the institution. Records may include information related to employee entitlements and obligations, employer obligations, third party service providers, interim accommodation, travel to new destination, spousal relocation, advances, legal fees, and long-term storage.

Document Types: Relocation expense claims, copies of institution-specific policies and procedures, and moving and storage company information.

Record Number: PRN 936


Description: Includes records related to the application of safeguards to protect employees, preserve the confidentiality, integrity, availability and value of assets, and assure the continued delivery of services from accidental or intentional damage or from unauthorized access. Records may include information related to facilities’ design, physical safeguards, monitoring devices, access to restricted zones, storage, transportation and transmittal of information and goods, work-related violence, protected and classified information, entry and exit points, emergency services, signage, identification cards and/or access badges, personnel security screening, continuous security risk management, building and fire codes, and destruction of information and goods. May also include records related to liaison with other federal institutions that have security-related responsibilities (for example, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Public Safety Canada, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Communications Security Establishment, etc.)

Document Types: Security access procedures and tools (access pass/identity cards), security incidents investigation reports, security training, copies of Threat and Risk Assessments (TRA), awareness and briefings documentation, security clearance records, incident response procedures, security program audit reports, baseline security requirements, evacuation plans, operational standards and technical documentation, business impact analyses, and copies of relevant labour, fire, building and electrical regulations and codes.

Record Number: PRN 931

Training and Development

Description: Includes records related to formal and informal training received by employees to develop their knowledge, skills and competencies, maximise their potential and increase their productivity. Records may include information related to special development programmes, university fellowships, language training, training requirements, professional development, leadership development programs, learning and training policies, monitoring and reporting requirements, continuous learning and career counselling. May also include records related to liaison with training providers.

Document Types: Annual training reports, individual learning plans, employee orientation information, educational leave criteria, training and skills needs analysis documents, knowledge assessment criteria and results, performance level descriptions, criteria, assessments and agreements, institutional policies on membership fees, and second language training requirements.

Record Number: PRN 927


Description: Includes records related to the authorized travel of individuals in support of the institution’s mandate. Records may include information related to employee entitlements and obligations, employer obligations, and travel allowances and/or per diem rates. The records may also include information related to the proactive disclosure of relevant travel expenses as required by the Treasury Board Secretariat and/or institution-specific policies and procedures.

Document Types: Travel advance claims, expense claims and receipts, itineraries and correspondence, applications for travel cards, reporting templates, hotel and airline directories and, where applicable, documents related to the mandatory on-line publication of travel expenses.

Record Number: PRN 934

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