Pickering Airport Site

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  • Property Number:

  • Custodian:

    Transport Canada
  • Official Contact:

    General Enquiries
    Telephone: (866) 995-9737
    Email: Questions@tc.gc.ca
    Web site: www.tc.gc.ca/eng/contact-us.htm
  • Interest

    Crown Owned
  • Restriction:

    No Restriction
  • Primary Use:

    Transportation Air
  • Address:

    no data
  • Place Name:

  • Municipality:

  • Province/Territory:

  • Federal Electoral District:

  • Coordinates

    43.936264, -79.139329, Accurate within ± 20m
  • Census Classification

  • Land Area:

    3,565.9000 ha
  • Building Count:

  • Floor Area:

    24,385 sq. m.
  • Exterior Parking:

    13 spaces
  • Interior Parking:

    10 spaces
  • Record Created On

    August 8th, 1990
  • Record Last Modified On

    November 16th, 2022


Parcel # Municipality Census Classification Federal Electoral District Land Area (ha) Number of Buildings Floor Area (sq. m.)


Structure Number Custodian Structure Name Structure Address Floor Area (sq. m.) Building Occupancy Level
107887Fisheries and Oceans CanadaEquipment TrailerPart of Lot 20, Concession 6, Town of Pickering15Fully Occupied
108173Fisheries and Oceans CanadaRoad and CompoundRR1 E/S; Part Lots 29 and 30, Con. 719Fully Occupied
112420Transport CanadaEx-Vanderlight House3730 Brock Road, Rural Road 5131Fully Occupied
112439Transport CanadaEx-Barklay House1705 Concession Road 7, Rural Road 5121Fully Occupied
112440Transport CanadaHouse ex-Roberts1665 Concession Road 7, Rural Road 5133Fully Occupied
112443Transport CanadaEx-Ramsay House1612 Highway 7122Fully Occupied
112449Transport CanadaShed1400 Highway 718Fully Occupied
112450Transport CanadaHouse ex-Beckett1400 Highway 7136Fully Occupied
112451Transport CanadaFormer Mount Pleasant School House1503 Concession 7, Route Rural 5135Fully Occupied
112452Transport CanadaGarage1503 Concession 7, Route Rural 579Fully Occupied
112459Transport CanadaBarn1185 Concession 7, Rural Road 5350Fully Occupied
112460Transport CanadaEx-Toronto Catholic Cemetary Association House1185 Concession 7, Rural Road 584Fully Occupied
112462Transport CanadaShed1185 Concession 7, Rural Road 577Fully Occupied
112463Transport CanadaEx-Gerngross House3625 Sideline 26267Fully Occupied
112465Transport CanadaShed9760 Heron Road23Fully Occupied
112466Transport CanadaGarage3705 Sideline 26, Rural Road 563Fully Occupied
112467Transport CanadaHouse3705 Sideline 26, Rural Road 5193Fully Occupied
112468Transport CanadaShed3705 Sideline 26, Rural Road 546Fully Occupied
112477Transport CanadaEx-Tapscott House3750 Sideline 26 Rural Road 5148Fully Occupied
112478Transport CanadaBarn3750 Sideline 26 Rural Road 5248Fully Occupied
112479Transport CanadaEx-Tapscott House3815 Sideline 28, Rural Road 5179Fully Occupied
112480Transport CanadaShed3815 Sideline 28, Rural Road 532Fully Occupied
112481Transport CanadaShed3815 Sideline 28, Rural Road 5217Fully Occupied
112482Transport CanadaShed3815 Sideline 28, Rural Road 544Fully Occupied
112483Transport CanadaBarn3815 Sideline 28, Rural Road 5549Fully Occupied
112484Transport CanadaShed3815 Sideline 28, Rural Road 517Fully Occupied
112486Transport CanadaShed3815 Sideline 28, Rural Road 534Fully Occupied
112488Transport CanadaShed3775 North Road, Rural Road 519Fully Occupied
