Rouge National Urban Park

A map of the area immediately surrounding DFRP Property Number 23159


  • Property Number:

  • Custodian:

    Parks Canada Agency
  • Official Contact:

    General Enquiries
    Telephone: (888) 773-8888
  • Interest

    Crown Owned
  • Restriction:

    No Restriction
  • Primary Use:

    Parks and Recreation
  • Address:

    no data
  • Place Name:

    Rouge National Urban Park
  • Municipality:

  • Province/Territory:

  • Federal Electoral District:

  • Coordinates

    43.929180, -79.212998, Accurate within ± 0m
  • Census Classification

  • Land Area:

    4,551.4400 ha
  • Building Count:

  • Floor Area:

    59,654 sq. m.
  • Record Created On

    August 19th, 2015
  • Record Last Modified On

    November 3rd, 2023


Parcel # Municipality Census Classification Federal Electoral District Land Area (ha) Number of Buildings Floor Area (sq. m.)


Structure Number Custodian Structure Name Structure Address Floor Area (sq. m.) Building Occupancy Level
003639Parks Canada AgencyGarage10972 Reesor56Fully Occupied
003745Parks Canada AgencyShed10972 Reesor64Fully Occupied
005477Parks Canada AgencyOffice11350 York Durham line92Fully Occupied
005480Parks Canada AgencyWash Area11350 York Durham line89Fully Occupied
005481Parks Canada AgencyLean-to9182 York-Durham Line235Fully Occupied
005529Parks Canada AgencyShed1090 Concession 218Fully Occupied
005530Parks Canada AgencyGarage1140 Concession 281Fully Occupied
005533Parks Canada AgencyBarnSideline 24186Fully Occupied
005534Parks Canada AgencyHouse5415 Sideline 30279Fully Occupied
005535Parks Canada AgencyHouse1659 Concession 2110Fully Occupied
005536Parks Canada AgencyShed190 Uxbridge/Pickering33Fully Occupied
005537Parks Canada AgencyShed1100 Concession 228Fully Occupied
005538Parks Canada AgencyChicken Coop1509 Concession 220Fully Occupied
005539Parks Canada AgencyGarage1295 Uxbridge/ Pickering56Fully Occupied
005540Parks Canada AgencyPortable1085 Uxbridge/ Pickering74Fully Occupied
005541Parks Canada AgencyChicken Coop1085 Uxbridge/ Pickering25Fully Occupied
005542Parks Canada AgencyShed5125 Sideline 3024Fully Occupied
005543Parks Canada AgencyChicken Coop5125 Sideline 3020Fully Occupied
005544Parks Canada AgencyBarn1661 Concession 2193Fully Occupied
005545Parks Canada AgencyShed1559 Concession 220Fully Occupied
005548Parks Canada AgencyStorage7982 16th Avenue149Fully Occupied
005549Parks Canada AgencyAgriculture7982 16th Avenue446Fully Occupied
005550Parks Canada AgencyAgriculture7982 16th Avenue372Fully Occupied
005551Parks Canada AgencyHouse7982 16th Avenue232Fully Occupied
005557Parks Canada AgencyHouse (no 1)7733 16th Avenue167Fully Occupied
005560Parks Canada AgencyStorage7733 16th Avenue91Fully Occupied
005562Parks Canada AgencyHouse7797 16th Avenue167Fully Occupied
005565Parks Canada AgencyStorage7797 16th Avenue37Fully Occupied
005566Parks Canada AgencyAgriculture7797 16th Avenue232Fully Occupied
005567Parks Canada AgencyAgriculture7797 16th Avenue167Fully Occupied
005568Parks Canada AgencyAgriculture7797 16th Avenue167Fully Occupied
005571Parks Canada AgencyHouse9048 York Durham Line149Fully Occupied
005574Parks Canada AgencyStorage9048 York Durham Line56Fully Occupied
005575Parks Canada AgencyHouse165 Locust Hill Lan186Fully Occupied
005577Parks Canada AgencyBarn165 Locust Hill Lan177Fully Occupied
005578Parks Canada AgencyHouse7889 HWY 7167Fully Occupied
005579Parks Canada AgencyBarn7889 HWY 7279Fully Occupied
005584Parks Canada AgencyHouse7891 HWY 7130Fully Occupied
005593Parks Canada AgencyShed7889 HWY 793Fully Occupied
005626Parks Canada AgencyShed7889 HWY 7111Fully Occupied
005628Parks Canada AgencyHouse117 Locust Hill Lane186Fully Occupied
005630Parks Canada AgencyKennel119 Locust Hill Lane505Fully Occupied
005631Parks Canada AgencyOffice119 Locust Hill Lane100Fully Occupied
005633Parks Canada AgencyCarport117 Locust Hill Lane19Fully Occupied
005635Parks Canada AgencyShed117 Locust Hill Lane111Fully Occupied
005639Parks Canada AgencyHouse7862 11th Concessio130Fully Occupied
005645Parks Canada AgencyHouse8110 11th Line167Fully Occupied
005651Parks Canada AgencyBarn8110 11th Line1,155Fully Occupied
005652Parks Canada Agencyhouse8328 14th Ave232Fully Occupied
005676Parks Canada AgencyStorage8328 14th Ave19Fully Occupied
005677Parks Canada AgencyStorage8328 14th Ave19Fully Occupied
005678Parks Canada AgencyAgriculture8328 14th Ave111Fully Occupied
005681Parks Canada AgencyAgriculture8328 14th Ave372Fully Occupied
005682Parks Canada AgencySilo8328 14th Ave37Fully Occupied
005691Parks Canada AgencySilo8328 14th Ave37Fully Occupied
