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What is FORD/IARD Program?

The Financial Officer and Internal Auditor Recruitment and Development (FORD/IARD) Program is an opportunity for a meaningful, rewarding career in financial management or internal audit.

About the program

The FORD/IARD Program is an unparalleled opportunity to kick-start your career. You'll be hired into a full-time, entry-level position in the federal public service and receive top-notch training and career development in finance or audit.

Started in 1978, the FORD/IARD Program has a proven track record. Its success is reflected in the high calibre of candidates and in the continuous demand for trainees across the federal government. The number of placements varies from year to year, depending on demand, but past campaigns have typically placed between 50 and 100 candidates.

Top-notch training and development

Imagine getting 24 months of exceptional training and on-the-job experience in a career development program tailored to your interests, needs and goals. The FORD/IARD Program offers rotational assignments in federal departments and courses at the Canada School of Public Service and elsewhere. At the same time, you will be encouraged to work toward an accounting designation or an internal audit certification.

Other program benefits

As a FORD/IARD Program trainee, you join the federal public service as an entry-level financial officer or internal auditor and receive a competitive salary and excellent benefits. You become part of a dynamic, government-wide network of some 2,000 trainees and alumni, many of whom have excelled in their careers and reached senior levels in the finance or internal audit communities. As a program graduate, you'll have access to a wide range of career opportunities and challenging assignments.

Type of work

Financial management and internal audit are vital, growing areas of public service, offering many exciting opportunities.

As a financial officer trainee, you'll help the government meet its financial commitments through accounting, financial planning and analysis, and systems development.

As an internal auditor trainee, you will be part of an independent and objective appraisal function that uses a disciplined, evidence-based approach to provide assurance to assist decision makers in exercising oversight and control over their organizations.