The image below illustrates PCO’s Program Activity Architecture for 2009-10. The highest level is the Strategic Outcome, which is “1. The Government’s agenda and decision making are supported and the institutions of government are supported and maintained”. The Strategic Outcome is supported by PCO’s 5 Program Activities (Level II).

Program Activity 1.1 The Prime Minister and Portfolio MinistersProvide professional, non-partisan policy advice and support to the Prime Minister and portfolio ministers, supported by 5 Sub Activities (Level III) as follows:

Program Activity 1.2 The Cabinet- Provide policy advice and Secretariat Support to Cabinet and Cabinet Committees, supported by two sub-activities:

Program Activity 1.3 The Public Service – Provide overall leadership and direction to the Public Service in support of the Government’s agenda, supported by two sub-activities:

Program Activity 1.4 Commissions of Inquiry – Provide Commissions of Inquiry with financial and administrative support

Program Activity 1.5 Internal Services – Provide services and resources to support the needs of PCO and fulfill corporate obligations of the organization, supported by one sub-activity: