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DPR Overview 2006-07

About this website

This website links Canada’s Performance 2006-07, the annual report to Parliament on the federal government's contribution to Canada's performance as a nation, to the 90 Departmental Performance Reports (DPRs). The purpose of this website is:

  • to help the reader to navigate through 90 Departmental Performance Reports (DPRs) and to find consolidated information on horizontal and government wide outcomes; 
  • to provide a whole-of-government view of actual spending; and
  • to identify which organizations work in related areas.

This website is organized according to a whole-of-government framework that helps parliamentarians and Canadians locate information of interest to them on federal government policies, programs and activities and obtain a whole-of-government perspective on actual spending.

The framework is composed of four spending areas. To view information for one of these areas, click on one of the links below.

An illustration of the whole-of-government framework can be accessed here.

Total expenses

Total expenses for the Government of Canada amounted to $222.2 billion in 2006-07.

Total Expenses for the Government of Canada 

In 2006-07, a total of 124 federal organizations had programs and services that contributed to results in economic, social, international and government affairs. Total expenses, as presented in Public Accounts of Canada 2007 (Volume 1, section 2) for the 2006-07 fiscal year reached a total of approximately $222.2 billion.