Figure 2: Proposed New Human Resources Governance and Accountability Structure

The graphic depicts the proposed new structure which aims to reduce overlap in roles and authorities and support a more effective and efficient human resources governance and accountability structure.

At the top of the structure are Departments and Agencies with responsibility for:

Departments and agencies share a responsibility for appointments and cost recovery of recruitment and staffing services with the Public Service Commission and which investigates and audits appointments and is responsible for monitoring.

The Public Service Commission also works with a central, “Unified” Human Resources Central Agency on staffing policies and reporting.

The “Unified” Human Resources Central Agency would be responsible for:

New roles and responsibilities are also depicted for the Privy Council Office, the Treasury Board Secretariat, and the Canada School of the Public Service.

The Privy Council Office would be responsible for:

The Treasury Board Secretariat would be responsible for expenditure control.

The Canada School of the Public Service would be responsible for:

Other than the shared responsibilities identified between the Public Service Commission, Departments and Agencies and the proposed Unified Hunan Resources Central Agency, the proposed model markedly reduces overlap in roles and responsibilities.

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