Trent-Severn Waterway National Historic Site

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  • Property Number:

  • Custodian:

    Parks Canada Agency
  • Official Contact:

    General Enquiries
    Telephone: (888) 773-8888
  • Interest

    Crown Owned
  • Restriction:

    No Restriction
  • Primary Use:

    Parks and Recreation
  • Address:

    no data
  • Place Name:

    no data
  • Municipality:

    Kawartha Lakes
  • Province/Territory:

  • Federal Electoral District:

    Haliburton--Kawartha Lakes--Brock
  • Coordinates

    44.501121, -78.511915, Accurate within ± 100m
  • Census Classification

  • Land Area:

    51,716.0392 ha
  • Building Count:

  • Floor Area:

    15,969 sq. m.
  • Record Created On

    February 21st, 1990
  • Record Last Modified On

    November 21st, 2022


Parcel # Municipality Census Classification Federal Electoral District Land Area (ha) Number of Buildings Floor Area (sq. m.)
00Kawartha LakesRuralHaliburton--Kawartha Lakes--Brock51,716.039213515,969
01Kawartha LakesRuralHaliburton--Kawartha Lakes--Brock16,737.0578201,677
02Trent LakesRuralPeterborough--Kawartha5,560.31512156
04Otonabee-South MonaghanRuralNorthumberland--Peterborough South3,737.532300
06HamiltonRuralNorthumberland--Peterborough South2,869.035200
07Trent HillsRuralNorthumberland--Peterborough South2,258.2617261,834
08AlnwickRuralNorthumberland--Peterborough South2,200.482500
10SevernRuralSimcoe North1,817.521181,277
11North KawarthaRuralPeterborough--Kawartha1,250.878341,116
12Georgian BayRuralParry Sound--Muskoka1,171.1701179
13Quinte WestRuralBay of Quinte986.6099171,591
14GravenhurstRuralParry Sound--Muskoka869.562800
15Asphodel-NorwoodRuralNorthumberland--Peterborough South405.890800
16BrightonRuralNorthumberland--Peterborough South310.822900
17Curve Lake First Nation 35RuralPeterborough--Kawartha281.134300
19Muskoka LakesRuralParry Sound--Muskoka196.39323434
20RamaraRuralSimcoe North84.69662153
21BrockRuralHaliburton--Kawartha Lakes--Brock63.39617598
22Cavan MonaghanRuralHaliburton--Kawartha Lakes--Brock43.972700
23Algonquin HighlandsRuralHaliburton--Kawartha Lakes--Brock33.631700
24Georgian BayRuralSimcoe North14.07265247
25Hiawatha First NationRuralNorthumberland--Peterborough South13.156100
27Alderville First NationRuralNorthumberland--Peterborough South0.021200
28Chippewas of Rama First NationRuralSimcoe North0.001000


