Description of SSC’s Program Activity Architecture

This graphic demonstrates how Shared Services Canada’s strategic outcome is supported by its two program activities.

The top level of the graphic presents a flattened oval under the heading Strategic Outcome. Within the oval is the Strategic Outcome wording "Mandated services are delivered in a consolidated and standardized manner to support the delivery of Government of Canada programs and services for Canadians."

Under the strategic outcome level, is a second level titled Program Activities. Under the heading on the left hand side, is a box with the wording for the first program activity "Efficient and effective IT infrastructure services are delivered across Government of Canada ". This box also includes two smaller ovals, one with the word Operate, and the other with the word Transform. These are not sub-program activities, but rather, are intended to reflect the nature of the activities required to achieve the strategic outcome.

At the same level on the right hand side, is a second box with the wording "Internal Services", representing the second program activity.

Below the two program activity boxes is the final heading, Description. Below it, on the left hand side and aligned under the first program activity is a final box. It describes the first program activity with the wording "Enterprise-wide consolidation in the areas of email, data centres and telecommunications improves the overall efficiency, reliability and security of IT infrastructure".

There is no description for the Internal Services program activity.