112491Transport CanadaHouse ex-Bauer3825 Sideline 30, Rural Road 5151Fully Occupied
112492Transport CanadaHen House3825 Sideline 30, Rural Road 547Fully Occupied
112493Transport CanadaHen House3825 Sideline 30, Rural Road 537Fully Occupied
112508Transport CanadaHouse ex-Wright3850 Sideline 32, Rural Route 1121Fully Occupied
112514Transport CanadaEx-Page House3900 Sideline 32, Rural Route 1125Fully Occupied
112515Transport CanadaGarage3900 Sideline 32, Rural Road 179Fully Occupied
112519Transport CanadaHouse ex-Moser3835 York Durham Townline, Rural Route 1194Fully Occupied
112521Transport CanadaShed3835 York Durham Townline, Rural Road 133Fully Occupied
112526Transport CanadaHouse ex-Bowles3855 York Durham Townline, P.O. Box 65164Fully Occupied
112536Transport CanadaOffice ex-Co.Ontario4425 Brock Rd28Fully Occupied
112537Transport CanadaShed4425 Brock rd55Fully Occupied
112541Transport CanadaGarage Truck Service - ex-Co.Ontario4425 Brock rd258Fully Occupied
112543Transport CanadaShed4425 Brock rd42Fully Occupied
112548Transport CanadaShed4280 Brock Road, Rural Road 533Fully Occupied
112549Transport CanadaMechin-Stephens House4280 Brock Road, Rural Road 5306Fully Occupied
112550Transport CanadaShed4130 Sideline 20, Rural Road 526Fully Occupied
112552Transport CanadaShed4130 Sideline 20, Rural Road 521Fully Occupied
112555Transport CanadaFormer Robinson House4130 Sideline 20, Rural Road 5271Fully Occupied
112567Transport CanadaHouse ex-Woolgar630 Concession 7292Fully Occupied
112571Transport CanadaEx-Presutti House4070 Sideline 28, Rural Road 5231Fully Occupied
112582Transport CanadaShed4140 Sideline 28, Rural Road 559Fully Occupied
112583Transport CanadaHouse4140 Sideline 28, Rural Road 5161Fully Occupied
112589Transport CanadaBarn4250 Sideline 28127Fully Occupied
112590Transport CanadaShed4250 Sideline 2840Fully Occupied
112591Transport CanadaEx-MacKenzie House4250 Sideline 28124Fully Occupied
112623Transport CanadaCommunity Hall (Atha School House)555 Concession 8, Rural Road 5205Fully Occupied
112624Transport CanadaGarage390 Concession 7, Rural Road 580Fully Occupied
112625Transport CanadaBarn390 Concession 7, Rural Road 581Fully Occupied
112626Transport CanadaHouse ex-Gerencer390 Concession 7, Rural Road 5195Fully Occupied
112627Transport CanadaBarn390 Concession 7, Rural Road 5610Fully Occupied
112628Transport CanadaShed390 Concession 7, Rural Road 555Fully Occupied
112653Transport CanadaHouse860 Concession 8, Rural Road 5292Fully Occupied
112681Transport CanadaFormer Commercial Hotel1709 Highway 7164Fully Occupied
112682Transport CanadaGarage1709 Highway 762Fully Occupied
112685Transport CanadaHouse ex-Robertson3575 Mowbray (Formerly 3575 Brock Road)77Fully Occupied
112694Transport CanadaHouse3535 Mowbray (Formerly 3535 Brock Road)119Fully Occupied
112696Transport CanadaShed3535 Mowbray (Formerly 3535 Brock Road)22Fully Occupied
112703Transport CanadaGTAA Site Office / Bentley House3590 Brock Road132Fully Occupied
112712Transport CanadaHouse ex-Van Hezewyk3550 Mowbray Street (Formerly 3550 Brock Street)129Fully Occupied
112715Transport CanadaGarage3530 Mowbray Road (Formerly 3530 Brock Street)43Fully Occupied
112717Transport CanadaShed3520 Mowbray Street, P.O. BOX 442 (Formerly 3520 Brock Street)120Fully Occupied
112721Transport CanadaHouse ex-Hayhurst3563 Donnalea avenue178Fully Occupied
112722Transport CanadaHouse ex-Mairs3569 Donnalea avenue228Fully Occupied
