Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on the Key Leadership Competencies (2005)

  • What are competencies?

    Competencies are skills, abilities and characteristics that an employee applies in performing their work and that are observable as behaviours or actions.

  • What does the Key Leadership Competencies (KLC) profile () contain?

    The Key Leadership Competencies profile contains a model with four competencies: Values and Ethics, Strategic Thinking, Engagement and Management Excellence. Specific effective behaviours are identified for each competency for each level in the profile, and generic ineffective behaviours for each competency.

  • How has the KLC profile () been used?

    The KLC profile () has been a tool for EX appointments and is the basis for the EX Qualification Standard, as well as a mandatory requirement of the Performance Management Program for executives.

    Departments and agencies also use the profile in broader HR management activities, including departmental leadership development programs and the development of competency profiles for departmental and functional community positions.

  • Why was an employee level added to the Key Leadership Competencies profile ()?

    The Key Leadership Competencies Profile, issued in , applied only to employees in positions with supervisory and managerial responsibilities. Adding an Employee level with specific behaviours for each of the four key leadership competencies helps employees without supervisory or managerial responsibilities to achieve excellence and progress in their careers in the public service.

    All employees can now refer to common, public service-wide effective behaviours when developing their learning and career plans.

    For employees, the four competencies are identified as follows: Values and Ethics, Thinking things Through, Engagement and Excellence through Results.

  • How can the Key Leadership Competencies benefit managers, employees, functional communities and departments/agencies?

    The KLC profile can help managers, departments, agencies and functional communities in their overall human resources planning and management by informing talent management and leadership development, learning and career planning, and performance management. The profile supports the development of HR plans and programs and the development of criteria for recruitment, staffing and promotion.

  • How can employees and their managers use the KLC profile ()?

    Key leadership competencies are relevant to the work of all employees. The KLC profile () may be used to establish performance expectations and learning and career development plans, and to support talent management and leadership development for all employees.

    Managers may find the KLC profile useful when setting work objectives and preparing themselves and their employees for meaningful discussions about performance, learning plans and the learning, training and development needs associated with an employee's performance and career development. Employees can use the profile to self-assess against the requirements of their present job and to start planning for future positions.

    Not all behaviours described for each of the competencies may be appropriate to the position and the expectations being discussed.

  • How were the competencies and behaviours for the employee level developed in the KLC profile ()?

    In the spring of , consultations were held with a wide range of stakeholders and potential users. Valuable input was received from representatives of over 30 departments and agencies. Focus group sessions were held with a cross-section of employees at various levels, including employees without supervisory or managerial responsibilities. The Employee level effective behaviours were then finalized and added to the KLC profile.

  • Why were ineffective behaviours included in the KLC profile ()?

    During the consultations to develop and update the profile, it was determined that ineffective behaviours for each competency were useful indicators and that they were consistent and relevant at all supervisory and managerial levels.

  • Do all departments/agencies need to implement the KLC profile ()?

    As the basis for the EX Qualification Standard, the key leadership competencies remain the minimum requirement for staffing an EX position. Departments must, therefore, apply each of the key leadership competencies and related sub-competencies from the profile to the EX position they wish to staff.

    The profile can help to build coherence in human resources management, including approaches to talent management, leadership development, performance management and learning and career planning. It can also support the development of criteria for recruitment, staffing and promotion more broadly.

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