005695Parks Canada AgencyHouse8200 York Durham Line149Fully Occupied
005696Parks Canada AgencyBarn8200 York Durham Line111Fully Occupied
005738Parks Canada AgencyHouse8328 Steeles Ave186Fully Occupied
005739Parks Canada AgencyShed8328 Steeles Ave33Fully Occupied
005764Parks Canada AgencyAgriculture8328 Steeles Ave163Fully Occupied
005766Parks Canada Agencyhouse7392 York Durham Line186Fully Occupied
005770Parks Canada AgencyBarn7392 York Durham Line474Fully Occupied
005771Parks Canada AgencyDrive Shed7392 York Durham Line158Fully Occupied
005772Parks Canada AgencyGreenhouse7392 York Durham Line186Fully Occupied
005777Parks Canada AgencyQuonset Hut7392 York Durham Line269Fully Occupied
005779Parks Canada AgencyHouse8183 14th Ave204Fully Occupied
005780Parks Canada AgencyStorage8183 14th Ave23Fully Occupied
005781Parks Canada AgencyHouse7293 Reesor Road396Fully Occupied
005782Parks Canada AgencyAgriculture7293 Reesor Road390Fully Occupied
005783Parks Canada AgencyStorage7293 Reesor Road135Fully Occupied
005785Parks Canada AgencyAgriculture7293 Reesor Road390Fully Occupied
005790Parks Canada AgencyShed7560 11th Concession45Fully Occupied
005791Parks Canada AgencyHouse7560 11th Concession260Fully Occupied
005798Parks Canada AgencyShed7560 11th Concession37Fully Occupied
005802Parks Canada AgencyHouse7295 Reesor Road167Fully Occupied
005803Parks Canada AgencyStorage7295 Reesor Road37Fully Occupied
005806Parks Canada AgencyHouse20 Locust Hill Lane232Fully Occupied
005807Parks Canada AgencyStorage20 Locust Hill Lane92Fully Occupied
005811Parks Canada AgencyStorage8660 York Durham Line418Fully Occupied
005812Parks Canada AgencyAgriculture8052 Highway 7325Fully Occupied
006229Parks Canada AgencyHouse7357 Reesor Road130Fully Occupied
006269Parks Canada AgencyShed7355 Reesor Road48Fully Occupied
006494Parks Canada AgencyHouse7355 Reesor Road130Fully Occupied
006632Parks Canada AgencyStorage7355 Reesor Road37Fully Occupied
006771Parks Canada Agencyhouse7861 Highway 7111Fully Occupied
006996Parks Canada AgencyGarage117 Locust Hill Lane43Fully Occupied
006997Parks Canada AgencyDrive Shed8110 11th Line107Fully Occupied
007123Parks Canada AgencyShed8110 11th Line58Fully Occupied
007126Parks Canada AgencyGazebo8110 11th Line30Fully Occupied
007128Parks Canada AgencyWorkshop7357 Reesor229Fully Occupied
007166Parks Canada AgencyBarn7733 16th Avenue56Fully Occupied
007167Parks Canada AgencyChicken Coop7733 16th Avenue24Fully Occupied
007168Parks Canada AgencyCow Feeder7733 16th Avenue16Fully Occupied
007178Parks Canada AgencyStables7733 16th Avenue58Fully Occupied
007186Parks Canada AgencyShed7392 York Durham Line138Fully Occupied
007188Parks Canada AgencyShed7560 11th Concession35Fully Occupied
017719Parks Canada AgencyHouse8331 14th Ave139Fully Occupied
020168Parks Canada AgencyReesor North Welcome Area10725 Reesor road, Markham96Fully Occupied
020177Parks Canada Agency8402 Steeles Avenue - Workshop8402 Steeles Avenue, Markham80Fully Occupied
020178Parks Canada Agency8402 Steeles Avenue - Shed8402 Steeles Avenue, Markham80Fully Occupied
076225Parks Canada Agency6492 Elgin Mills - Grain Bin (South)6492 Elgin Mills Road East26Fully Occupied
076226Parks Canada Agency6492 Elgin Mills - Grain Bin (North)6492 Elgin Mills Road East26Fully Occupied
112239Parks Canada Agency6492 Elgin Mills - Ex-Hoover House6492 Elgin Mills Road East420Fully Occupied
112240Parks Canada Agency6492 Elgin Mills - Barn (Main)6492 Elgin Mills, Markham418Fully Occupied
112241Parks Canada Agency6492 Elgin Mills - Barn (West)6492 Elgin Mills, Markham141Fully Occupied
112242Parks Canada Agency6492 Elgin Mills - Drive Shed (South)6492 Elgin Mills Road East, Markham170Fully Occupied
112243Parks Canada Agency6492 Elgin Mills - Drive Shed (North)6492 Elgin Mills Road East, Markham168Fully Occupied
112248Parks Canada AgencyEx-Paczkowski house10966 9th Line209Fully Occupied
112253Parks Canada AgencyGarage6445 19th Avenue, Markham160Fully Occupied
112254Parks Canada AgencyEx-Warnock House6445 19th Avenue150Fully Occupied
112256Parks Canada AgencyHouse11344 9th Line168Fully Occupied
112257Parks Canada AgencyShed11344 9th Line50Fully Occupied
112260Parks Canada AgencyEx Tribbling House6447 19th Avenue143Fully Occupied
112261Parks Canada AgencyGarage6447 19th Avenue58Fully Occupied
112262Parks Canada AgencyBarn6447 19th Avenue209Fully Occupied
112263Parks Canada AgencyFormer Mustard-Bulmer House9656 Reesor Road138Fully Occupied
112264Parks Canada AgencyBarn9656 Reesor Road532Fully Occupied
112267Parks Canada AgencyBarn/Drive Shed9656 Reesor Road201Fully Occupied
