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  • Federal Electoral District: Windsor West
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FCSI Identifier
Site Name
Status Fiscal Year Classification Highest Step Completed
Turkey Creek - Hydrometric Station
Initial testing completed. No further action required. 2015-2016   03 Initial Testing Program
Fighting Island North Anchorage - Soil surrounding
Initial testing completed. No further action required. 2021-2022 3 Low Priority for Action 04 Classify Contaminated Site Using the CCME National Classification System
Windsor RCMP Satellite Office
Historical review completed. No further action required. 2011-2012   02 Historical Review
Gordie Howe International Bridge
Remedial action plan completed. Remediation / risk management underway. 2021-2022 2 Medium Priority for Action 07 Develop Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
441 University
Remediation / risk management completed. No further action required. 2009-2010 3 Low Priority for Action 08 Implement Remediation/Risk Management Strategy