Military Facility Site

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  • Property Number:

  • Custodian:

    National Defence
  • Official Contact:

  • Interest

    Lease or Licence
  • Restriction:

    No Restriction
  • Primary Use:

  • Address:

    Cold Lake
  • Place Name:

    Cold Lake
  • Municipality:

    Improvement District No. 349
  • Province/Territory:

  • Federal Electoral District:

    Fort McMurray--Cold Lake
  • Coordinates

    55.058575, -110.648525, Accurate within ± 1,500m
  • Census Classification

  • Land Area:

    538,776.8454 ha
  • Building Count:

  • Floor Area:

    4,232 sq. m.
  • Record Created On

    May 29th, 1990
  • Record Last Modified On

    January 26th, 2022


Parcel # Municipality Census Classification Federal Electoral District Land Area (ha) Number of Buildings Floor Area (sq. m.)
00Improvement District No. 349IsolatedFort McMurray--Cold Lake538,776.8454194,232
01Improvement District No. 349IsolatedFort McMurray--Cold Lake537,228.3870194,232
02Lac la Biche CountyIsolatedFort McMurray--Cold Lake1,548.458400


Structure Number Custodian Structure Name Structure Address Floor Area (sq. m.) Building Occupancy Level
122806National DefencePhotographicCold Lake169Fully Occupied
123499National DefenceControl TowerCold Lake86Fully Occupied
124481National DefenceMaintenance Workshop LowBayCold Lake346Fully Occupied
124963National DefenceStorage SpecialCold Lake18Fully Occupied
124964National DefenceIndustrial Plant LightCold Lake49Fully Occupied
125064National DefenceMaintenance Workshop LowBayCold Lake54Fully Occupied
126114National DefenceMaintenance Workshop LowBayCold Lake141Fully Occupied
126391National DefenceMaintenance Workshop LowBayCold Lake46Fully Occupied
126968National DefenceStorage HighBayCold Lake178Fully Occupied
127152National DefenceStorage LowBayCold Lake223Fully Occupied
127156National DefenceStorage LowBayCold Lake55Fully Occupied
128016National DefenceShedCold Lake34Fully Occupied
129165National DefenceGuard HouseCold Lake53Fully Occupied
129166National DefenceStorage LowBayCold Lake150Fully Occupied
134361National DefenceStorage SpecialCold Lake8Fully Occupied

Contaminated Sites

Federal Site IdentifierStatusSite NameHighest Step Completed
00025092SuspectedPLER Metal Dump01 - Identify Suspect Sites
00024890SuspectedPLER Spill 201501 - Identify Suspect Sites
15729008ActiveLandfill Site 2804 - Classify Contaminated Site Using the CCME National Classification System
15729009ActiveLandfill Site 2904 - Classify Contaminated Site Using the CCME National Classification System
14876004ActiveLandfill Site 3104 - Classify Contaminated Site Using the CCME National Classification System
15730005ActiveF-18 A/C Site07 - Develop Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
15730001ActivePLER POL09 - Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting
00024817ActivePLER Site Release09 - Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting
15729010ClosedLandfill Site 3002 - Historical Review
00000956ClosedBravo Range04 - Classify Contaminated Site Using the CCME National Classification System
00000955ClosedAlpha Range05 - Detailed Testing Program
00024891ClosedConair Crash 201509 - Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting

Payment In Lieu of Taxes

Taxation AuthorityPayment
Improvement District No. 349$55,091.48

Source: PWGSC, REAL ESTATE DIVISION, Municipal Grants Information System

Taxation Year: 2020

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