Electronics (EL) 404

Appendix "A"

Penological Factor Allowance


  1. The Penological Factor Allowance (PFA) is used to provide additional compensation to an incumbent of a position who, by reason of duties being performed in a penitentiary, as defined in the Corrections and Conditional Release Act as amended from time to time, assumes additional responsibilities for the custody of inmates other than those exercised by the Correctional Group.
  2. The payment of the allowance for the penological factor is determined by the designated security level of the penitentiary as determined by Correctional Services Canada. For those institutions with more than one (1) designated security level (i.e. multi-level institutions), the PFA shall be determined by the highest security level of the institution.

Amount of PFA

Penological Factor Allowance
Designated Security level of the Penitentiary
Maximum Medium Minimum
$2,000 $1,000 $600

Application of PFA

  1. Penological Factor Allowance shall only be payable to the incumbent of a position on the establishment of, or loaned to, Correctional Staff Colleges, Regional Headquarters, and National Headquarters, when the conditions described in section 1 above are applicable.
  2. The applicability of PFA to a position and the position's level of PFA entitlement shall be determined by the Employer following consultation with the bargaining agent.
  3. Except as prescribed in section 8 below, an employee shall be entitled to receive PFA for any month in which he or she receives a minimum of ten (10) days' pay in a position to which PFA applies.
  4. Except as provided in section 7 below, PFA shall be adjusted when the incumbent of a position to which PFA applies, is appointed or assigned duties in another position to which a different level of PFA applies, regardless of whether such appointment or assignment is temporary or permanent, and for each month in which an employee performs duties in more than one (1) position to which PFA applies, the employee shall receive the higher allowance, provided he or she has performed duties for at least ten (10) days as the incumbent of the position to which the higher allowance applies.
  5. When the incumbent of a position to which PFA applies is temporarily assigned to a position to which a different level of PFA, or no PFA applies, and when the employee's basic monthly pay entitlement in the position to which he or she is temporarily assigned, plus PFA, if applicable, would be less than his or her basic monthly pay entitlement plus PFA in his or her regular position, the employee shall receive the PFA applicable to his or her regular position.
  6. An employee will be entitled to receive PFA, in accordance with the PFA applicable to his or her regular position:
    1. during any period of paid leave up to a maximum of sixty (60) consecutive calendar days,
    2. during the full period of paid leave where an employee is granted injury-on-duty leave with pay because of an injury resulting from an act of violence from one or more inmates.
  7. PFA shall not form part of an employee's salary except for the purposes of the following:
  1. If, in any month, an employee is disabled or dies prior to establishing an entitlement to PFA, the PFA benefits accruing to him or her or his or her estate shall be determined in accordance with the PFA entitlement for the month preceding such disablement or death.

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