Structure Number Custodian Structure Name Structure Address Floor Area (sq. m.) Building Occupancy Level
009731Parks Canada AgencyPeterborough HQ Administration2155 Ashburnham Drive1,080Fully Occupied
020175Parks Canada AgencyOLD Emergency Services Building - Bobcaygeon34 Bolton Street, Bobcaygeon, ON80Fully Occupied
139111Parks Canada AgencyGBI Gazebo at Welcome Ctr, L45291 Port Severn Road N, Port Severn, Ont27Fully Occupied
139149Parks Canada AgencyLock 42 Lockmasters House2597 Bonsor Road105Fully Occupied
139150Parks Canada AgencyLock 43 Lockmasters House EastCarlyon Line266Fully Occupied
139151Parks Canada AgencyLock 21 Upper Watch House354 Hunter Street East37Fully Occupied
139152Parks Canada AgencyLock 44 New Watch House1900 Whites Falls Road275Fully Occupied
139153Parks Canada AgencyVisitor Centre - Peterborough Lift Lock # 21353 Hunter Street East477Fully Occupied
139154Parks Canada AgencyLock 1 Watch House155 Highway #33185Fully Occupied
139155Parks Canada AgencyLock 3 Watch House559 Glen Miller Road40Fully Occupied
139156Parks Canada AgencyLock 4 Watch House997 Glen Miller Road110Fully Occupied
139157Parks Canada AgencyLock 5 Watch House42 Hanna137Fully Occupied
139158Parks Canada AgencyLock 6 Watch House207 Riverside Parkway135Fully Occupied
139159Parks Canada AgencyLock 7 Watch House15 McGuire Lane97Fully Occupied
139160Parks Canada AgencyLock 8 Watch House26 Lock Point175Fully Occupied
139161Parks Canada AgencyLock 9 Watch House706 Hague's Reach Road131Fully Occupied
139162Parks Canada AgencyLock 10 Watch House200 Hagues' Reach Road116Fully Occupied
139163Parks Canada AgencyLock 11.12 Watch House15 Trent Drive113Fully Occupied
139164Parks Canada AgencyLock 13 Watch House6199 County Road 50118Fully Occupied
139165Parks Canada AgencyLock 14 Watch House900 County Road 3890Fully Occupied
139166Parks Canada AgencyLock 15 Watch House2211 - 11th Line West110Fully Occupied
139167Parks Canada AgencyLock 16.17 Watch House222 Canal Road92Fully Occupied
139168Parks Canada AgencyLock 18 Watch House4 Bridge Street North101Fully Occupied
139169Parks Canada AgencyLock 19 Watch House804 Morphet Avenue86Fully Occupied
139170Parks Canada AgencyLock 20 Watch House175 Maria Street18Fully Occupied
139172Parks Canada AgencyLock 23 Watch House3855 Nassau Mills Road45Fully Occupied
139173Parks Canada AgencyLock 24 Watch House4052 River Road91Fully Occupied
139174Parks Canada AgencyLock 25 Watch House4200 River Road48Fully Occupied
139175Parks Canada AgencyLock 26 Watch House14 Hill Street190Fully Occupied
139176Parks Canada AgencyLock 27 Watch House2081 Nathaway103Fully Occupied
139177Parks Canada AgencyLock 28 Watch House4834 Highway 28101Fully Occupied
139178Parks Canada AgencyLock 30 Watch House24 16th Concession, Lot 4082Fully Occupied
139179Parks Canada AgencyLock 31 Watch House1961 Lakehurst Road141Fully Occupied
139180Parks Canada AgencyLock 32 Watch House15 Bolton Street150Fully Occupied
139181Parks Canada AgencyLock 33 Watch House3 King Street102Fully Occupied
139182Parks Canada AgencyLock 34 Watch House3 Colborne Street110Fully Occupied
139183Parks Canada AgencyLock 35 Watch House161 Trent Canal Road58Fully Occupied
139184Parks Canada AgencyLock 37 Watch House92 Talbot Drive100Fully Occupied
139185Parks Canada AgencyLock 38 Watch House1419 Canal Road135Fully Occupied
139186Parks Canada AgencyLock 39 Watch House33245 Region Rd. #50135Fully Occupied
139187Parks Canada AgencyLock 40 Watch House33245 Region Rd., #50163Fully Occupied
139189Parks Canada AgencyLock 42 Watch House2597 Bonsor Road173Fully Occupied
139190Parks Canada AgencyLock 43 Watch House19SR409 Unit 1153Fully Occupied
139191Parks Canada AgencyLock 45 Watch House175 Port Severn Rd N79Fully Occupied
139194Parks Canada AgencyBridge 27 Watch House350 Parkhill Road East37Fully Occupied
139195Parks Canada AgencyBridge 43 Watch House132 Bolsover Road18Fully Occupied
139196Parks Canada AgencyBridge 44 Watch House34223 Mara Eldon Boundary Road18Fully Occupied
139197Parks Canada AgencyBridge 50 Watch House1202 Ramara Road 4718Fully Occupied
139199Parks Canada AgencyCampbellford Admin Building12 Trent Drive124Fully Occupied
139200Parks Canada AgencyLakefield Office & Shops2 Smith Street297Fully Occupied
139201Parks Canada AgencyKirkfield (Lock 36) Office2023 Kirkfield Road268Fully Occupied
139203Parks Canada AgencyTrenton Workshop Building155 Highway #33238Fully Occupied
139204Parks Canada AgencyTrenton Shop Storage Building155 Highway #33238Fully Occupied
139205Parks Canada AgencyCampbellford Storage Building12 Trent Drive124Fully Occupied
139206Parks Canada AgencyPeterborough Shops2155 Ashburnham Drive2,430Fully Occupied
139207Parks Canada AgencyLakefield Storage Building2 Smith Street297Fully Occupied
139208Parks Canada AgencyKirkfield Shop Building46 Talbot River Road238Fully Occupied
139209Parks Canada AgencyWashago Shop Building3321 Bond Road455Fully Occupied
139210Parks Canada AgencyWashago Storage Building3321 Bond Road190Fully Occupied
141940Parks Canada AgencyTrenton Shops Compound2-12 Foster Stearns Road, Quinte West84Fully Occupied
141941Parks Canada AgencyPeterborough Engineering Outbuildings2155 Ashburnham Dr.182Fully Occupied
142124Parks Canada AgencyNassau Mills Shed # 23779 Nassau Mills Road30Fully Occupied
142125Parks Canada AgencyLakefield Carpentry BuildingSmith Street200Fully Occupied
142126Parks Canada AgencyRosedale oTENTik # 1161 Trent Canal Road23Fully Occupied
142127Parks Canada AgencyRosedale oTENTik # 2161 Trent Canal Road23Fully Occupied
142128Parks Canada AgencyRosedale oTENTik # 3161 Trent Canal Road23Fully Occupied
142129Parks Canada AgencyLock 45 Washroom175 Port Severn Rd. N.71Fully Occupied
142610Parks Canada Agency761 River Road South - House761 River Road, Peterborough170Fully Occupied
143511Parks Canada AgencyDam Shed - Dam at Lock # 22Access via dam25Fully Occupied
143517Parks Canada AgencyDam Shed - Dam at Lock # 27 Youngs PointAccess via dam43Fully Occupied
143522Parks Canada AgencyElectrical Control Shed - Peterborough Lift Lock # 21Access via lock station38Fully Occupied
