CFB Ottawa South

A map of the area immediately surrounding DFRP Property Number 69674


  • Property Number:

  • Custodian:

    National Defence
  • Official Contact:

  • Interest

    Crown Owned
  • Restriction:

    No Restriction
  • Primary Use:

  • Address:

  • Place Name:

  • Municipality:

  • Province/Territory:

  • Federal Electoral District:

    Ottawa South
  • Coordinates

    45.333034, -75.670980, Accurate within ± 100m
  • Census Classification

  • Land Area:

    153.4425 ha
  • Building Count:

  • Floor Area:

    162,054 sq. m.
  • Record Created On

    October 3rd, 2008
  • Record Last Modified On

    February 18th, 2022


Structure Number Custodian Structure Name Structure Address Floor Area (sq. m.) Building Occupancy Level
117651National DefenceOfficeOttawa606Fully Occupied
123965National DefenceRecreation FacilityOttawa94Fully Occupied
123966National DefenceChapelOttawa153Fully Occupied
123974National DefenceIndustrial Plant LightOttawa12,361Fully Occupied
126379National DefenceRecreation FacilityOttawa4,910Fully Occupied
126871National DefenceRecreation FacilityOttawa334Fully Occupied
126934National DefenceOfficeOttawa107Fully Occupied
127466National DefenceRecreation FacilityOttawa24Fully Occupied
131165National DefenceMaintenance Workshop LowBayOttawa82Fully Occupied
131166National DefenceMaintenance Workshop LowBayOttawa8,632Fully Occupied
131167National DefenceOfficeOttawa1,769Fully Occupied
131471National DefenceMaintenance Workshop LowBayOttawa5,936Fully Occupied
134158National DefenceStorage LowBayOttawa266Fully Occupied
134159National DefenceStorage LowBayOttawa22,893Fully Occupied
134160National DefenceJunior SchoolOttawa5,255Fully Occupied
134161National DefenceJunior SchoolOttawa4,221Fully Occupied
134162National DefenceOfficeOttawa1,526Fully Occupied
135252National DefenceOfficeOttawa7,159Fully Occupied
135253National DefenceYouth CentreOttawa159Fully Occupied

Contaminated Sites

Federal Site IdentifierStatusSite NameHighest Step Completed
58321003ActiveFormer Central Heating Plant (Building 309), Uplands09 - Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting
58321001ActiveHunt Club Road Pinestand Property, Ottawa Airport09 - Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting
58321005ClosedCFSU(O) Uplands PMQ Trailer Storage Compound09 - Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting
58321010ClosedFormer USTs at the PMQs at Uplands09 - Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting
58321006ClosedUplands - decommissioned oil filled high voltage cables09 - Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting
58321007ClosedUplands Bldg 329 (Bell Building) Former UST10 - Long-Term Monitoring (Optional)

Payment In Lieu of Taxes

Taxation AuthorityPayment
Ottawa, City$2,664,765.34

Source: PWGSC, REAL ESTATE DIVISION, Municipal Grants Information System

Taxation Year: 2020