North Ingonish (MacLeod's Point)

A map of the area immediately surrounding DFRP Property Number 03830


  • Property Number:

  • Custodian:

    Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Official Contact:

    Anne Keiver - 506.850.5832
  • Interest

    Crown Owned
  • Restriction:

    No Restriction
  • Primary Use:

    Transportation Marine
  • Address:

    96 Wharf Road
  • Place Name:

    no data
  • Municipality:

    Victoria, Subd. A
  • Province/Territory:

    Nova Scotia
  • Federal Electoral District:

  • Coordinates

    46.689503, -60.358251, Accurate within ± 20m
  • Census Classification

  • Land Area:

    5.0643 ha
  • Building Count:

  • Floor Area:

    0 sq. m.
  • Record Created On

    July 10th, 1990
  • Record Last Modified On

    November 17th, 2021

Contaminated Sites

Federal Site IdentifierStatusSite NameHighest Step Completed
00013073ActiveINGONISH (MACLEODS POINT) (PAH and Metal Impacts in Waterlot Sediments)03 - Initial Testing Program
03830001ClosedINGONISH (MACLEODS POINT) (Hydrocarbon Impact at Fmr UST/Bait Shed)06 - Reclassify the Site Using CCME National Classification System
00013236ClosedINGONISH (MACLEODS POINT) (No Hydrocarbon Impacted Soil- Waste Oil Tank)06 - Reclassify the Site Using CCME National Classification System