Qualification standards for employment in the core public administration

Find information about minimum education, occupational certifications and other requirements to qualify for employment in the core public administration.

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Qualification standards by occupational group or classification

Search for qualification standards by group, classification name or abbreviation. Learn about the conditions that apply to each group or classification.

Qualification standards in relation to official languages

Find out how qualification standards apply to positions that require the use of both official languages (English and French).

Definitions related to qualification standards

Learn the meaning of terminology used in qualification standards.

Foreign credential recognition and qualification standards

Find information about foreign credentials, certifications and education and how they are treated.

Alternatives to education for qualification standards

Learn about alternatives to formal education that may be available when you apply for a job.

Frequently asked questions about qualification standards

Get answers to common questions about qualification standards.

Legislative basis for qualification standards

Find information on the authorities related to qualification standards and details about how these authorities are applied.

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