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RPP Overview 2007-08

About this website

The Reports on Plans and Priorities provide information on an organization's plans, priorities and expected results over a three-year period. They also provide supplementary detail on financial and human resource requirements, major capital projects, grants and contributions, alternative service delivery, sustainable development strategies, horizontal initiatives and net program costs. The website is designed:

  • to help parliamentarians and their staff to navigate through 91 Reports on Plans and Priorities (RPPs) and to find consolidated information on horizontal and government wide outcomes;
  • to provide a whole of government view of planned spending; and
  • to identify which organizations work in related areas.

This Overview is organized in accordance with a whole of government framework that helps parliamentarians and Canadians locate information of interest to them on federal government policies, programs and activities.

Departments, agencies and Crown corporations, which have strategic outcomes that contribute to the spending areas are grouped into 13 outcomes areas. An organization's strategic outcome is the long-term and enduring benefit to Canadians that stems from a department or agency's mandate, vision and efforts. It represents the difference a department or agency wants to make for Canadians.

The framework also provides parliamentarians and Canadians with a whole of government perspective on planned spending.

The framework is composed of four spending areas:

Planned Spending

Total planned spending for the Government of Canada for the 2007-08 fiscal year is $216.8 billion.

Planned Spending

Planned spending for the Government of Canada includes $34.7 billion in public debt servicing and $1.0 billion in Other Consolidated Specified Purpose Accounts. In addition, planned spending includes the Employment Insurance Specified Purpose Account ($15.0 billion) which has been aligned under the income security and employment for Canadians outcome area.