Site 00027999 - Smith fall sub spill due to fire on adjacent land

  • Status

    Historical review planned.
  • Site Status

  • Classification

Site Details

  • Reporting Organization

  • Reason for Involvement

    Contractual obligation
  • Property Type

    Non-Federal (Non-Agent Crown Corporation)

Site Location

  • Latitude, Longitude

    45.326113, -75.71623
  • Municipality

    Ottawa, ON
  • Federal Electoral District


Site Management Strategy

  • Remediation

Contaminant Details

Contamination Estimate

  • Cubic Meters


The following contaminated media may exist on the site:

Contaminant Type Medium Type
PHCs (petroleum hydrocarbons) Surface soil


This table contains the population estimates at distances around the site.

Radius Population
1 km1,827
5 km102,056
10 km471,825
25 km1,194,985
50 km1,448,882