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Upcoming Internal Audits and Evaluations over the next three fiscal years

All upcoming Internal Audits over the next three fiscal years

Internal audits over the next three fiscal years – based on Risk-based Audit Plan 2011–2014
Name of internal Audit Type of internal audit Status Expected completion date
Audit of infrastructure services tax data Program audit Planned 2013-2014
Audit of a program survey—focus on confidentiality Program audit Planned 2012-2013 and
Audit of a program survey—focus on quality Program audit Planned 2012-2013 and
Audit of a program survey—official release Program audit Planned 2012-2013
Audit of travel expenditures and proactive disclosure Program audit Planned 2012-2013
Audit of census Program audit Planned 2012-2013
Audit of accounts payable at year -end Financial audit Planned 2013-2014
Audit of information management Core control audit Planned 2012-2013
Audit of capital investment plan and project management Financial/core control audit Planned 2012-2013

Program Evaluations
Name of internal audit Type of evaluation Status Expected completion date
Action Plan to Protect Human Health from Environmental Contaminants Horizontal evaluation led by Health Canada Planned June 2013


Statistics Canada always had a unique system of continually evaluating its statistical and corporate services programs. Prior to 2010, quadrennial program reviews identified accomplishments, challenges and future priorities along with users' satisfaction with services provided. Biennial program reports updated the quadrennial program reviews at mid-cycle.

In 2010, the Agency began working towards meeting the TBS Policy on Evaluation, and requested that programs complete a program performance report, including a program profile, logic model, update on past priorities, current priorities and strategic overview, and the top priorities for the coming three to five years. These components form the foundation of the TBS Performance Management Strategy: they ensure that the performance measures selected and developed produce useful and comprehensive information for monitoring and evaluating programs. The transition to full implementation of the Policy on Evaluation will be completed by April 2013; thus, the following table lists planned program performance reports up to 2012-13.

Name of program performance report Expected completion date
2011-12 2012-13
1 Economic Statistics
1.1.1. Income and Expenditure Accounts March 2012
1.1.2 Environment Accounts and Statistics Approved
1.1.3 Balance of Payments March 2012
1.1.4 Public Institutions Statistics March 2012
1.1.5. Industry Accounts March 2012
1.2.0 Analytical Studies Approved
1.3.1 Manufacturing, Construction and Energy Statistics March 2012
1.3.2 Distributive Trades Statistics March 2012
1.3.3 Service Industries Statistics March 2012
1.4.1 Prices Statistics
1.4.2 International Trade Statistics March 2012
1.4.4 Industrial Organization and Finance Statistics
1.5.1 Agriculture Statistics
1.5.2 Centre for Special Business Projects
1.5.3 Investment, Science and Technology Statistics
1.5.4 Transportation Statistics Approved
2 Social Statistics
2.1.1 Justice Statistics March 2012
2.1.2 Culture Statistics
2.1.3 Tourism Statistics Approved
2.1.4 Education Statistics Approved
2.2.0 Health Statistics Approved
2.3.0 General Social Characteristics Statistics March 2012
2.4.1 Special Surveys March 2012
2.4.2 Income Statistics January 2012
2.4.3 Labour and Household Surveys Analysis February 2012
2.4.4 Labour Statistics February 2012
2.5.0 Socioeconomic Analysis Approved
3 Census, Demography and Aboriginal Statistics
3.1.0 Census of Agriculture
3.2.0 Demography March 2012
3.3.0 Aboriginal Statistics
3.4.0 Census of Population
4 Internal Services
4.1.1 Management and Oversight Services February 2012
4.1.2 Communications Services Approved
4.2.1 Human Resources Management Services Approved
4.2.2 Financial Management Services and Planning March 2012
4.2.3 Information Management Services Approved
4.3.1 Materiel Services February 2012
4.3.2 Acquisition Services February 2012
5 Corporate Infrastructure Services1
Methodology Approved
Standards Approved
Collection and Regional Services
Collection Systems and Infrastructure Approved
Systems Development
Information Technology Systems (now with Shared Services Canada)
Operations and Integration March 2012
Tax Data and Business Register Approved
Enterprise Statistics March 2012
Microdata Access Approved
International Relations
… not applicable
√ program evaluation is planned
1. Corporate infrastructure services are costs that cannot be linked to a specific program subactivity.