112268Parks Canada AgencyShed9656 Reesor Road56Fully Occupied
112269Parks Canada Agency7255 Major MacKenzie - Ex-Ruscica House7255 Major Mackenzie Drive139Fully Occupied
112270Parks Canada Agency7255 Major MacKenzie - Barn7255 Major Mackenzie Drive689Fully Occupied
112271Parks Canada Agency7255 Major MacKenzie - Shed7255 Major Mackenzie Drive168Fully Occupied
112278Parks Canada AgencyEx-Pool-Grove house9768 Reesor Road273Fully Occupied
112285Parks Canada Agency7056 Major Mackenzie - Ex-Milwain House7056 Major Mackenzie Drive111Fully Occupied
112286Parks Canada Agency7056 Major Mackenzie - Stables7056 Major Mackenzie Drive82Fully Occupied
112287Parks Canada Agency7134 Major Mackenzie - Ex-Miller-Law House7134 Major Mackenzie Drive163Fully Occupied
112289Parks Canada AgencyEx-Gill House10094 Reesor Road89Fully Occupied
112290Parks Canada AgencyStables10094 Reesor Rd162Fully Occupied
112298Parks Canada AgencyGarage10389 9th Line, Markham147Fully Occupied
112299Parks Canada AgencyEx-Johnson House10389 9th Line, Markham287Fully Occupied
112300Parks Canada AgencyBarn10389 9th Line, Markham733Fully Occupied
112301Parks Canada AgencyShed10389 9th Line, Markham37Fully Occupied
112302Parks Canada AgencyHouse (Ex-9th Line School House)10465 9th Line, Markham336Fully Occupied
112305Parks Canada AgencyShed10531 9th Line24Fully Occupied
112306Parks Canada AgencyFormer Burkholder-Middleton House10531 9th Line233Fully Occupied
112307Parks Canada AgencyBarn10531 9th Line518Fully Occupied
112308Parks Canada AgencyGarage10531 9th Line56Fully Occupied
112311Parks Canada Agency7129 Elgin Mills - Former Lehman-Grove House7129 Elgin Mills Road East194Fully Occupied
112319Parks Canada AgencyEx-Paczkowski House10522 Reesor Road106Fully Occupied
112321Parks Canada AgencyEx-Marks House10578 Reesor Road117Fully Occupied
112322Parks Canada AgencyStable10578 Reesor Road28Fully Occupied
112323Parks Canada AgencyWood Shed (North of Barn)6821 Elgin Mills Road East (10691 Ninth Line)15Fully Occupied
112327Parks Canada Agency6821 Elgin Mills - Wood Shed (South of Barn)6821 Elgin Mills Road East (10691 Ninth Line)42Fully Occupied
112329Parks Canada Agency6821 Elgin Mills - Big Grain Bin 16821 Elgin Mills Road East (10691 Ninth Line)39Fully Occupied
112330Parks Canada Agency6821 Elgin Mills - Pig Barn6821 Elgin Mills Road East (10691 Ninth Line)144Fully Occupied
112331Parks Canada Agency6821 Elgin Mills - Main Barn6821 Elgin Mills Road East (10691 Ninth Line)455Fully Occupied
112332Parks Canada AgencyHoover-Steiner House10691 Ninth Line208Fully Occupied
112333Parks Canada Agency7097 Elgin Mills - Ex-Steiner House7097 Elgin Mills Rd East243Fully Occupied
112334Parks Canada AgencyShed7097 Elgin Mills Rd East15Fully Occupied
112335Parks Canada AgencyFormer Betz-Couperthwai House10676 Reesor Road116Fully Occupied
112345Parks Canada AgencyDrive Shed10825 9th Line64Fully Occupied
112346Parks Canada AgencyFarm Market10825 9th Line563Fully Occupied
112347Parks Canada AgencyMain Barn10825 9th Line450Fully Occupied
112349Parks Canada AgencyFormer Barkey-Harcourt House10825 9th Line185Fully Occupied
112350Parks Canada AgencyPig Barn10825 9th Line174Fully Occupied
112351Parks Canada AgencyOffice10825 9th Line40Fully Occupied
112352Parks Canada AgencyGarage10825 9th Line44Fully Occupied
112354Parks Canada AgencyFormer Fincham House (Mongolia School)10888 Reesor Road166Fully Occupied
112355Parks Canada AgencyEx-Brown House10972 Reesor Road105Fully Occupied
112377Parks Canada AgencyDrive Shed9769 Reesor Road184Fully Occupied
112378Parks Canada AgencyBarn9769 Reesor Road686Fully Occupied
112379Parks Canada AgencyShed (bricks)9769 Reesor Road76Fully Occupied
112380Parks Canada AgencyShed (wood)9769 Reesor Road70Fully Occupied
112381Parks Canada AgencyEx-Wagg House9769 Reesor Road216Fully Occupied
112387Parks Canada Agency7917 Major Mackenzie - Ex-Cotton House7917 Major Mackenzie Drive149Fully Occupied
112388Parks Canada AgencyGarage7917 Major Mackenzie Drive89Fully Occupied
112389Parks Canada AgencyEx-Greftefreff House9992 York Durham Townline92Fully Occupied
112390Parks Canada AgencyShed9992 York Durham Townline37Fully Occupied
112392Parks Canada AgencyShed B10453 Reesor Road46Fully Occupied
112393Parks Canada AgencyEx-Taylor House10453 Reesor Road70Fully Occupied
112395Parks Canada AgencyGarage10453 Reesor Road30Fully Occupied
112396Parks Canada AgencyShed A10453 Reesor Road35Fully Occupied
112404Parks Canada Agency7528 Elgin Mills - Barn7528 Elgin Mills Road East171Fully Occupied
112405Parks Canada Agency7528 Elgin Mills - Garage7528 Elgin Mills Road East152Fully Occupied
