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  • Census Agglomeration Area: Collingwood
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FCSI Identifier
Site Name
Status Fiscal Year Classification Highest Step Completed
Collingwood MCTS (within the fenced compound, just south of the beacon building)
Historical review completed. No further action required. 2012-2013   02 Historical Review
Collingwood Sector Light (LL 853) (No Contamination Identified)
Historical review completed. No further action required. 2014-2015   02 Historical Review
Fisherman's Point Range Front - Unassessed
Historical review not required. 2012-2013   01 Identify Suspect Sites
Fisherman's Point Range Rear - Unassessed
Historical review planned. 2021-2022   01 Identify Suspect Sites
Collingwood Gauging Station (No Contamination Identified)
Initial testing completed. No further action required. 2014-2015   03 Initial Testing Program
Nottawasaga Island - Vicinity of Tower & former Dwelling-Metals in Soil
Remediation / risk management completed. Confirmatory sampling underway. 2021-2022 2 Medium Priority for Action 08 Implement Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
44 Hurontario Street
Detailed testing completed. Remedial action plan under development. 2021-2022 N Not a Priority for Action 06 Reclassify the Site Using CCME National Classification System
Harbour Bed
Historical review not required. 2004-2005   01 Identify Suspect Sites
Former Oil Facility
Long term monitoring completed. No further action required. 2021-2022 1 High Priority for Action 10 Long-Term Monitoring (Optional)