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DPR Overview 2007-08

This section of the Government of Canada Planning and Performance Gateway provides aggregate performance and spending information on the Government of Canada. It is organized according to a whole-of-government framework, which links program activities implemented by departments, agencies, and other federal government organizations to 13 government-wide outcomes within four spending areas. In this way, funds spent and results achieved by these organizations are shown as contributing to particular national outcomes.

 Users will be able to:
  • Compare actual versus planned federal government spending for 2007–08;
  • Identify which federal organizations contribute to each spending and outcome area; and
  • Drill down to learn more about the specific programs undertaken by federal organizations.

Complementing this section of the Gateway and serving as a companion piece to the 91 Departmental Performance Reports (DPR) submitted by federal departments and agencies is Canada’s Performance, an annual report tabled in Parliament that examines federal spending and outcomes through the whole-of-government framework. The DPRs provide still more details on the programs undertaken by the respective departments and agencies. 

Providing aggregate information on planned spending, the Reports on Plans and Priorities (RPP) Overview 2008–09 similarly brings together the programs of federal departments and agencies under the whole-of-government framework. The RPPs developed prior to the start of each new fiscal year, provide more details on each federal organization’s plans.

Actual spending for the Government of Canada 

In 2007–08, a total of 129 federal organizations delivered programming and services that contributed to economic, social, international, and government affairs.  Total expenses, as presented in the Public Accounts of Canada 2008 (Volume I, Section 2), were approximately $232.8 billion. This represents an increase of $10.6 billion over actual expenses in 2006–07 and a decrease of $600 million from planned expenses. Of the overall expenses presented in the Public Accounts, total spending in all outcome areas was $193.2 billion.

For more detailed information on each spending area, please click on the links below.
Spending AreasPlanned Spending
Actual Spending
$ Change% ChangeTrend
Economic Affairs93,763,647107,073,97813,310,33114.2Increase
Social Affairs44,565,75445,908,6381,342,8843.0Increase
International Affairs27,407,72526,890,990(516,735)(1.9)Decrease
Government Affairs15,296,39913,353,329(1,943,070)(12.7)Decrease


* Beyond the four spending areas, "other" spending includes public debt servicing and consolidated specified purpose accounts (excluding Employment Insurance, which is presented under Economic Affairs).