143527Parks Canada AgencyElectrical Control Building - Maria Street Bridge # 24Access via lock station24Fully Occupied
143531Parks Canada AgencyShed - Buckhorn Lock # 31Access via lock station15Fully Occupied
143532Parks Canada AgencyShed - Douro Lock # 24Access via lock station25Fully Occupied
143536Parks Canada AgencyShed - Burleigh Falls Lock # 28Access via lock station25Fully Occupied
143537Parks Canada AgencyShed - Lakefield Lock # 26Access via lock station15Fully Occupied
143541Parks Canada AgencyShed - Sawyer Creek Lock # 25Access via lock station15Fully Occupied
143543Parks Canada AgencyShed # 1 - Nassau Mills Lock # 22Access via lock station15Fully Occupied
143544Parks Canada AgencyShed - Otonabee Lock # 23Access via lock station15Fully Occupied
143545Parks Canada AgencyShed - Lovesick Lock # 30Access via lock station15Fully Occupied
143546Parks Canada AgencyShed - Scotts Mills Lock # 19Access via lock station15Fully Occupied
143550Parks Canada AgencyShed - Warsaw Road Bridge # 27Access via lock station25Fully Occupied
143552Parks Canada AgencyStorage Shed - Peterborough Lift Lock # 21Access via lock station25Fully Occupied
143555Parks Canada AgencyControl Tower - Kirkfield Lift Lock # 36Access via lock station50Fully Occupied
143559Parks Canada AgencyCarpentry Building - Kirkfield ShopsAccess via lock station200Fully Occupied
143562Parks Canada AgencyInterpretation Building - Bobcaygeon Lock # 32Access via lock station15Fully Occupied
143563Parks Canada AgencyInterpretation Building - Fenelon Falls Lock # 34Access via lock station24Fully Occupied
143565Parks Canada AgencyShed - Fenelon Falls Lock # 34Access via lock station25Fully Occupied
143566Parks Canada AgencyShed - Bolsover Lock # 37Access via lock station15Fully Occupied
143578Parks Canada AgencyShed - Bobcaygeon Lock # 32Access via lock station15Fully Occupied
143579Parks Canada AgencyShed - Gamebridge Lock # 41Access via lock station25Fully Occupied
143581Parks Canada AgencyShed - Thorah Lock # 40Access via lock station25Fully Occupied
143648Parks Canada AgencyShed -Sydney Lock # 2Access via lock station15Fully Occupied
143655Parks Canada AgencyHydraulic Control Shed - Glen Miller Lock # 3Access via lock station15Fully Occupied
143660Parks Canada AgencyShed - Batawa Lock # 4Access via lock station15Fully Occupied
143672Parks Canada AgencyShed - Campbellford Lock # 13Access via lock station20Fully Occupied
143673Parks Canada AgencyShed - Crowe Bay Lock # 14Access via lock station15Fully Occupied
143746Parks Canada AgencyShed - Glen Ross Lock # 7Access via lock station15Fully Occupied
143747Parks Canada AgencyShed - Hastings Lock # 18Access via lock station15Fully Occupied
143751Parks Canada AgencyShed - Hagues Reach Lock # 10Access via lock station15Fully Occupied
143755Parks Canada AgencyShed - Healey Falls Lock # 15Access via lock station20Fully Occupied
143760Parks Canada AgencyShed - Meyers Lock # 9Access via lock station20Fully Occupied
143761Parks Canada AgencyShed - Healey Falls Flight Locks # 16/17Access via lock station25Fully Occupied
143762Parks Canada AgencyShed - Ranney Falls Flight Locks # 11/12Access via lock station15Fully Occupied
143764Parks Canada AgencyShed - Trent Lock # 5Access via lock station15Fully Occupied
143772Parks Canada AgencyStorage Shed # 2 - Trenton CompoundAccess via compound entrance110Fully Occupied
143773Parks Canada AgencyBoat House - Port Severn Lock # 45Access via lock station50Fully Occupied
143788Parks Canada AgencyShed - Big Chute Marine Railway # 44Access via lock station16Fully Occupied
143795Parks Canada AgencyShed - Port Severn Lock # 45Access via lock station20Fully Occupied
143815Parks Canada AgencyShed - Couchiching Lock # 42Access via lock station15Fully Occupied
143817Parks Canada AgencyShed - Swift Rapids Lock # 43Access via lock station15Fully Occupied
144018Parks Canada AgencyOtentik # 1 - Douro Lock # 24Access via lock station40Fully Occupied
144019Parks Canada AgencyOtentik # 2 - Douro Lock # 24Access via lock station40Fully Occupied
144020Parks Canada AgencyOtentik # 3 - Douro Lock # 24Access via lock station40Fully Occupied
144021Parks Canada AgencyOtentik # 4 - Douro Lock # 24Access via lock station40Fully Occupied
144091Parks Canada AgencyLock 32 Senior Centre15 Bolton Street192Fully Occupied
144092Parks Canada AgencyLock 18 Lockmasters House9 Bridge St. North, Hastings74Fully Occupied
144093Parks Canada AgencyLock 41 Watch House33235 Durham Road 50135Fully Occupied
144094Parks Canada AgencyLock 13 Lockmasters House6199 County Road 50, Campbellford131Fully Occupied
144096Parks Canada AgencyLock 36 Storage Building46 Talbot River Road45Fully Occupied
144097Parks Canada AgencyLock 44 Old Watch House1900 Whites Falls Road79Fully Occupied
144100Parks Canada AgencyPeterborough Storage2155 Ashburnham Dr.243Fully Occupied
144101Parks Canada AgencyPeterborough Boat Storage - 28'2155 Ashburnham Drive69Fully Occupied
144102Parks Canada AgencyPeterborough Boat Storage - 16'2155 Ashburnham Drive28Fully Occupied
144105Parks Canada AgencyCampbellford Outbuilding12 Trent Drive90Fully Occupied
144107Parks Canada AgencyLock 22 Control Building3779 Nassau Mills Road112Fully Occupied
144108Parks Canada AgencyLock 2 Watch House269 Glen Miller Road93Fully Occupied
154027Parks Canada AgencyDam Electrical Control Building - Dam # 14 - Healey Falls Lock # 16/17Campbellford, Ontario17Fully Occupied
154028Parks Canada AgencyBurleigh Falls House4810 Hwy 28, North Kawartha944Fully Occupied
154029Parks Canada AgencyBurleigh Falls Garage4810 Hwy 28, North Kawartha46Fully Occupied
154030Parks Canada AgencyDam Electrical Control Building - Dam # 6 - Frankford Lock # 6Frankford, Ontario32Fully Occupied
154031Parks Canada AgencyDam Electrical Control Building - Dam # 7 - Frankford Lock # 7Frankford, Ontario32Fully Occupied
154032Parks Canada AgencyDam Electrical Control Building - Dam # 12 - Crowe Bay Lock # 14Campbellford, Ontario33Fully Occupied
154699Parks Canada AgencyDam Electrical Control Building - Dam # 8 - Meyers Lock # 9Campbellford, Ontario35Fully Occupied
154700Parks Canada AgencyBridge 57 Control Building1641 Muskoka District Road 4948Fully Occupied

