Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site

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  • Property Number:

  • Custodian:

    Parks Canada Agency
  • Official Contact:

    General Enquiries
    Telephone: (888) 773-8888
  • Interest

    Crown Owned
  • Restriction:

    No Restriction
  • Primary Use:

    Parks and Recreation
  • Address:

    8 km south-east of Catalone
  • Place Name:

  • Municipality:

    Cape Breton
  • Province/Territory:

    Nova Scotia
  • Federal Electoral District:

    Cape Breton--Canso
  • Coordinates

    45.898820, -60.005736, Accurate within ± 50m
  • Census Classification

  • Land Area:

    5,048.2278 ha
  • Building Count:

  • Floor Area:

    19,234 sq. m.
  • Record Created On

    February 21st, 1990
  • Record Last Modified On

    December 18th, 2023


Structure Number Custodian Structure Name Structure Address Floor Area (sq. m.) Building Occupancy Level
003640Parks Canada AgencyKing's Bastion Barracks3 Fortress Service Road3,737Fully Occupied
003646Fisheries and Oceans CanadaLightstation555 Havenside Road98Fully Occupied
056526Parks Canada AgencyMorin House - Transformer Building3 Fortress Service Road600Fully Occupied
139255Parks Canada AgencyAdministration Building259 Park Service Road830Fully Occupied
139259Parks Canada AgencyKing's Bastion Dovecote3 Fortress Service Road17Fully Occupied
139260Parks Canada AgencyBarracks Carriage House3 Fortress Service Road22Fully Occupied
139261Parks Canada AgencyBarracks Stables3 Fortress Service Road60Fully Occupied
139262Parks Canada AgencyBarracks Guardhouse3 Fortress Service Road58Fully Occupied
139263Parks Canada AgencyArtillery Hangar Block 13 Fortress Service Road340Fully Occupied
139264Parks Canada AgencyEngineer's Laundry Storage Building3 Fortress Service Road92Fully Occupied
139265Parks Canada AgencyEngineer's House3 Fortress Service Road489Fully Occupied
139266Parks Canada AgencyMagazine3 Fortress Service Road96Fully Occupied
139267Parks Canada AgencyGeneral Store3 Fortress Service Road968Fully Occupied
139268Parks Canada AgencyBigot House3 Fortress Service Road593Fully Occupied
139269Parks Canada AgencyGrandchamps House3 Fortress Service Road203Fully Occupied
139270Parks Canada AgencyBigot Dovecote3 Fortress Service Road17Fully Occupied
139271Parks Canada AgencyCarrerot House3 Fortress Service Road134Fully Occupied
139272Parks Canada AgencyBigot Stables3 Fortress Service Road188Fully Occupied
139273Parks Canada AgencyGrandchamps Inn3 Fortress Service Road62Fully Occupied
139274Parks Canada AgencyBeausejour House3 Fortress Service Road241Fully Occupied
139276Parks Canada AgencyElectrical Room #33 Fortress Service Road51Fully Occupied
139277Parks Canada AgencyDE LA VALLIERE House and Magasin3 Fortress Service Road254Fully Occupied
139278Parks Canada AgencyDe la Valliere Magazine II3 Fortress Service Road166Fully Occupied
139279Parks Canada AgencyIce House3 Fortress Service Road25Fully Occupied
139280Parks Canada AgencyDegannes House3 Fortress Service Road96Fully Occupied
139281Parks Canada AgencyRodrigue House3 Fortress Service Road120Fully Occupied
139282Parks Canada AgencyRodrigue Outbuilding3 Fortress Service Road18Fully Occupied
139283Parks Canada AgencyRodrigue Magazine3 Fortress Service Road80Fully Occupied
139284Parks Canada AgencyDe la Perelle Storehouse3 Fortress Service Road78Fully Occupied
139285Parks Canada AgencyDuhaget House3 Fortress Service Road336Fully Occupied
139286Parks Canada AgencyDe la Perelle House3 Fortress Service Road81Fully Occupied
139287Parks Canada AgencyMuseum House3 Fortress Service Road80Fully Occupied
139288Parks Canada AgencyMuseum Caretakers House3 Fortress Service Road187Fully Occupied
139289Parks Canada AgencyLime Kiln3 Fortress Service Road15Fully Occupied
139290Parks Canada AgencyDemi Bastion Soldiers Barracks3 Fortress Service Road86Fully Occupied
139292Parks Canada AgencyDauphin Officers Guardhouse3 Fortress Service Road28Fully Occupied
139293Parks Canada AgencyDauphin Soldiers Guardhouse and Latrine3 Fortress Service Road50Fully Occupied
139294Parks Canada AgencyDeroches House3 Fortress Service Road114Fully Occupied
139295Parks Canada AgencyHotel de la Marine3 Fortress Service Road319Fully Occupied
139296Parks Canada AgencyBakery3 Fortress Service Road261Fully Occupied
139297Parks Canada AgencyDestouches House3 Fortress Service Road254Fully Occupied
139298Parks Canada AgencyVisitor Reception Centre259 Park Service Road1,158Fully Occupied
139300Parks Canada AgencyReproduction Iron Shop259 Park Service Road314Fully Occupied
139301Parks Canada AgencyArchaeology Building259 Park Service Road595Fully Occupied
139302Parks Canada AgencyStone Storage Compound259 Park Service Road231Fully Occupied
139303Parks Canada AgencyFire Station259 Park Service Road58Fully Occupied
139304Parks Canada AgencyLibrary259 Park Service Road154Fully Occupied
139312Parks Canada AgencyWintering Barn259 Park Service Road158Fully Occupied
139315Parks Canada AgencyHeating Plant259 Park Service Road33Fully Occupied
139318Parks Canada AgencyLumber Storage Building259 Park Service Road119Fully Occupied
139319Parks Canada AgencyBenoist House3 Fortress Service Road103Fully Occupied
139320Parks Canada AgencyDugas House3 Fortress Service Road171Fully Occupied
139321Parks Canada AgencySantier House3 Fortress Service Road247Fully Occupied
139322Parks Canada AgencyCass-Detch House3 Fortress Service Road64Fully Occupied
139323Parks Canada AgencyDelort Boutique and Storehouse3 Fortress Service Road962Fully Occupied
139324Parks Canada AgencyDe la Plagne House3 Fortress Service Road466Fully Occupied
139325Parks Canada AgencyStable - De La Perelle259 Park Service Road58Fully Occupied
139326Parks Canada AgencyBaron II3 Fortress Service Road92Fully Occupied
139327Parks Canada AgencyDelort III Storehouse3 Fortress Service Road155Fully Occupied
139328Parks Canada AgencyDelort II Store3 Fortress Service Road131Fully Occupied
139329Parks Canada AgencyChevalier House3 Fortress Service Road130Fully Occupied
139332Parks Canada AgencyBaron House3 Fortress Service Road108Fully Occupied
139333Parks Canada AgencyLartigue House3 Fortress Service Road108Fully Occupied
139335Parks Canada AgencyFlammable Stores259 Park Service Road57Fully Occupied
139336Parks Canada AgencyCompound Service Station259 Park Service Road195Fully Occupied
139337Parks Canada AgencyNew Stone Storage Building259 Park Service Road649Fully Occupied
139338Parks Canada AgencyCarrerot OutbuildingsToulouse Street25Fully Occupied
139339Parks Canada AgencySurgeon LaGrange HouseCorner of St-Louis Street and Le Quay426Fully Occupied
139753Parks Canada AgencyGun Powder Prep3 Fortress Service Road108Fully Occupied
139759Parks Canada AgencyLatrine - Dauphin Gate3 Fortress Service Road5Fully Occupied
139760Parks Canada AgencyArmoury and Forge3 Fortress Service Road21Fully Occupied
139764Parks Canada AgencyLouisbourg Woodlot House (Vault I)3 Fortress Service Road56Fully Occupied
139765Parks Canada AgencyPiece de la Grave Guard House3 Fortress Service Road103Fully Occupied
139766Parks Canada AgencyCass-Detch Store3 Fortress Service Road71Fully Occupied
139769Parks Canada AgencyFauxbourg Cabin3 Fortress Service Road17Fully Occupied
139770Parks Canada AgencyThe River Inn/Outbldgs3 Fortress Service Road198Fully Occupied
139771Parks Canada AgencyBigot Sentry Box3 Fortress Service Road25Fully Occupied
139775Parks Canada AgencyLumber Storage259 Park Service Road119Fully Occupied

