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The financial management community strives to ensure superior performance in financial management. This Community includes public servants with financial responsibilities at all levels of government encompassing many job classifications.

The Financial Management Sector (FMS) strives to strengthen financial management/comptrollership by providing leadership to ensure that appropriate financial management frameworks, policies, directives, standards, guidance, reporting and systems are implemented across the Federal Public Service in order to comply prudently with financial legislative and regulatory requirements.

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GCPedia page - This page will be kept up to date in order to inform the community about important matters and includes information related to the financial management community, FI to CFO Career Path, financial management learning and professional development planning, and the FORD and CAST programs.

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs)

Deputy Chief Financial Officers (DCFOs)

  • Deputy Chief Financial Officers' Conference

Financial Officers

Financial Management Core Curriculum:

Career Management

Financial Management (FM) Strategic Planning

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