112406Parks Canada Agency7528 Elgin Mills - Ex-Green House7528 Elgin Mills Road East156Fully Occupied
112411Parks Canada Agency7558 Elgin Mills - Garage7558 Elgin Mills Road East46Fully Occupied
112412Parks Canada Agency7558 Elgin Mills - Ex-Green House7558 Elgin Mills Road East107Fully Occupied
112415Parks Canada Agency7636 Elgin Mills - Garage7636 Elgin Mills Road East78Fully Occupied
112417Parks Canada Agency7636 Elgin Mills - Ex-Sheridan House7636 Elgin Mills Road East157Fully Occupied
112418Parks Canada Agency7672 Elgin Mills - House7672 Elgin Mills Road East111Fully Occupied
112645Parks Canada AgencyNighswander-Harper House165 Concession 8, Rural Road 5111Fully Occupied
112646Parks Canada AgencyShed165 Concession 8, Rural Road 524Fully Occupied
112654Parks Canada AgencyHouse4630 Sideline 34, Rural Road 5169Fully Occupied
112660Parks Canada AgencyHouse ex-Smith4645 Markham Pickering Townline309Fully Occupied
112672Parks Canada AgencyFormer Shaddock House4715 Durham 30, Rural Road 6329Fully Occupied
112675Parks Canada Agencyformer Pearce House4725 Markham Pickering Townline, Rural Road 6287Fully Occupied
112677Parks Canada AgencyShed4735 Markham Pickering Townline, Rural Road 618Fully Occupied
112679Parks Canada Agencyformer Morris House4735 Markham Pickering Townline, Rural Road 6150Fully Occupied
113002Parks Canada AgencyEx-Wilson House10884 9th Line219Fully Occupied
113003Parks Canada AgencyBarnNorth of 10884 on 9th Line134Fully Occupied
113004Parks Canada AgencyShedNorth of 10884 9th Line18Fully Occupied
113006Parks Canada AgencyBarnNot Entered146Fully Occupied
113013Parks Canada AgencyEx-Kemp House10233 Ninth Line214Fully Occupied
113022Parks Canada AgencyDrive Shed / Workshop11129 9th Line140Fully Occupied
113023Parks Canada AgencyDrive Shed11129 9th Line225Fully Occupied
113024Parks Canada AgencyOld Pig Barn / Quartz Studio11129 9th Line72Fully Occupied
113027Parks Canada AgencyHouse11129 9th Line202Fully Occupied
113030Parks Canada AgencyEx-Bigioni House11122 Reesor Road126Fully Occupied
113032Parks Canada AgencyDrive Shed (North)11274 Reesor Road71Fully Occupied
113033Parks Canada AgencyMain Barn11274 Reesor Road406Fully Occupied
113034Parks Canada AgencyBarn (cows)11274 Reesor Road121Fully Occupied
113035Parks Canada AgencyEx-Vanzant-McKean House11274 Reesor Road198Fully Occupied
113039Parks Canada AgencyHouse11222 Reesor Road165Fully Occupied
113046Parks Canada AgencyFormer Hamilton-Brown House7489 19th Avenue120Fully Occupied
113047Parks Canada AgencyGarage7489 19th Avenue54Fully Occupied
113049Parks Canada AgencyEx-Knott House9619 Reesor Road147Fully Occupied
113054Parks Canada AgencyEx-Withman House9683 Reesor Road251Fully Occupied
113055Parks Canada AgencyShedNot Entered25Fully Occupied
113056Parks Canada Agency7630 Major Mackenzie - Ex-Markborough House7630 Major MacKenzie Drive East216Fully Occupied
113059Parks Canada Agency7593 Major MacKenzie - Wooden Shed7593 Major MacKenzie Drive East60Fully Occupied
113060Parks Canada AgencyCottage7593 Major MacKenzie Drive East108Fully Occupied
113061Parks Canada Agency7593 Major MacKenzie - Drive Shed7593 Major MacKenzie Drive East361Fully Occupied
113062Parks Canada AgencyEx-Markborough House7593 Major MacKenzie Drive East135Fully Occupied
113063Parks Canada Agency7593 Major MacKenzie - Implement Shed7593 Major MacKenzie Drive East124Fully Occupied
113064Parks Canada Agency7593 Major MacKenzie - Barn7593 Major MacKenzie Drive East421Fully Occupied
113067Parks Canada AgencyDrive Shed10377 Reesor Road116Fully Occupied
113068Parks Canada AgencyGarage10377 Reesor Road49Fully Occupied
113069Parks Canada AgencyFormer Maria Gardens, Hoover-Rennie House10377 Reesor Road199Fully Occupied
113070Parks Canada AgencyGrain Bin10377 Reesor Road28Fully Occupied
113071Parks Canada AgencyBarn10377 Reesor Road468Fully Occupied
113073Parks Canada AgencyFormer Burke-Dart House10531 Reesor Road163Fully Occupied
113074Parks Canada AgencyFormer Gibson-Curtis House10725 Reesor Road136Fully Occupied
113075Parks Canada Agency7840 Elgin Mills - Garage7840 Elgin Mills Road119Fully Occupied
113076Parks Canada Agency7840 Elgin Mills - Barn7840 Elgin Mills Road238Fully Occupied
113077Parks Canada Agency7840 Elgin Mills - Former Barkey-Winn House7840 Elgin Mills Road170Fully Occupied
113082Parks Canada AgencyHouse11201 Reesor Road, 11274 Reesor Road187Fully Occupied
113084Parks Canada AgencyEx-Smalley House11190 York Durham Townline168Fully Occupied
113085Parks Canada AgencyEx-Bunker House11223 Reesor Road118Fully Occupied
113090Parks Canada AgencyEx-Daues House11290 York Durham Townline111Fully Occupied