Heritage Buildings

Structure Number Structure Name Heritage Designation(s) Link to listing on the Directory of Federal Heritage Designations
139287Museum HouseClassified Federal Heritage BuildingMuseum and Caretaker's House

The relationship between the Directory of Federal Real Property (DFRP) and the Directory of Federal Heritage Designations (DFHD) is not one-to-one as some heritage designations are not captured by building but rather by property.

Approximately 85% of the recognized and classified federal heritage buildings listed in the DFHD are matched in the DFRP. Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada and Parks Canada are continuing to work with federal custodians to reconcile the remaining records.

Contaminated Sites

Federal Site IdentifierStatusSite NameHighest Step Completed
03640002ClosedFormer Town Landfill04 - Pre-Classify contaminated site using the CCME National Classification System (optional)
03640001ClosedParks Canada Trade Waste Site04 - Pre-Classify contaminated site using the CCME National Classification System (optional)
03640005ClosedFormer military disposal site08 - Implement Remediation/Risk Management Strategy
03640006ClosedMaintenance Compound Fuel Spill Site09 - Confirmatory Sampling and Final Reporting

Payment In Lieu of Taxes

Taxation AuthorityPayment
Cape Breton, Regional Municipality$502,781.55

Source: PWGSC, REAL ESTATE DIVISION, Municipal Grants Information System

Taxation Year: 2022

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