Standard on Web Interoperability Released

The new Standard on Web Interoperability came into effect on July 1, 2012. This standard applies to all institutions listed in schedules I, I.1, and II of the Financial Administration Act and will be implemented in three phases over a three-year period.

The Standard on Web Interoperability is the last of the three new Web standards (on accessibility, usability and interoperability) that were announced in September 2010 to replace Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the Common Look and Feel 2.0

The Standard on Web Interoperability helps meet the evolving expectations of Canadians for information and services provided over the Web. In particular, it ensures that government websites can be adapted for mobile devices and ensures re-use of government Web content across websites, including Web applications and platforms.

Departments have three years to implement the Standard on Web Interoperability; however, they are encouraged to implement all three new Web standards simultaneously, where possible, to achieve efficiencies. It is also recommended that the existing senior departmental official, who has been named to support the Standards on Web Accessibility and Web Usability, continues to serve the same role for the Standard on Web Interoperability as well.

By applying the Standard on Web Interoperability, the government will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of government websites.

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