113092Parks Canada AgencyShed11350 York Durham Line20Fully Occupied
113093Parks Canada AgencyFormer Wideman-Van Luven House11410 York Durham Townline137Fully Occupied
113094Parks Canada AgencyShed11410 York Durham Townline317Fully Occupied
113099Parks Canada AgencyHouse ex-Markvalley190 Uxbridge Pickering Townline174Fully Occupied
113100Parks Canada AgencyShed190 Uxbridge Pickering Townline24Fully Occupied
113101Parks Canada AgencyCommercial Business190 Uxbridge Pickering Townline204Fully Occupied
113102Parks Canada AgencyCommercial Business190 Uxbridge Pickering Townline21Fully Occupied
113103Parks Canada AgencyHouse ex-Hunter192 Uxbridge Pickering Townline, Rural Road 3202Fully Occupied
113105Parks Canada AgencyHouse with attached Garage196 Uxbridge Pickering Townline233Fully Occupied
113108Parks Canada AgencyHouse ex-Markvalley1060 Concession 2, P.O. Box 691132Fully Occupied
113112Parks Canada AgencyHouse ex-Muirhead1090 Concession 2, P.O. Box 1356148Fully Occupied
113113Parks Canada AgencyHouse ex-Century City1100 Concession 2, Rural Road 3172Fully Occupied
113114Parks Canada AgencyShed1100 Concession 2, Rural Road 352Fully Occupied
113115Parks Canada AgencyHouse ex-Bragg1120 Concession 2139Fully Occupied
113116Parks Canada AgencyHouse ex-Bennet Farm1140 Concession 2, Rural Route 3118Fully Occupied
113117Parks Canada AgencyShed1140 Concession 2, Stouffville18Fully Occupied
113119Parks Canada AgencyHouse ex-Markvalley1300 Concession 2, Route Rural 3137Fully Occupied
113121Parks Canada AgencyBarn1600 Concession 2, Rural Road 3208Fully Occupied
113123Parks Canada AgencyHouse ex-Harper230 Uxbridge Pickering Townline, P.O. BOX 593238Fully Occupied
113124Parks Canada AgencyGarage250 Uxbridge Pickering Townline, Rural Road 4230Fully Occupied
113125Parks Canada AgencyHouse250 Uxbridge Pickering Townline, Rural Road 4124Fully Occupied
113126Parks Canada AgencyBarn250 Uxbridge Pickering Townline, Rural Road 4189Fully Occupied
113128Parks Canada AgencyShed250 Uxbridge Pickering Townline, Rural Road 422Fully Occupied
113130Parks Canada AgencyBarn250 Uxbridge Pickering T-Line, Uxbridge650Fully Occupied
113132Parks Canada AgencyShed1065 Concession 2, Rural Road 340Fully Occupied
113133Parks Canada AgencyHouse ex- Jones-Elson1065 Concession 2, Rural Road 3127Fully Occupied
113134Parks Canada AgencyShed1065 Concession 2, Rural Road 349Fully Occupied
113135Parks Canada AgencyBarn1095 Concession 2, P.O. BOX 682389Fully Occupied
113136Parks Canada AgencyFormer Morden-Watters House1095 Concession 2, P.O. Box 682152Fully Occupied
113139Parks Canada AgencyShed1159 Concession 2, Rural Road 385Fully Occupied
113140Parks Canada AgencyEx-Wideman House1159 Concession 2, Rural Road 3185Fully Occupied
113141Parks Canada AgencyShed1159 Concession 2, Rural Road 335Fully Occupied
113142Parks Canada AgencyEx-Markvalley House1469 Concession 2, Rural Road 3109Fully Occupied
113143Parks Canada AgencyBarn1469 Concession 2, Rural Road 3454Fully Occupied
113144Parks Canada AgencyShedNot Entered111Fully Occupied
113145Parks Canada AgencyHouse1509 Concession 2, Rural Road 3118Fully Occupied
113146Parks Canada AgencyGarage1509 Concession 2, Route Rural 323Fully Occupied
113147Parks Canada AgencyHouse1159 Concession 2, Rural Road 3135Fully Occupied
113148Parks Canada AgencyHouse1649 Concession 2, Rural Road 3154Fully Occupied
113149Parks Canada AgencyGarage1649 Concession 2, Rural Road 391Fully Occupied
113155Parks Canada AgencyHouse ex-Markvalley1869 Concession 2, P.O. Box 1245163Fully Occupied
113156Parks Canada AgencyGarage1869 Concession 2, P.O. Box 124555Fully Occupied
113229Parks Canada AgencyHouse305 Concession 8105Fully Occupied
113230Parks Canada AgencyBarn4445 Sideline 34369Fully Occupied
113231Parks Canada AgencyFormer Nighswander-McGeee House4445 Sideline 34189Fully Occupied
113234Parks Canada AgencyCarriage House4440 Sideline 3051Fully Occupied
113235Parks Canada AgencyHouse4440 Sideline 34170Fully Occupied
113236Parks Canada AgencyShed4440 Sideline 34131Fully Occupied
113261Parks Canada Agency4955 Sideline 28 - Ex-Francis House4955 Sideine 28, Claremont134Fully Occupied
113271Parks Canada AgencyBentley-Carruthers House4675 Sideline 32, Concession 8298Fully Occupied
113272Parks Canada AgencyHouse355 Concession 9128Fully Occupied
113273Parks Canada AgencyShed345 Concession 9, Rural Road 661Fully Occupied
113274Parks Canada AgencyBarn345 Concession 9, Rural Road 6279Fully Occupied
113275Parks Canada AgencyHouse ex-Fisher135 Concession 9, Rural Road 6218Fully Occupied
113280Parks Canada AgencyHouse1345 Uxbridge Pickering Townline, Rural Road 6200Fully Occupied
