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Performance Information by Strategic Outcome

A vibrant and dynamic arts sector in Canada.

A Strategic Outcome of: Canada Council for the Arts

The strategic outcomes contained in this section pertain only to budgetary appropriations and therefore include only those Crown corporations (or programs/specific activities within Crown corporations), for which budgetary appropriations have been allocated. Although Crown corporations receiving budgetary appropriations are not required to table "Departmental Performance Reports", Crown corporations listed in Schedule III of the Financial Administration Act do have requirements that a corporate plan summary, a capital budget summary, an operating budget summary, and an annual report will be tabled by the appropriate minister in Parliament.

For summary information and listing of all federal Crown corporations, please consult the Annual Report on Crown Corporations and Other Corporate Interests of Canada, located at
To view detailed information on specific Crown corporations, please consult their individual web sites, which can be located through

Below are the Program Activities that contribute to this Strategic Outcome

Program Activity Actual Spending
(in $ thousands)
Grants and services (Individuals and Organizations) N/A
International Promotion of Canadian Arts and Culture N/A
Total Actual Spending (Breakdown by Program Activity not available) 171,418