112723Transport CanadaHouse3595 Donnalea avenue98Fully Occupied
112735Transport CanadaGallery 602 / Former Brougham School House1613 Highway 7247Fully Occupied
112738Transport CanadaHouse ex-Pickering3584 Donnalea avenue80Fully Occupied
112740Transport CanadaHouse ex-Ellicott3580 Donnalea avenue75Fully Occupied
112743Transport CanadaHouse1632 Orchard Heights177Fully Occupied
112744Transport CanadaHouse1628 Orchard Heights195Fully Occupied
112746Transport CanadaHouse1624 Orchard Heights127Fully Occupied
112752Transport CanadaHouse1633 Orchard Heights172Fully Occupied
112760Transport CanadaHouse3637 Brougham Road114Fully Occupied
112761Transport CanadaShed3637 Brougham Road32Fully Occupied
112763Transport CanadaHouse1720 Highway 7102Fully Occupied
112772Transport CanadaGarage3704 Brougham Road38Fully Occupied
112773Transport CanadaHouse3704 Brougham Road150Fully Occupied
112779Transport CanadaGarage3684 Brougham Road25Fully Occupied
112780Transport CanadaHouse -former Johnston Farm3680 Brougham Road195Fully Occupied
112782Transport CanadaHouse -former Johnston Farm3676 Brougham Road113Fully Occupied
112787Transport CanadaMcGregor House3652 Brougham Road107Fully Occupied
112788Transport CanadaGarage3652 Brougham Road101Fully Occupied
112792Transport CanadaGarage3644 Brougham Road37Fully Occupied
112793Transport CanadaHouse3644 Brougham Road89Fully Occupied
112798Transport CanadaHouse3628 Old Brougham Road144Fully Occupied
112799Transport CanadaStore3610 Brougham Road, P.O. BOX A079Fully Occupied
112800Transport CanadaStore / Former Temperance Hall1686 Highway 7277Fully Occupied
112804Transport CanadaHouse1640 Highway 7104Fully Occupied
112806Transport CanadaFormer Miller Residence1622 Highway 792Fully Occupied
113157Transport CanadaBarn3795 Brock Road437Fully Occupied
113159Transport CanadaHouse ex-Lax - Ajax Model Airplane Club3920 Brock Road, and 3930 Brock Road51Fully Occupied
113161Transport CanadaBarn1360 Highway 7563Fully Occupied
113162Transport CanadaShed1360 Highway 730Fully Occupied
113163Transport CanadaBlandin-Pearse House1360 Highway 7146Fully Occupied
113166Transport CanadaUnderhill-Wilson House3870 Sideline 22184Fully Occupied
113167Transport CanadaShed3870 Sideline 22121Fully Occupied
113168Transport CanadaShed3870 Sideline 22147Fully Occupied
113172Transport CanadaGarage865 Concession 726Fully Occupied
113173Transport CanadaEx-Goyo House865 Concession 7219Fully Occupied
113174Transport CanadaShed865 Concession 775Fully Occupied
113175Transport CanadaShed865 Concession 723Fully Occupied
113176Transport CanadaBarn865 Concession 7, Claremont412Fully Occupied
113177Transport CanadaHouse3920 Sideline 28134Fully Occupied
113180Transport CanadaEx-Crifo/Deluca House680 Highway 7167Fully Occupied
113181Transport CanadaBarn680 Highway 7116Fully Occupied
113182Transport CanadaEx-Kaptyn House3885 Sideline 3277Fully Occupied
113183Transport CanadaEx-Kaptyn House3875 Sideline 32274Fully Occupied
113185Transport CanadaShed3840 Sideline 3239Fully Occupied
113186Transport CanadaEx-Kaptyn House3840 Sideline 32122Fully Occupied
113188Transport CanadaGarage4235 Brock Road28Fully Occupied
113189Transport CanadaShed4235 Brock Road29Fully Occupied
113190Transport CanadaEx-Big Land Development Ltd. House4235 Brock Road160Fully Occupied
113193Transport CanadaEx-Brophy House4235 Brock Road273Fully Occupied
