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Section II — Analysis of Program Activities by Strategic Outcome

2.1 Overall Strategic Outcome

In pursuing its mandate, the National Film Board aims to achieve the following strategic outcome:

The reflection of Canadian values and perspectives through the production of innovative Canadian audiovisual works accessible in relevant media of the day.

Distribution by Program Activity 2009-2010

Distribution par activités de programme, 2009-2010


Program Activity 1: The production of audiovisual works

Program activity 1: Production of audiovisual works
Human Resources (FTEs) and Planned Spending
2009-10 2010-11 2011-12
FTEs Planned Spending ($ thousands) FTEs Planned Spending ($ thousands) FTEs Planned Spending ($ thousands)
216 45,417 216 45,417 216 45,417

Program Activity Expected Results Performance Indicators Targets
The NFB produces relevant, challenging and innovative audiovisual works that give Canadians a better understanding of Canada and the world
  • Percentage of Canadian public that perceive the NFB as producing relevant, challenging and innovative audiovisual works.
  • Awards, mentions, nominations and tributes earned at Canadian and international festivals.
  • Percentage of NFB audience that perceive the NFB as producing audiovisual works that provide a better understanding of Canada and of the world.
  • 50% by March 31, 2011
  • 150 by March 31, 2011
  • 75% by March 31, 2011

Program Activity Summary: National Film Board productions provide a uniquely Canadian perspective, including diverse cultural and regional perspectives, recognized across Canada and around the world, thereby playing an important role in the lives of Canadians and a pivotal role in the Canadian film and television industry. The NFB’s programming fosters diverse voices and content in both official languages by encouraging participation from Aboriginal groups and ethno-cultural communities from across the country. Production activities include the conceptualization, research, development, production and marketing of documentaries, animation films, new media content, as well as other emerging forms. The use of the recent production methods and technologies provide for quality works that are accessible on new distribution platforms and in new media.

Planning Highlights: In order to achieve the expected result, the NFB takes risks the private sector is unable to take on its own. Planning highlights include the following activities:

The NFB will invest in high-definition production technology and maximize the allocation of resources to programming priorities, by using cost savings obtained by a review of its operations, finances and a renewed effort to maximize efficiencies.

The NFB will encourage cultural creativity and innovation, and strengthen Canada’s competitive in the creative knowledge-based economy, through two broad programming strategies.

It will review its programming criteria and align it with its distribution strategy, to reach youth and the educational sector, produce content for new platforms, and focus its programming on socially relevant issues of interest to Canadians. It will also continue to offer its existing programs for emerging, Aboriginal and visible minority creators. Equally important will be a refocused marketing strategy that is more targeted and more effective with limited resources. Communications surrounding strategic initiatives such as the launch of the NFB’s national online Screening Room or the box set of films celebrating Québec City’s 400th anniversary will be aligned to the NFB’s newly developed brand promise. Branded offers will also be organized thematically to generate greater visibility for the NFB, making it easier for Canadians to identify and find the works they want to see.

The organization will also seek out and develop private and public sector partnerships in order to finance key strategic initiatives, based on sound business cases.

Benefits to Canadians: This program activity contributes to the development of a vibrant Canadian culture and innovation, which are vital to Canada’s economic future. Canada’s economic recovery will in part be fuelled by the creative and knowledge-based economies. Innovative programming will enhance the NFB brand, recognized internationally for creative excellence in documentary storytelling, which opens the doors for Canadian businesses. Investments in new digital production technologies will maximize benefits to Canadians, giving them greater access to NFB productions while training for new digital techniques will help Canadians stay competitive in the highly skilled knowledge workforce.


Program Activity 2: Distribution, accessibility and outreach

Program activity 2: Distribution, accessibility & outreach
Human Resources (FTEs) and Planned Spending
2009-10 2010-11 2011-12
FTEs Planned Spending ($ thousands) FTEs Planned Spending ($ thousands) FTEs Planned Spending ($ thousands)
162 12,150 162 12,150 162 12,150

Program Activity Expected Results Performance Indicators Targets
NFB's audiovisual works are accessible to the Canadian public in all regions of the country
  • Percentage of Canadian population who used, accessed, viewed an NFB product
  • Number of clients, users and audience reached
  • Percentage of Canadian population who have access to NFB programming
  • 85% by March 31, 2011
  • No target set
  • 60% by March 31, 2011

Planning Summary: The NFB's distribution, accessibility and outreach activities contribute to a dynamic Canadian culture and heritage. The distribution of audiovisual work includes: commercializing its audiovisual catalogues and well-established stock shot library and developing and diversifying markets (theatrical, TV, Web and new platforms, both home consumer and institutional) for NFB products in Canada and abroad. Activities will make works available in communities across Canada, especially those in remote, rural areas, and provide increased access to disabled Canadians, Native groups and official language minority groups.