113284Parks Canada AgencyHouse1295 Uxbridge Pickering Townline149Fully Occupied
113289Parks Canada AgencyBarn1175 Uxbridge Pickering Townline, Rural Road 6175Fully Occupied
113290Parks Canada AgencyShed1175 Uxbridge Pickering Townline, Route Rural 6112Fully Occupied
113291Parks Canada AgencyEx-Jakeman House1175 Uxbridge Pickering Townline, Rural Road 697Fully Occupied
113292Parks Canada AgencyBarn5260 Sideline 24, Rural Road 6387Fully Occupied
113293Parks Canada AgencyBarn5260 Sideline 24, Rural Road 6154Fully Occupied
113294Parks Canada AgencyHouse5260 Sideline 24, Route Rural 6101Fully Occupied
113295Parks Canada AgencyQuonset Hut5260 Sideline 24, Rural Road 6224Fully Occupied
113296Parks Canada AgencyShed5260 Sideline 24, Rural Road 6124Fully Occupied
113298Parks Canada AgencyHouse1085 Uxbridge Pickering Townline, Rural Road 6204Fully Occupied
113299Parks Canada AgencyHouse5095 Sideline 26292Fully Occupied
113300Parks Canada AgencyShed5095 Sideline 2641Fully Occupied
113301Parks Canada AgencyShed5095 Sideline 2617Fully Occupied
113302Parks Canada AgencyShed5095 Sideline 2615Fully Occupied
113303Parks Canada AgencyShed5095 Sideline 2648Fully Occupied
113305Parks Canada AgencyHouse5265 Sideline 26, Rural Road 6212Fully Occupied
113307Parks Canada AgencyShed5365 Sideline 26, Rural Road 617Fully Occupied
113308Parks Canada AgencyHouse5365 Sideline 26170Fully Occupied
113309Parks Canada AgencyEx-Kerr House5395 Sideline 26, Route Rural 6111Fully Occupied
113310Parks Canada AgencyGarage5395 Sideline 26, Rural Road 634Fully Occupied
113311Parks Canada AgencyHouse5397 Sideline 26, Rural Road 6105Fully Occupied
113312Parks Canada AgencyEx-Lewis House5240 Sideline 26, Route Rural 6168Fully Occupied
113313Parks Canada AgencyBarn5240 Sideline 26, Rural Road 6438Fully Occupied
113319Parks Canada AgencyShed5305 Sideline 28, Rural Road 6116Fully Occupied
113320Parks Canada AgencyFormer Barkey-O'connor House5305 Sideline 28, Rural Road 6312Fully Occupied
113321Parks Canada AgencyShed5305 Sideline 28, Route Rural 698Fully Occupied
113324Parks Canada AgencyShed5430 Sideline 28, Goodwood86Fully Occupied
113330Parks Canada AgencyHouse685 Uxbridge Pickering Townline, Rural Road 686Fully Occupied
113333Parks Canada AgencyShed645 Uxbridge Pickering Townline, Rural Road 633Fully Occupied
113334Parks Canada AgencyHouse645 Uxbridge Pickering Townline, Rural Road 6106Fully Occupied
113335Parks Canada AgencyShed625 Uxbridge Pickering Townline, Rural Road 690Fully Occupied
113336Parks Canada AgencyHouse625 Uxbridge Pickering Townline, Rural Road 698Fully Occupied
113337Parks Canada AgencyCommercial (Meat Packers)600 Concession 9, Rural Road 6395Fully Occupied
113338Parks Canada AgencyBarn600 Concession 9, Rural Road 6272Fully Occupied
113339Parks Canada AgencyShed5125 Sideline 3084Fully Occupied
113340Parks Canada AgencyHouse5125 Sideline 30243Fully Occupied
113357Parks Canada AgencyHouse with attached Garage5090 Sideline 30, Rural Road 3191Fully Occupied
113358Parks Canada AgencyHouse with attached garage5120 Sideline 30, Rural Road 3262Fully Occupied
113359Parks Canada AgencyHouse with attached Garage5230 Sideline 30, Rural Road 3255Fully Occupied
113360Parks Canada AgencyShed5250 Sideline 30, Rural Road 374Fully Occupied
113361Parks Canada AgencyHouse5250 Sideline 30, Rural Road 3109Fully Occupied
113362Parks Canada AgencyShed5250 Sideline 30, Rural Road 346Fully Occupied
113364Parks Canada AgencyMonk-Reesor House385 Uxbridge Pickering Townline196Fully Occupied
113365Parks Canada AgencyShed5070 Sideline 32, Rural Road 6119Fully Occupied
113366Parks Canada AgencyYake-Frestz House5070 Sideline 32, Rural Road 6204Fully Occupied
113367Parks Canada AgencyBarn5070 Sideline 32, Rural Road 6534Fully Occupied
113368Parks Canada AgencyShed5070 Sideline 32, Rural Road 666Fully Occupied
113369Parks Canada AgencyShed5070 Sideline 26, Rural Road 660Fully Occupied
113370Parks Canada AgencyHouse with attached Garage5005 Sideline 34, Rural Road 6321Fully Occupied
113371Parks Canada AgencyShed5145 Sideline 34, Rural Road 625Fully Occupied
113373Parks Canada AgencyShed5145 Sideline 34, Rrural Road 6113Fully Occupied
113375Parks Canada AgencyShed5095 DURHAM 30, Route Rural 682Fully Occupied
113376Parks Canada AgencyHouse5095 Durham 30, Rural Road 699Fully Occupied
113377Parks Canada AgencyWideman Barn5095 Durham 30, Rural Road 6455Fully Occupied
113378Parks Canada AgencyHouse5095 Durham 30, Rural Road 643Fully Occupied
113379Parks Canada AgencyShed5095 Durham 30, Rural Road 626Fully Occupied
113380Parks Canada AgencyShed5095 Durham 30, Rural Road 6100Fully Occupied
