Pay for the public service

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Learn about pay for Government of Canada employees and access tools to ensure timely and accurate processing.

Services and information

What to do if you are having pay issues

Find out what to do if you did not get paid or if a payment was incorrect.

Phoenix pay system issues

Receive an update on measures undertaken to address pay issues and the progress made.

Submit a pay action request

Complete the form needed to initiate any request to the Pay Centre. Learn about bulk pay action requests for multiple employees.

Understanding your pay

Find helpful information to understand your pay, such as how you get paid, calculating your pre-tax pay and tax slips.

Online pay information

Login to access your paystubs, tax slips, pension or tax calculators, or update your account information. This feature is only available within the Government of Canada network and requires password and login.

Information for managers and compensation advisors

Access forms, guides, manuals and information to help process pay-related requests.

Rates of pay for the public service

Access the rates of pay for Government of Canada employees, including employees who are represented by a union, senior excluded and unrepresented employees, and students.

Public Service Pay Centre

Learn about the pay services offered to employees and managers from 46 federal departments and agencies, and request service from a compensation professional.

Contact the Pay Centre

Contact the Pay Centre if you have questions about your pay. 

What we are doing

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