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How to Apply

To apply online

Our recruitment campaigns are held in mid-September and run for approximately three weeks. Once the campaign has begun, you can apply online to each program individually by visiting the website for the Public Service Commission’s post-secondary recruitment campaign. We begin hiring successful candidates the following spring.

Second-language testing

If you meet the educational requirements for the FORD/IARD Program and have agreed to be tested in either English or French, the Public Service Commission may invite you for a second-language evaluation. If you have already undergone a second-language evaluation and the results are still valid, be sure to indicate this in your application.

Important considerations

Be sure to fill out the application accurately and completely. We receive many applications during our recruitment campaign, and we cannot follow up with candidates who submit incomplete applications. If you omit any of the required information, your application will be rejected.

Interview preparation

The FORD/IARD interview is based on the requirements set out in the Statement of Merit Criteria, which is part of the job posting. If you are invited to an interview, read the interview invitation carefully; it will list all the items from the Statement of Merit Criteria on which you will be assessed. You can prepare for the interview using these criteria as a guide.

The interview is usually a combination of situational and behavioural questions. With situational questions, you will be given a scenario and asked how you would handle it. With behavioural questions, you will be asked to describe a time when you effectively demonstrated the competency being assessed.

Come to the interview prepared to talk about yourself and your abilities. Remember to give detailed answers to the interview questions so that you fully demonstrate your knowledge and abilities.

Referral of candidates

If you are successful in qualifying for the FORD/IARD Program, your name will be placed in our inventory for up to 12 months, and your file may be referred to hiring departments and agencies as suitable job openings arise. If a hiring department wishes to consider you for a position, it will contact you directly, and you may be invited for a second interview. You can ask what to expect at this interview. It is also a good idea to visit the department’s website and read its background information, including the department’s mandate and programs. A list of government departments is available online.

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