113381Parks Canada AgencyShed5095 Durham 30, Rural Route 663Fully Occupied
143979Parks Canada AgencyHouse10860 9th Line141Fully Occupied
143981Parks Canada AgencyMetal Silo6445 19th Avenue, Markham33Fully Occupied
143982Parks Canada AgencyDrive Shed9768 Reesor Road151Fully Occupied
143983Parks Canada Agency7258 Major MacKenzie - Barn7258 Major MacKenzie drive East319Fully Occupied
143984Parks Canada Agency7258 Major MacKenzie - House7258 Major MacKenzie drive East158Fully Occupied
143985Parks Canada AgencyGarage10233 Ninth Line64Fully Occupied
143986Parks Canada AgencyDrive Shed10233 9th Line96Fully Occupied
143987Parks Canada AgencyHouse10295 9th Line100Fully Occupied
143988Parks Canada AgencySilo10389 9th Line, Markham15Fully Occupied
143989Parks Canada AgencyGrain Bin B10531 9th Line95Fully Occupied
143990Parks Canada AgencyGrain Bin D (cooling)10531 9th Line24Fully Occupied
143991Parks Canada AgencyGrain Bin A10531 9th Line95Fully Occupied
143992Parks Canada AgencyGrain Bin C (drying)10531 9th Line24Fully Occupied
143993Parks Canada AgencyQuonset10531 9th Line288Fully Occupied
143994Parks Canada Agency7129 Elgin Mills - Grain Bin7129 Elgin Mills Road East30Fully Occupied
143995Parks Canada Agency7129 Elgin Mills - Drive Shed7129 Elgin Mills Road East207Fully Occupied
143996Parks Canada Agency6821 Elgin Mills - Offices and Workshop6821 Elgin Mills Road East (10691 Ninth Line)236Fully Occupied
143997Parks Canada Agency6821 Elgin Mills - Drive Shed6821 Elgin Mills Road East (10691 Ninth Line)187Fully Occupied
143998Parks Canada Agency6821 Elgin Mills - Small Grain Bin 16821 Elgin Mills Road East (10691 Ninth Line)28Fully Occupied
143999Parks Canada Agency6821 Elgin Mills - Small Grain Bin 26821 Elgin Mills Road East (10691 Ninth Line)28Fully Occupied
144000Parks Canada Agency6821 Elgin Mills - Small Grain Bin 36821 Elgin Mills Road East (10691 Ninth Line)28Fully Occupied
144001Parks Canada Agency6821 Elgin Mills - Small Grain Bin 46821 Elgin Mills Road East (10691 Ninth Line)28Fully Occupied
144002Parks Canada Agency6821 Elgin Mills - Small Grain Bin 56821 Elgin Mills Road East (10691 Ninth Line)28Fully Occupied
144003Parks Canada Agency6821 Elgin Mills - Big Grain Bin 26821 Elgin Mills Road East (10691 Ninth Line)39Fully Occupied
144004Parks Canada Agency6821 Elgin Mills - Medium Grain Bin 16821 Elgin Mills Road East (10691 Ninth Line)34Fully Occupied
144005Parks Canada Agency6821 Elgin Mills - Medium Grain Bin 26821 Elgin Mills Road East (10691 Ninth Line)34Fully Occupied
144006Parks Canada Agency6821 Elgin Mills - Medium Grain Bin 36821 Elgin Mills Road East (10691 Ninth Line)34Fully Occupied
144007Parks Canada AgencyDrive Shed (South)11274 Reesor Road114Fully Occupied
144008Parks Canada AgencyGarage11274 Reesor Road56Fully Occupied
144009Parks Canada AgencySilo (small)11274 Reesor Road18Fully Occupied
144010Parks Canada AgencySilo (medium)11274 Reesor Road18Fully Occupied
144011Parks Canada AgencySilo (large)11274 Reesor Road18Fully Occupied
144012Parks Canada AgencyGarage11222 Reesor Road25Fully Occupied
144013Parks Canada Agency7593 Major MacKenzie - Greenhouse (South of House)7593 Major MacKenzie Drive East40Fully Occupied
144014Parks Canada Agency7593 Major MacKenzie - Greenhouse (East of House)7593 Major MacKenzie Drive East161Fully Occupied
144015Parks Canada Agency7593 Major MacKenzie - Garden Shed7593 Major MacKenzie Drive East25Fully Occupied
144016Parks Canada Agency7558 Elgin Mills - Shed7558 Elgin Mills Road East33Fully Occupied
144017Parks Canada AgencyDrive Shed11223 Reesor Road170Fully Occupied
144098Parks Canada AgencyoTENTik 110725 Reesor Road, Markham40Fully Occupied
144099Parks Canada AgencyoTENTik 210725 Reesor Road, Markham40Fully Occupied
144140Parks Canada Agency5045 Sideline 24 - Barn5045 Sideline 24, Goodwood450Fully Occupied
152859Parks Canada Agency7840 Elgin Mills - Greenhouse7840 Elgin Mills Road98Fully Occupied
152860Parks Canada Agency7840 Elgin Mills - Lean To7840 Elgin Mills Road44Fully Occupied
152861Parks Canada Agency9182 York Durham Line - Office9182 York Durham Line, Markham150Fully Occupied
152865Parks Canada Agency9182 York Durham Line - Storage Shed9182 York Durham Line, Markham235Fully Occupied
153915Parks Canada AgencyWashroom Building6994 19th Avenue, Markham26Fully Occupied
153944Parks Canada AgencyWilliam Reesor House North (Reesor-Konzelman House)10251 Reesor road, Markham75Fully Occupied
154036Parks Canada AgencyThe John Eby Reesor House8402 Steeles Avenue, Markham234Fully Occupied
154581Parks Canada AgencyWilliam Reesor House South10243 Reesor road, Markham170Fully Occupied

