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  • Federal Electoral District: Kanata--Carleton
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Inside Canada

  • Province or Territory - Search for contaminated sites in one of Canada's ten provinces and three territories.
  • Economic Region (ER) - Search for contaminated sites by Economic Region - a grouping of complete census divisions (with one exception in Ontario) created as a standard geographic unit for analysis of regional economic activity.
  • Census Division (CD) - Search for contaminated sites by Census Division - a group of neighbouring municipalities joined together for the purposes of regional planning and managing common services (such as police or ambulance services). These groupings are established under laws in effect in certain provinces and territories of Canada.
  • Census Subdivision (CSD) - Search for contaminated sites by Census Subdivision - an area that is a municipality or an area that is deemed to be equivalent to a municipality for statistical reporting purposes (e.g. as an Indian reserve or an unorganized territory). Municipal status is defined by laws in effect in each province and territory in Canada.
  • National Capital Region (NCR) - Search for contaminated sites in the National Capital Region - the seat of the Government of Canada and its surrounding area, as defined in the National Capital Act. Includes Census Subdivisions in the provinces of both Ontario and Quebec.
  • Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) - Search for contaminated sites in a Census Metropolitan Area - an area consisting of one or more adjacent municipalities situated around a major urban core with a population of at least 100,000.
  • Federal Electoral District (FED) - Search for contaminated sites by Federal Electoral District - an area represented by a member of Parliament (MP) elected to the House of Commons.
  • 60th Parallel - Search for contaminated sites above or below the 60th parallel.

NOTE: The definitions of each of the above areas comes from the Statistics Canada 2016 Census Dictionary. The location queries in the FCSI are based on the boundaries defined in the 2016 Census. The complete definition of the National Capital Region can be found in the National Capital Act.

Outside Canada

  • Country - Use this query to search for contaminated sites located in a country outside Canada.