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Policies for Ministers' Offices - January 2011

Appendix C: Letter from the Minister of Finance to Cabinet Ministers, December 1963

Ottawa, December 5, 1963


Dear Mr.

The Cabinet discussed at a recent meeting the manner in which Ministers should account for moneys advanced and expended for travelling on official business.

In accordance with the decisions reached as a result of our discussions, I would ask that in the future you account for moneys advanced to cover travelling expenses by submitting for each trip a statement under two headings:

  1. transportation expenses (if any); and
  2. other expenses.

The statement should also include the period covered by the trip and the places visited.

The statement, which should be sent to your Chief Treasury Officer, should be certified by you as follows:

"I certify that the foregoing expenditures have been incurred by me on official business."

(signed) ________________

The difference between the amount of the advance and the amount covered by your certificate should be returned to your Chief Treasury Officer in the form of cash or your personal cheque.

Yours sincerely,

(Sgd.) W. L. Gordon.

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