Contaminated Sites

Federal Site IdentifierStatusSite NameHighest Step Completed
00026080ActivePIN 614127 B - Porch and Barn03 - Initial Testing Program
00026079ActivePIN 614048 AREA C- House06 - Classify the site using the CCME National Classification System
09820011ActivePIN 61413206 - Classify the site using the CCME National Classification System
09820044ActivePIN 61401907 - Develop Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
09820051ActivePIN 61402007 - Develop Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
09820057ActivePIN 61404207 - Develop Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
09820032ActivePIN 614070.107 - Develop Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
09820004ActivePIN 61407607 - Develop Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
09820006ActivePIN 614104.207 - Develop Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
09820035ActivePIN 61414207 - Develop Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
09820042ActivePIN 61415007 - Develop Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
09820034ActivePIN 61418907 - Develop Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
09820047ActivePIN 61448207 - Develop Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
09820046ActivePIN 61449507 - Develop Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
09820045ActivePIN 61450507 - Develop Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
09820040ActivePIN 61454707 - Develop Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
09820026ActivePIN 61458107 - Develop Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
09820038ActivePIN 61460907 - Develop Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
09820039ActivePIN 61463507 - Develop Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
09820009ActivePIN 61412008 - Implement Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
09820002ActivePIN 614053.209 - Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting
09820003ActivePIN 61407509 - Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting
09820007ActivePIN 61410609 - Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting
00024673ActivePIN 614461.109 - Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting
09820059ActivePIN 614576 (Honda)09 - Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting
09820058ClosedPickering Lands Site Office03 - Initial Testing Program
09820018ClosedPIN 614334.106 - Classify the site using the CCME National Classification System
09820001ClosedPIN 61404807 - Develop Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
09820036ClosedPIN 614048-A07 - Develop Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
09820037ClosedPIN 614048-B07 - Develop Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
09820029ClosedDrinking water wells08 - Implement Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
09820028ClosedDrinking water wells - aesthetic concerns08 - Implement Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
09820005ClosedPIN 61407809 - Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting
09820008ClosedPIN 614107 - Wooded Lot09 - Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting
09820010ClosedPIN 61412609 - Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting
09820031ClosedPIN 61412709 - Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting
09820030ClosedPIN 61417509 - Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting
09820014ClosedPIN 614259.209 - Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting
09820019ClosedPIN 614338.209 - Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting
09820023ClosedPIN 614462 (Baker's)09 - Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting
09820024ClosedPIN 61452009 - Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting

Payment In Lieu of Taxes

Taxation AuthorityPayment
Markham, Town$157,239.80
Toronto, City$304,604.26

Source: PWGSC, REAL ESTATE DIVISION, Municipal Grants Information System

Taxation Year: 2022