2008 Strategic Review Results

In the second year of the Strategic Review process, 14 federal organizations (including departments, agencies and Crown corporations) undertook the assessment of 100 percent of their direct program spending. Also, six other organizations undertook a horizontal review of the government's human resources function. In total, $25 billion, or approximately 27 percent of all government program spending was examined.

Savings of $586 million were redirected to fund new initiatives as part of the Economic Action Plan, both within review organizations and to broader spending areas announced in Budget 2009.

Results by federal organizations are detailed in Annex 3 of Budget 2009.

Table A3.1
Strategic Review Savings
(millions of dollars)
  2009–10 2010–11 2011–12

Note: Totals may not add due to rounding

Savings identified 349.1 448.9 586.1

Strategic review reinvestments

34.3 50.8 81.6

Budget 2009 reinvestments in review departments

2,141.5 2,040.6 400.0

Other investments in Budget 2009 priorities

Total 2,175.8 2,091.4 586.1
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