Planning Highlights: In order to achieve the expected result, the NFB plans to undertake the following activities:

In order to make NFB productions more accessible to all Canadians, the NFB will leverage the powerful potential of new digital technologies for distributing, marketing and interacting with Canadians and transform traditional program delivery activities to a more accessible, far-reaching and cost effective digital delivery methods.

It will increase its presence online through, a national online Screening Room that will allow real-time streaming of NFB films on its Web site, in both official languages. It will also significantly market and promote this initiative, launched earlier this year. The NFB wishes to extend its reach to Canadians in remote areas of the country and is conducting a feasibility study to attract partners and new funding for its e-cinema pilot project in French-speaking Acadia.

The NFB has a well developed educational market; it will revitalize its educational strategy to offer more trusted online offerings, and reach young people on both traditional and new platforms. The NFB will also continue to digitize its vast and culturally significant 70-year collection of films to make them more accessible to all Canadians.

Central to this will be a carefully structured plan to finance the renewal of lapsed rights from its collection of films destined for digitization.

The NFB will contribute to social cohesion by participating in events of national significance, bringing Canadians together to celebrate their history and culture and showing Canadian innovations to the world.

To help finance its plans, the NFB will re-allocate internal resources, focus on new areas of revenue generation, leverage partnerships in areas such as marketing to reduce costs and increase reach, and become more aggressive in its traditional distribution activities. The organization will also seek out and develop private and public sector partnerships, based on sound business cases.

Benefit to Canadians: Canadians everywhere will be served as the NFB connects with individual communities, providing inclusive reflections of our shared values for a fair, inclusive and democratic society and a universal respect for human rights. Reaching Canadian youth on the platforms of their choice will contribute to their education about our history and nation, and engage them in the great debates of our day. The ongoing digitization of the NFB's audiovisual collection will enable the NFB to deliver programming and value to Canadians into the future, while ensuring the preservation of NFB's rich Canadian heritage collection for future generations.


Program Activity 3: Internal Services

Program activity 3: Internal services
Human Resources (FTEs) and Planned Spending
2009-10 2010-11 2011-12
FTEs Planned Spending ($ thousands) FTEs Planned Spending ($ thousands) FTEs Planned Spending ($ thousands)
74 7,495 74 7,495 74 7,495

Program Activity Summary: This program activity supports internal service expectations and monitoring of overall service performance of the NFB.

Planning Highlights: The NFB has integrated an evaluation and audit plan coupled with a performance measurement plan, as well as a corporate risk profile that forms the basis for a comprehensive risk management plan currently in development. Finally, financial monitoring and controls to limit spending form part of the service standards in this program activity.

The NFB will shift to cross-disciplinary, cross-departmental collaborative work groups and processes. This will be supported by an HR strategy that includes a recruitment plan, an institutional training program and an internal communications plan.

Following its Management and Accountability Framework assessment, the NFB will develop new evaluation, risk and information management strategies to effectively support decision-making. New risk mitigation strategies will be implemented in accord with the organization’s new corporate risk profile (as discussed in the Risk Analysis section of this document). A new Operational Plan and Operations committee will assure that the priorities of the NFB’s new 2008-2012 Strategic Plan are met.

Through improved financial planning and control mechanisms, as well as reviewing its priority activities and streamlining its structure where appropriate, the NFB will continue to maximize internal efficiencies to help finance its digital transformation.

New service standards and an improved branding and overall corporate “look and feel” in its communications will assure that all Canadians receive the same excellent service from the NFB. The organization will contribute to overall environmental sustainability through its “Green” plan currently in development, which will establish standards and protocols to reduce the NFB’s environmental impact.

Benefits to Canadians: In a time of economic uncertainty, the NFB is renewing its commitment to responsible spending and sound financial management. The planned organizational renewal will support the NFB’s recent implementation of a new Program Activity Architecture and five-year Strategic Plan, which positions it and its industry partners to be more competitive in the changing environment. It will allow the NFB to fully utilize its resources, wealth of knowledge, talent and skills, speeding the organization’s efficiency and effectiveness and its overall contribution to the creative economy that will in part fuel our nation’s economic recovery.


Program Activity 4: Revolving Fund

Program Activity 4: Revolving Fund
Human Resources (FTEs) and Planned Spending
2009-10 2010-11 2011-12
FTEs Planned Spending ($ thousands) FTEs Planned Spending ($ thousands) FTEs Planned Spending ($ thousands)
n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

Program Activity Summary: The Estimates are based on cash requirements for the NFB over the fiscal year and the Revolving Fund is used to pay for the Board's expenses calculated on an accrual basis.

Planning Highlights: The NFB Revolving Fund is used to provide the working capital required for business operations, for interim financing of operating expenses and capital acquisitions and for recording the change in the net book value of capital assets. The Revolving Fund is also used for interim financing of operational shortfalls, though it should be noted that the NFB’s operating expenses are funded by annually voted parliamentary appropriations.

Benefits to Canadians: The Revolving Fund allows the NFB to provide uninterrupted services to Canadians.