Contaminated Sites

Federal Site IdentifierStatusSite NameHighest Step Completed
00012845ActiveTrenton Parking Lot03 - Initial Testing Program
09731003ActiveGoose Bay - Sturgeon Lake05 - Detailed Testing Program
09731005ActiveKarten Metals, Trenton06 - Reclassify the Site Using CCME National Classification System
09731004ActiveD26 Little Lake to Rice Lake07 - Develop Remediation/Risk Management Strategy

Payment In Lieu of Taxes

Taxation AuthorityPayment
Asphodel-Norwood, Township$762.67
Brock, Township$9,556.63
Douro-Dummer, Township$7,170.49
Georgian Bay, Township$21,493.62
Gravenhurst, Town$14,340.81
Hamilton, Township$217.05
Highlands East, Municipality$1,210.27
Kawartha Lakes, City$88,174.99
Muskoka Lakes, Township$4,544.73
North Kawartha, Township$3,358.72
Peterborough, City$154,227.93
Quinte West, City$42,654.87
Ramara, Township$6,412.26
Selwyn, Township$26,120.12
Severn, Township$41,039.37
Trent Hills, Municipality$70,165.65
Trent Lakes, Municipality$17,024.47

Source: PWGSC, REAL ESTATE DIVISION, Municipal Grants Information System

Taxation Year: 2021

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