113194Transport CanadaShed1905 Concession 845Fully Occupied
113195Transport CanadaEx-Sydchris House1905 Concession 8129Fully Occupied
113196Transport CanadaHouse ex-Bennett4185 Sideline 20241Fully Occupied
113197Transport CanadaHouse ex-Storrey4385 Sideline 20181Fully Occupied
113198Transport CanadaBarn4385 Sideline 20234Fully Occupied
113199Transport CanadaHenry W.Madill House1540 Concession 7182Fully Occupied
113201Transport CanadaEx-Dallas/Wilson & Wilson House1370 Concession 7100Fully Occupied
113202Transport CanadaBarn1370 Concession 7225Fully Occupied
113203Transport CanadaBarn1370 Concession 794Fully Occupied
113211Transport CanadaEx-Gray House850 Concession 7121Fully Occupied
113216Transport CanadaBarn685 Concession 8151Fully Occupied
113217Transport CanadaShed685 Concession 824Fully Occupied
113218Transport CanadaShed685 Concession 8108Fully Occupied
113219Transport CanadaHouse ex-Draper685 Concession 8170Fully Occupied
113224Transport CanadaEx-Hawthorne House440 Concession 7136Fully Occupied
113225Transport CanadaShed440 Concession 780Fully Occupied
113226Transport CanadaGarage440 Concession 764Fully Occupied
113240Transport CanadaQuonset Hut4585 Sideline 20717Fully Occupied
113241Transport CanadaGarage4585 Sideline 20172Fully Occupied
113242Transport CanadaEx-Dorosz Kulyk House4585 Sideline 20125Fully Occupied
113243Transport CanadaShed4585 Sideline 2017Fully Occupied
113244Transport CanadaShed4585 Sideline 2019Fully Occupied
113245Transport CanadaShed4585 Sideline 2056Fully Occupied
113246Transport CanadaEx-Boniface House with attached Garage4955 Sideline 20, Rural Road 5134Fully Occupied
113247Transport CanadaEx-Mash Investment Ltd. House4560 Sideline 22322Fully Occupied
113248Transport CanadaEx-Rudd House4535 Sideline 24202Fully Occupied
113249Transport CanadaShed4535 Sideline 2449Fully Occupied
113251Transport CanadaShed1095 Concession 987Fully Occupied
113252Transport CanadaBarn1095 Concession 9599Fully Occupied
113253Transport CanadaEx-Pitt/Wallmark House1095 Concession 9166Fully Occupied
113254Transport CanadaShed1095 Concession 961Fully Occupied
113255Transport CanadaShed1095 Concession 960Fully Occupied
113256Transport CanadaEx-Blue Orchid Holdings Ltd. House975 Concession 9, Rural Road 6269Fully Occupied
113257Transport CanadaShed975 Concession 9, Rural Road 6114Fully Occupied
113281Transport CanadaPickering Site Office5070 Sideline 22 (appears to be on PIN 790)446Fully Occupied
113282Transport CanadaEx-Claremont Nursing Home5090 Sideline 22 - 4 appartments261Fully Occupied
113287Transport CanadaEx-Hoover House5045 Sideline 24, Rural Road 6192Fully Occupied
113288Transport CanadaBarn5045 Sideline 24, Rural Road 6217Fully Occupied
113383Transport CanadaHouse / Store1689 Highway 781Fully Occupied
113384Transport CanadaSt. John's Church3595 Mowbray (Formerly 3595 Brock Road)247Fully Occupied
113385Transport CanadaCommunity Hall / Former Pickering Town Hall3545 Mowbray (Formerly 3545 Brock Road)226Fully Occupied
113386Transport CanadaHouse3633 Brougham Road127Fully Occupied
113388Transport CanadaGarage3633 Brougham Road287Fully Occupied
113389Transport CanadaStore (Harvest Antiques)3610 Brougham Road355Fully Occupied
113391Transport CanadaShed1688 Highway 779Fully Occupied
113392Transport CanadaGarage1688 Highway 722Fully Occupied
113393Transport CanadaStore (Mac's Milk)1688 Highway 7252Fully Occupied

