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Disclosure of position reclassifications

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Why are government departments and agencies disclosing information on position reclassification?

The disclosure of information on position reclassification is a new initiative to promote greater transparency and accountability across the Government of Canada. On February 25, 2004, the government announced the mandatory publication of information concerning the reclassification of positions in the Public Service of Canada.

What is the organizational component of a department or agency?

An organizational component of a department or agency is the highest level organization that reports to a Deputy Head of a Department or an Agency, normally at an Assistant Deputy Minister level or a Regional Director level.

What is a position number?

A government employee is appointed to a position, for which a description of the work is assigned to that position. The position is assigned an identifying number for record keeping and tracking purposes.

What is meant by position classification?

The position classification is the occupational group and level of the position. Government positions are allocated to an occupational group based on the work requirements described in work descriptions. Examples of occupational groups are Financial Management (FI), Radio Operations (RO) and Law (LA). Each position has a level to indicate its rank or complexity within the occupational group or sub-group. The level of a position is established by the evaluation of its work description using the classification standard for its occupational group and when applicable, a sub-group. The level of a position determines its relative value within the organizational hierarchy and its salary level.

What is a reclassified position?

The reclassification of a position occurs when the evaluation of its work description results in a change to either or both its occupational group and level due to a significant change in the duties or complexity of the work assigned to it. A reclassification may be to a higher or a lower level.

What is a generic work description?

A generic work description is a work description that records the work assigned to a number of similar or identical positions at the same occupational group and level. A generic work description can describe similar or identical work in different organizational components.

Why are positions reclassified?

Positions may be reclassified for the following reasons: the work duties or the nature of the work assigned to the position has evolved significantly over a period of time; the result of a classification audit, monitoring exercise, a dispute resolution or a classification grievance decision; the promotion of employees in incumbent-oriented occupational groups or subgroup, or as part of an apprenticeship or professional training program.

What information is to be reported?

For each occupied position that is reclassified, departments and agencies are required to identify the organizational component, the position number, the position title, the previous position classification, the revised position classification, the job number, in the case of a generic work description, and the reason for the classification decision.

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