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Planning Information by Strategic Outcome

Canadians derive sustainable social and economic benefits from the assessment, development and use of energy, forest and mineral resources, and have the knowledge to mitigate environmental impacts and respond effectively to natural and man-made hazards.

A Strategic Outcome of: Natural Resources Canada

  • Departmental context
  • Expenditure information
  • Planning information

Below are the Program Activities that contribute to this Strategic Outcome

Program Activity Planned Spending
(in $ thousands)
2007/2008 2008/2009 2009/2010
Earth Sciences 233,800 226,300 204,600
Earth Sciences - Geomatics Canada Revolving Fund 0 0 0
Energy 1,593,900 1,337,900 1,390,300
Sustainable Forest 268,300 264,800 121,900
Minerals and Metals 57,500 58,500 67,600