Heritage Buildings

Structure Number Structure Name Heritage Designation(s) Link to listing on the Directory of Federal Heritage Designations
112451Former Mount Pleasant School HouseRecognized Federal Heritage BuildingFormer Mount Pleasant School House
112623Community Hall (Atha School House)Recognized Federal Heritage BuildingFormer Atha School House
112681Former Commercial HotelRecognized Federal Heritage BuildingFormer Commercial Hotel
112703GTAA Site Office / Bentley HouseRecognized Federal Heritage BuildingBentley House
112806Former Miller ResidenceRecognized Federal Heritage BuildingFormer Miller Residence
113385Community Hall / Former Pickering Town HallRecognized Federal Heritage BuildingFormer Pickering Town Hall

The relationship between the Directory of Federal Real Property (DFRP) and the Directory of Federal Heritage Designations (DFHD) is not one-to-one as some heritage designations are not captured by building but rather by property.

Approximately 85% of the recognized and classified federal heritage buildings listed in the DFHD are matched in the DFRP. Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada and Parks Canada are continuing to work with federal custodians to reconcile the remaining records.

Contaminated Sites

Federal Site IdentifierStatusSite NameHighest Step Completed
09820056ActivePIN 61453303 - Initial Testing Program
09820025ActivePIN 61454803 - Initial Testing Program
09820027ActivePIN 61426404 - Pre-Classify contaminated site using the CCME National Classification System (optional)
00015106ActiveBrougham MCTS (Metal (zinc) impacted soil within fenced compound)06 - Classify the site using the CCME National Classification System
00025567ActivePickering Lands Site PIN 614233.106 - Classify the site using the CCME National Classification System
00025568ActivePickering Lands Site PIN 614233.206 - Classify the site using the CCME National Classification System
09820016ActivePIN 61430606 - Classify the site using the CCME National Classification System
09820053ActivePIN 614649/65006 - Classify the site using the CCME National Classification System
00026109ActivePIN 614698 - AEC 1 and AEC 206 - Classify the site using the CCME National Classification System
09820052ActivePIN 61469906 - Classify the site using the CCME National Classification System
00026093ActivePickering Lands Site PIN 61422907 - Develop Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
09820012ActivePIN 61421507 - Develop Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
09820021ActivePIN 61438607 - Develop Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
09820049ActivePIN 614425.107 - Develop Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
09820041ActivePIN 614538 - AEC #1 & AEC #207 - Develop Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
09820050ActivePIN 61472607 - Develop Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
00025563ActivePickering Lands Site PIN 61422508 - Implement Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
00025569ActivePickering Lands Site PIN 61425808 - Implement Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
00026081ActivePIN 614334.1-B08 - Implement Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
09820048ActivePIN 614439.208 - Implement Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
09820033ActivePIN 61445808 - Implement Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
09820013ActivePIN 61422409 - Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting
09820020ActivePIN 61435309 - Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting
09820055ActivePIN 61438009 - Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting
00024672ClosedPIN 61431603 - Initial Testing Program
09820060ClosedPIN 61433503 - Initial Testing Program
00026132ClosedPIN 614538 - Former AEC #2 (See Consolidated AEC #1 & AEC #2 under FSI 09820041 - E067)04 - Pre-Classify contaminated site using the CCME National Classification System (optional)
09820054ClosedPIN 61469807 - Develop Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
00024671ClosedPIN 61468209 - Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting
09820015ClosedPIN 614272.209 - Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting
09820017ClosedPIN 61431209 - Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting
09820022ClosedPIN 614414.109 - Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting
09820043ClosedPIN 61464509 - Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting

Payment In Lieu of Taxes

Taxation AuthorityPayment
Markham, Town$414,749.80
Pickering, City$2,199,858.36
Uxbridge, Township$196,172.49

Source: PWGSC, REAL ESTATE DIVISION, Municipal Grants Information System

Taxation Year: 2022

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