Common Look and Feel for the Internet 2.0 Standard is Being Updated

To: Deputy heads of Institutions Under the Financial Administration Act, Schedules I, I.1 and II

Dear Colleagues:

As part of the government's commitment to providing accessible online information and services to Canadians, the Common Look and Feel for the Internet 2.0 standard, commonly referred to as CLF 2.0, is being updated.

The CLF 2.0 standard will be updated to:

  • take into account the most recent version of internationally accepted Web content accessibility guidelines;
  • increase flexibility of Website layout and design;
  • enable institutions to incorporate the use of innovative and emerging technologies to their online information and services.

At this time, it is expected that components of the CLF standard will be updated over the next two Fiscal Years (2010/11 - 2011/12). Each update will be followed by a transition period to allow sufficient time for compliance.

According to CLF compliance reports submitted by institutions this year, organizations have achieved a high rate of compliance to the CLF 2.0 standard. While the standard is being updated, institutions are expected to continue their efforts to comply with CLF 2.0 requirements that are informed by legislation such as the Official Languages Act and/or the Canada Human Rights Act. Deputy Heads will continue to be accountable for implementation of these requirements within their institutions.

Your organization continues to be responsible for responding to any enquiries regarding its level of compliance to the current CLF standards. The Treasury Board Secretariat will address enquiries related to CLF standards and related policies, implementation and the upcoming update.
Treasury Board Secretariat will continue, to work closely with your organization to help address arising issues and common barriers to CLF. I trust that the Secretariat will continue to receive your continued support during the revision process as we endeavor to ensure that online information and services remain accessible to Canadians and that trust and confidence in Government of Canada Websites is maintained.

Should you or your officials have any questions, please contact the Common Look and Feel Office at

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