PAA long description

This diagram shows Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s Strategic Outcomes, Program Activities, Program Sub-Activities and their related Program Sub-Sub-Activities.

Strategic Outcomes Program Activities Program Sub-activities / Program Sub-sub-activities
1. Migration of permanent and temporary residents that strengthens Canada’s economy 1.1 Permanent Economic Residents 1.1.1 Federal Skilled Workers
1.1.2 Quebec Skilled Workers
1.1.3 Provincial Nominees
1.1.4 Live-in Caregivers
1.1.5 Canadian Experience Class
1.1.6 Federal Business Immigrants
1.1.7 Quebec Business Immigrants
1.2 Temporary Economic Residents 1.2.1 International Students
1.2.2 Temporary Foreign Workers
2. Family and humanitarian migration that reunites families and offers protection to the displaced and persecuted 2.1 Family and Discretionary Immigration 2.1.1 Spouses, Partners and Children Reunification
2.1.2 Parents and Grandparents Reunification
2.1.3 Humanitarian and Compassionate and Public Policy Considerations to Address Exceptional Circumstances
2.2 Refugee Protection 2.2.1 Government-Assisted Refugees
2.2.2 Privately Sponsored Refugees
2.2.3 In-Canada Asylum
2.2.4 Pre-removal Risk Assessment
3. Newcomers and citizens participate to their full potential in fostering an integrated society 3.1 Settlement and Integration of Newcomers 3.1.1 Foreign Credentials Referral
3.1.2 Settlement Information and Orientation Language Training and Skills Development Labour Market Access Welcoming Communities Contribution to British Columbia for Settlement and Integration Contribution to Manitoba for Settlement and Integration Support for Official Language Minority Communities
3.1.3 Grant to Quebec
3.1.4 Immigration Loan
3.1.5 Refugee Resettlement Assistance Program
3.2 Citizenship for Newcomers and all Canadians 3.2.1 Citizenship Awareness
3.2.2 Citizenship Acquisition, Confirmation and Revocation
3.3 Multiculturalism for Newcomers and all Canadians 3.3.1 Multiculturalism Awareness
3.3.2 Historical Recognition
3.3.3 Federal and Public Institutional Multiculturalism Support
4. Managed migration that promotes Canadian interests and protects the health, safety and security of Canadians 4.1 Health Management 4.1.1 Health Screening
4.1.2 Post-arrival Health and Medical Surveillance
4.1.3 Refugee Health Management
4.1.4 Interim Federal Health
4.2 Migration Control and Security Management 4.2.1 Permanent Resident Cards
4.2.2 Visitors
4.2.3 Temporary Resident Permits
4.2.4 Fraud Prevention and Program Integrity Protection
4.3 Canadian Influence in International Migration and Integration Agenda  
  5.1 Internal Services 5.1.1 Governance and Management Support
5.1.2 Resource Management Services
5.1.3 Asset Management Services