Site N0018002 - Fire Training Area/Land Treatment Unit

  • Status

    Confirmatory sampling completed. No further action required.
  • Site Status

  • Classification

    Low Priority for Action

Site Details

  • Reporting Organization

  • Reason for Involvement

    Contractual obligation
  • Property Type

    Non-Federal (Provincial Government)

Site Location

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  • Latitude, Longitude

    62.462778, -114.440278
  • Municipality

    Yellowknife, NT
  • Federal Electoral District

    Northwest Territories

Contaminant Details

Contamination Estimate

  • Cubic Meters


Action Plan

Transport Canada will continue to monitor the groundwater at the former FTA and UST sites until hydrocarbons fall below remedial guidelines. The LTU requires continued management until the soil is remediated. Once the soil is remediated below regulatory criteria the LTU will be decommissioned.

Additional Information

The UST site and FTA were excavated in 1998. The Land Treatment Unit that holds contaminated soil from these former sites has undergone continued management annually from 1999 to 2002.


This table contains the population estimates at distances around the site.

Radius Population
1 km131
5 km18,663
10 km24,943
25 km25,117
50 km25,353

Financial/Annual Information


  • Reporting Organization

    Transport Canada
  • Internal Identifier

  • Highest Step Completed

    09 Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting
  • Total Assessment Expenditure

  • Total Remediation Expenditure

  • Total Care Maintenance Expenditure

  • Total Monitoring Expenditure

  • FCSAP Assessment Expenditure

  • FCSAP Remediation Expenditure

  • FCSAP Care Maintenance Expenditure

  • FCSAP Monitoring Expenditure

  • Actual Cubic Meters Remediated

    0 m3
  • Actual Hectares Remediated

    0 ha
  • Actual Tons Remediated

    0 t
  • Closed