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Performance Information by Strategic Outcome

Towards effective government policies and operations, the Privy Council Office ensures that decision-making by the Prime Minister and Cabinet is well-supported and the institutions of executive government are well-supported and maintained.

A Strategic Outcome of: Privy Council Office

Below are the Program Activities that contribute to this Strategic Outcome

Program Activity Actual Spending
(in $ thousands)
Support for Cabinet decision-making and the legislative agenda 5,121
Advice to the Prime Minister and Ministers on issues, policies, machinery and appointments 53,892
Provide Cabinet with sound advice on the development, coordination and implementation of the policy agenda 23,240
As its head, the Clerk leads the Public Service in effectively supporting Cabinet and serving Canadians 9,638
Provide the Prime Minister's Office and the offices of the Portfolio Ministers with financial and administrative support 28,401
Provide Commissions of Inquiry with appropriate administrative support 17,402